Im gon na be talking about the things that ive learned along the way that have gotten me to where i am right now and how i would actually do things over and in reality this is kind of like a little mini guideline, if youre, just starting into Cryptocurrency and the things that i […]

🔥 Is VeChain About To Be Listed On Coinbase? 🔥 | Crypto News Today

Yesterday was one heck of a really stressful day and um. You know nick was very, very unwell and he still is and um. You know i was in london with singularity dow celsius and various others meld um. You know for the uh crypto am summit in london, which was phenomenal, made some fantastic […]

The BETTER Way to Find 10X Crypto Projects

Investors had to risk investing in projects that may be scams and launch pads are a way to make new and potentially valuable tokens available to more people with a higher degree of safety, theyre kind of like a filter for crypto projects. Now the question is: should you invest in a launch pad and […]


One and specifically talking about the recent price action of the one coin. Were gon na be taking a look at the daily and the hourly charts to see what we think is likely to happen next within the next few days and where we think things are likely to go in the slightly longer […]

The Number 1 Bitcoin & Crypto Exit Strategy To Become Rich, With @BitBoy Crypto

My name is carl and im going to bring you. This cryptocurrency video and today were going to talk about a big crypto exit strategy that you should use to maximize your profits for the coming bull cycle, or i mean were already in the cycle but um. Everyone is wondering: where are we going […]


As cinco mas teve um atraso de mais de 60, minutos e isso fez com que a moeda reagisse bem mal ela tava por volta daqui, o seu olhar aqui, a 455 da manh 5 horas da manh bateu, no foi lanado, a a moeda ver aqui ela veio. A 35 sente depois comeou, a […]

Is the Crypto BULL MARKET Finally Starting!?

So if you enjoy short form, concise, no bs content that doesnt waste either of our times well make sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel. Also just an fyi. The patreon is officially sold out, but we do have a free discord that i recently created. We have close to a […]

Can Crypto Turn $100 into $1 Million?

As high stakes as you can get, so you got to know when to fold them know when to hold them and know when to run its not impossible to get a hot hand and win a big pot or to sit back and let your stack of chips Get bigger while you play conservatively […]

Guadagnare con gli NFT di crypto.com

Comprano e anche della specialit di creep, dovuto com, che ha aggiunto, gli energy, prima di iniziare, come al solito si ricorda un bel mi piace per aiutare; il canale a crescere ho gi, parlato tempo fa di nt, sul canale e oggi, eccoci ancora, qui, unaltra, volta, tantissime, Persone vista richiedendone idirect di instagram, […]

Ripple/XRP-US Treasury About To Drop Bombs On Crypto,Everything Runs On The XRPLedger & XLM

Lets get right into it. Somebody wrote that beautiful intro. This is digital perspectives, with brad kimes subscribe for new content notifications, now heres brad kinds come on in welcome back to the show everybody you can follow me on twitter, at backup, bradley above and everything that were talking about here today. Its 1.899 […]