Apple Delays Photo Scanning, Apple Event, iOS 15, Apple Watch 7 Late and more
A lot lately regarding its csam photo scanning technology that it plans to enable with ios 15 later on now. Initially, this will not be in ios, 15 and apple has offered a new statement. Talking about even delaying it further, so i wanted to talk more about that, as well as the upcoming apple event and apple watch. Series 7.. Now, as far as csam photo scanning, if youre not familiar with that apple has planned to enable this similar to what other people have done, or other companies have done, such as google and microsoft and other places, you would store your photos online. Theyve done this. For years and people didnt really make too much of a big deal about it, but because its apple and theyre privacy focused on their device. A lot of people are upset about it to the point where theyre saying theyre not going to buy any more apple products. Theyre not going to use it, but apple is first of all, giving you the choice of turning off the option for photo scanning by just not using icloud photo library. If you have that off, you wont have that enabled. However, if you do use icloud photo library apple is using the information to sort of determine if its exploiting children now theyre not doing this by looking at the photo individually like some others, do instead theyre looking at it encrypted using a hash from a database. Comparing images on a basic code level, so im really not explaining it in detail here, but theyre.

Looking at a code level, seeing if theres matches and if theres enough matches it will then unencrypt them and send them to a human who can then verify again to make sure that they are actually matches, then they will be sent to the proper authorities. After all of that, they will only see those images and not your entire photo library if theres no matches they just get thrown away, and so this is probably the best way so far to do this as far as keeping everything private since apple will not see Your individual photos and they wont know anything about them. However, the concern is being exploited in the future by government or other authorities, and so many people have been concerned about this exploitation that could happen in the future. I dont think anyone is concerned about keeping children safe and most think thats. A good thing, and i agree: keeping children safe is a very good thing, but the future exploitation is what concerns most. I believe, and so apple offered a statement. Since a lot of people have been concerned, they offered a statement today to different places, such as nine to five mac. That said last month, we announced plans for features intended to help protect children from predators who use communication tools to recruit and exploit them and limit the spread of child abuse material based on the feedback from customers, advocacy groups, researchers and others. We have decided to take additional time over the coming months to collect input and make improvements before releasing these critically important child safety features.

Apple did something similar last year with app tracking transparency. Now that was more of a benefit to us, where they would not enable apps to track what youre doing and share that information. They enabled this feature in privacy, but they didnt enable it right away. They enabled it quite a while later because certain people such as facebook and other companies were concerned that it would harm their business and apple gave them time to sort of find ways around it. But apple now allows you to shut this off entirely or allow apps to request to track, and you can select that individually, but no longer can apps talk to one another or take your information to help others customize ads or do whatever they want with that data And so apple has given us this option and of course, thats a benefit to us. So not really many people complained only the people that it affected, but when youre looking at photos, people are very concerned about that and thats rightfully a concern of many, and so they are delaying this for quite some time now they havent said when it could be Indefinitely it could be a couple months, we dont really know, but you can rest assured that it wont be enabled, at least for the first versions of ios, 15. and ive even had some people concerned. That apple is enabling it in betas and they are not. As far as im aware and in the notes of all the betas, they have not enabled this feature at all.

So currently its not enabled, as far as were aware and in any of the betas, its not enabled and will not be enabled. With the initial launch of ios 15., in fact they said it would be enabled later on in ios 15.. So this could be years. It could be months. We dont really know, but i do think its a good thing that they have something like this, but as far as how they do. It is the big concern and the transparency and who theyre sharing the information with to make sure that it cannot and will not be exploited in the future. So i think thats the biggest thing here: transparency, all the way around craig federighi whos in charge of apple software, had an interview about it and said theyve been wanting to do this for quite some time, and they just were trying to find the best way to Do it so if you havent seen that interview, i would definitely recommend you check it out. Also renee ritchie has a great video explaining exactly how it works. Just explaining it and sort of telling you how it works, not giving an opinion on it. So i would highly recommend that video as well and ill link those in the description. So as far as that being delayed, i think thats a good thing, and hopefully some changes come out of that now. As far as the upcoming apple event, the upcoming apple event will most likely be in a couple weeks.

Many people are expecting invites to go out as soon as next monday on the 6th or 7th, where we would have the event on the 13th or 14th of september. This makes a lot of sense based on year over year. We did not have events so far. This week, so it makes sense to see them next week if apple is planning an iphone 13 event for the week of the 12th. That makes a lot of sense, with pre orders going live on the 17th for the iphone 13 and being available to the public. On the 24th, typically, they give a week between those, but apple, of course, is free to change up whenever they want to release them. Now, along with that apple will release ios 15 sometime, probably around the 17th. They could release it on the 15th. We dont really know but based off last year. It wouldnt surprise me if its the 15th, where they release ios 15.. That seems to make the most sense with watch os 8 coming around that time, as well as ipad os 15.. However, i would not expect mac os monterey until a little bit later on, since monterey is sort of delayed as far as its beta updates – and this is what apple typically does every couple years – they give themselves a few more weeks with the mac os versions and Maybe because theyre going to have a future event with max in them m1x macbook.

Now. The final thing i wanted to address has to do with apple watch series 7.. We expect a new apple watch. Ive shown it a little bit in other videos where it will be more squared off, have a larger display and again nine to five mac compared the display size. To give you an idea where it would be 44, 45, millimeters and sort of have a different display with a more squared off edge. It makes a lot of sense that they would redo this. Whether or not the bands actually fit is hard to say, because apples bands are sort of getting low in stock, but hopefully the same bands fit. I dont think it makes a lot of sense for them not to, but hopefully they fit, and we should see that apple watch. However, a lot of people are saying: theres going to be a delay because of production delays. Now this isnt necessarily going to affect apple in any way apple wants to make sure they make the best product and, if theres, a problem with displays, whether that be the sapphire displays on the steel or whatever the higher end models are or something to do with. The internal chipset – i would rather have it right and maybe be a couple weeks or a month later, but saying its delayed before apple has even announced anything really isnt. A delay at all apple hasnt announced anything so its not delayed its just.

It could be later than people originally thought. Apple can change this up at the last minute as they see fit. So if they have a problem with macbook production, with the p with the processors or the chipsets inside the watch or the iphone apple can change that around last year we had a staggered release of iphones, where we had iphone 12 and 12 mini 12 pro and 12, pro max all at different times sort of in pairs. So if they do something this year, like that, it makes sense, they have the right to do that, of course, and whatever works best for the supply chain, getting them produced as they have to make millions of them seems to make sense. So we will have a new design, it looks like, but the specific date, whether or not its around the iphone 13 launch is hard to say they can announce them at that event and then have them come out a little bit later. They could even be earlier.