Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3: A Hater's Perspective
. I love the Fold3, but the Flip series is one that I have never really been able to wrap my brain around.. I mean why go to all the effort of engineering, a folding screen. Just so that you can use a phone that fundamentally looks exactly like the one that youve been using for the last four years. Everything from the thickness to the size of the display I mean even the IO is its just. The same. Lets take a look at this thing., Starting on this side. Weve got our lock button, which doubles as a fingerprint sensor. Our volume rocker, a noise canceling microphone over here. Weve got our SIM tray. Single SIM on this particular model. Just one SIM card installs in there. Down at the bottom weve got more microphones a speaker got a USB C port. Everything about it, its pretty much your old phone, but new. Well, with the exception, obviously being the folding display and Samsung has come a long way With their foldable screen technology., Unlike the first generation ones, this screen is bright enough that I can comfortably use it outdoors.. That was one of my big issues with the original Fold., The crease is still visible.. In fact, I wouldnt really say that its any less visible than it was before, but that part also never bothered me.. The part of the hinge that did bother me was the fact that it acted as a point of ingress which made it impossible for Samsung to rate these folding devices as water or dust resistant.

. Well that changes., The Flip3 is actually IPX8 water, resistant., So theyre rating. It in two meters of water for up to 30 minutes, if I recall correctly., Another key benefit of Samsungs latest generation, foldable OLEDs – is that they can run it up to 120 hertz, which means whether youre just swiping, through notifications and home screens, or whether youre gaming On the go, youre gon na get a much much smoother experience. Now something Im actually not sure about.. I know the first gen one wasnt 120 hertz, but was the Fold 5G 120 hertz Im trying to remember. Jono Well find out after. Heres a present from dbrand.. Apparently, instead of answering my question Im being given this present from dbrand., Do I need eye protection Jono No.? Well, you know how those guys are. Ow ow ow. How many do you have Ow Jono Its for your birthday? Oh, look at that. Its a birthday, cake., Im, sure theres, some kind of awful twist. Jono Here.. I want a piece. David Me, too. Linus, I think theres a phone in there. Jono. What are you talking about? James Use, your hands David? No, I want a piece: Dont use your hands., Aw., laughs. Sorry dbrand., You win some, you lose some. Im a pretty sharp character and I think I can tell when theres a phone in my cake. David. Does that look like a David size, piece, David Thats way too big. Really David David Yeah thats way too big.

Give me like a third of that.. I dont believe you. David youre, not gon na, like this.. He actually wants a Flip3. David, Oh no.. Did they bake it in Oh dbrand, dbrand, dbrand., Yeah, here.? Sorry, you guys can see this while I unearth it., Oh thats, unfortunate. David. Is this the old one or the new one? This is the old one. David. Is it waterproof No. David Aw, bummer. Ooh, its cold. Was this in the fridge Jono laughs Yes.? Oh my God, theres cake on the inside of it. Have a birthday., Not a good birthday. Just a birthday., I did.. I did have a birthday thank you.. Thank you. Dbrand. Theyve got an aged Linus face picture., Oh my God. Does it still turn on? Oh, hey, yeah men laughing This cake …, Oh thats, awful. David, The hinge chocolate. No, The hinge is all chocolate boys.. Why would they do this Buy stickers from dbrand? I …? Oh my God. Hold on a second.. Is this cake at least good? It smells really good.. Oh, that is really good.. Okay, David. You have to help me.. You have to help me. Take this one., No, no heres, yours. Jono Thank you. David. If you insist. Its really good. Very chocolaty. Mm hmm. With that complete derailment out of the way dbrand makes high quality skins cases, all kinds of good stuff for your phone game console pretty much you name it. Theyve got a skin for it.

Check them. Out. Im sure they are gon na have an awful insulting vanity URL down in the video description. Just click through to that, and you can get your own devices skinned, hopefully with something a little more attractive than this. One. Other big improvement to the screen is operation in kind of semi folded mode.. So you can see that if we put them both at the same angle, like lets, say youre sitting and watching a teeny, tiny little movie., Okay, like this. The new one, the Flip3 manages to tilt back that far without kind of rocking around.. But if I were to bump this desk, you can actually see that the last gen one is gon na kind of teeter totter, even though theyre both at pretty much exactly the same angle here.. So can you see that David, So theyve just adjusted the weighting a little bit to make it so that you can really put the hinge at any angle that you want. No movie is better with a teeny, tiny screen.. I mean thats one of the reasons that I am super into the Fold series, but obviously not everyone wants to deal with the fact that the Fold is literally double the thickness of the Flip series. Like if what youre after is the biggest possible screen a folding Screen has got you covered there with the Fold3. And if what youre after is the smallest possible pocketable device? Well thats, where the Flip3s strength comes, in.

Lets go ahead and try it.. Will it fit? Yes, we could even fit another one., Maybe one of these.. I mean these pants have pretty big pockets, though so. There, you go. How many diagonal inches of screen do. I have in my pocket at this point now. Your answer – … Men, Whoa. A lot., But nothing Ive, said so far – addresses why I declared myself to be a hater when it comes to the Flip series., And that is because of the price. Last time around. The flagship. Flip device was just shy of 1500 US dollars. Thats a lot to pay for, in my opinion, a user experience that is pretty much the same as a regular candy bar phone.. This time around the story – changes. Now theyre asking just over 1000 for the Flip3., Now thats still a lot of money, but when you consider that flagship phones from Samsungs competitors like Apple are already at or above the 1000 price point all of a sudden. Well, it starts to make sense. Because, instead of just being basically the same experience as my old phone, but for more its basically the same experience as my old phone and now the folding is just extra.. So its still got a Snapdragon 888 processor.. Its still got 8 gigs of RAM 128 gigs or 256 gigs of storage, just like other flagship phones on the market, but it folds. Thats, not to say it. Doesnt have any disadvantages.

. If you were hoping to find a headphone jack, you wont find one here.. It has a mere 3300 milliamp power battery, which is on the low end for a flagship phone, these days. And, of course, because theyre trying to build this thing to be as thin as humanly possible. Because, most of the time, when you put it into your pocket or your bag or whatever else, youre gon na, have it folded youre giving up some of the well some of the optical advantages of having a large camera bump, like you might have on a typical Candy bar phone, these days. It does have two 12 megapixel rear shooters, as well as a single selfie camera, which can be digitally adjusted to accommodate a larger group of friends. If say, for example, you have them. Ill, just put my arm around someone, imaginary, but Im sure you would have a friend to take a picture. With. And switching back to the rear. Youve got just a regular sort of regular lens. And then youve got an ultra wide that is … Wow. That is extremely wide., Its basically fisheye.. So Ive got my finger here, David just holding it by this corner.. What And my finger is in the frame right? Now. David Whoa, wow. Yeah, I mean, if youre into it, then I guess thats an advantage., But if youre not gon na use that all the time, then I dont personally see that as an advantage.

. Another big advantage over the last Flip is that the exterior display is a lot bigger., So, whether its showing you charging indication or the time or notifications its, in my opinion, a much much more usable size., Though I have to confess that personally, I find these types Of mechanisms kind of gimmicky., The reality of it is for me its all about time to use.. So if this is in my pocket, then it is just as fast for me to pull it out and flip it out and just be looking at the main display. As it is to pull it out, see it … Like what do I want a pager Like what year? Is it Pull it out? Look at this then decide to open it. Up. That to me is not very realistic., But if youre the kind of person that typically has your phone on the desk next to you, I could see it being useful.. I just dont see it being that much more useful than just having it sitting there like that.. One cool feature that Samsungs added this time around, although its more of a software feature is, I think they call it care battery or battery care or something along those lines. But you can configure your phone to only charge to 85 maximum. Its something that it shouldnt give you a ton of stress if you 100 charge up your battery, but every little bit counts and your battery is under its most stress when it is completely charged like That last 20 or so.

, So if it was me personally, I would actually use that feature assuming that it was a convenient one for me to make use of.. Now I wan na talk about one of the things thats different about this particular folding. Candy bar experience compared to a regular phone, and that is the extremely tall display., So its a 22 by 9 aspect ratio, which basically means that cinematic content like this Shang Chi trailer here pretty freaking awesome.. Almost anything else, though, is gon na have really really large black bars.. Now something I wan na try out here is … Da da da da da da da. Yes, it does have an amplified earpiece speaker, so you can expect a good stereo experience out of it.. Like the compromises youre making for the foldability, they are there, but theyre not nearly as there as they were even one generation ago. And the fact that the pricing is now coming down its like the one, multiple device category where prices seem to be coming down. Rather than up. Its starting to get compelling. Something I didnt mention before, but that I noticed almost immediately is that I do find between the taller display, as well as the fact that the hinge gets in the way. The lock button and fingerprint sensor is a little bit out of the way for me to reach. From the bottom. I dont have very big hands thats, where my thumb comfortably rests. And its a solid like centimeter and a half below where that lock button is.

, And I have to kind of – I have to shift.. I like to have this corner of the phone in my palm and I have to shift it in order to access it., Not the end of the world by any stretch of the imagination, but it does mean moving the phone around in your hand, more which could Increase the likelihood of drops. Samsung does seem to have kind of at least thought of this., So theyre using Corning Victus glass in the design, obviously not on this side, but fortunately the foldable screen is another area where Samsung has improved these a ton. Theres, actually an Included screen protector that, in my opinion, feels almost as good as glass. Even last generation. It was kind of like soft, like you could put your fingernail into it and it would have a clear indentation left. Behind., I mean Id say its good enough in my opinion. David. You should try folding it. The other way see what happens: Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah., Yeah yeah. Bend redo bendgate here. Anyway, thanks for watching.