TerraUSD one of the worst scandals in crypto industry history: Coin Metrics co-founder

What does whats happening in stable coins mean for the broader crypto market and to me this isnt about you, know: tether truthers, taking an unwarranted victory, lap or even algorithmic stable coins versus better backed one its about the inability of the industry to self police. It feels like for years weve been told […]


Cest vraiment quelque chose de majeur qui vient darriver pour voir quest ce que, cela implique, je suis vous parler de lui est et las table cohen qui ya, qu, a fortement baiss en ont eu plein plein d, actualit sur le sujet avec un nouveau plan de sauvetage. Encore un autre la vraiment, trs […]

Dr. Oz, a crypto billionaire and Trump: It's the year’s biggest primary night | Inside the Forecast

A cryptocurrency tycoon is spending millions in an otherwise obscure congressional primary in kentucky. Well, the most interesting horse race. There was probably held at churchill downs, but in idaho. What on earth is going on in idaho lets go inside the forecast for the may 17th primaries Music. The largest and most important state […]


This is a message for you guys if you are going through this storm, that we are having right now and its probably going to get very very worse, but i want to give you some hope. Not hope yum, but what im doing and how i maneuver my way around this market, and hopefully […]

LUNA UST: HE'S FINALLY SPOKEN!!.. There's a Plan But….

As we speak right now, we have had an update from dokwan the man, the myth, the legend behind tara luna weve, been waiting to hear from him. We have just heard from him so were going to be breaking that down. Right now were also going to be going through the market and just […]

terra luna ressuscite ? le CEO s'exprime enfin sur la crypto monnaie ! explication de la suite !

30 1186 mais tu verras, plus tard dans la vido que cest, encore, plus compliqu que a donc littralement le terrain luna perdu 99 points 59 de sa valeur et sa aux quelques jours Seulement et la premire chose sur laquelle on va revenir cest la fermeture de la blocs, chane de terrain, luna dans […]

NEW BITCOIN BOTTOM SIGNAL JUST FLASHED!! Bitcoin News Today, Bitcoin Crash, Bitcoin Price Prediction

Definitely stick around first of all, giving you a quick update on this daily bitcoin chart and obviously, with the recent bounce over the past one to two days. We have now seen the bitcoin price reclaim this previous level of support, which was sitting at around 29 to 30 000 per bitcoin as a […]

Luna Terra Exposes Centralized Crypto Exchanges!

This coin was 119 last month in april trading, 119, today its a whopping its the same as shiba inu coin. Point: zero: zero, zero, zero! Two and people are left wondering whats going on now. I will talk a little bit in this video about why luna terra is falling and how it has […]

Cardano: You CAN'T Ignore ADA!!! Latest Updates & Price Prediction! 👀

I asked you people what coin? Would you like to get an update on and obviously one of the coins you guys were commenting like crazy was xrp, but i comment about that all the time. One of the coins i saw like crazy was luna but weve been busy with that every single day. […]

🔥Top 8 Low Gem Crypto You Should Buy During This Market Crash🚀 #Part 1✅

Currently, i have only done research on these eight tokens. Thats, why i have included them in part one. The upcoming parts will have more such tokens once i do some research on them. So in case, if you know any such tokens who have high chances of blowing up, do, let me know in […]