If we take a look right here, top gainers in the past 24 hours is going to be iota and its currently trading at 1.51 cents. It is up about 33.2 percent, so were seeing a lot of these. All coins continue to run now in the past 24 hours and obviously even the past 48 hours or so highest volume, like usual bitcoin, almost at 40 billion volume right there, as you guys can see so you know, ethereum 24.1 billion bitcoin was trading at around 50 000 during the day and now pulled back down about, you know to 40 48 500. ethereum was trading around 38, almost 3 900 and now were pulling back to about 3 700, so were seeing these similar patterns that happen overnight. Pretty much overnight. We tend to see a lot of action, especially going into the next day right before midnight. We tend to see a lot of action happen in the crypto space, where they either pull back or they continue to boom higher, as you guys can see, cardanos up so lana is booming, guys 133 dollars just a few days ago. We were talking about this one and it was trading under 100 and we were talking about the resistance now its up 17. It seems like everything, is either up a few percent or down a few percent. So obviously thats gon na be a you know, positive thing. So guys before we get into this countdown smash that, like button for me lets say for 150 plus likes on this.

Video subscribe to the channel were almost at 41 000 subscribers so subscribe to the channel turn on that bell notification. So you get notified every time. We make a new video and, as always, if you want to sign up for weeble, get your two free stocks, valued up to 2 300 links in the description for that as well, and leave a comment below letting me know what crypto are you currently buying and What do you think is gon na happen in the month of september, so lets get into it. The first altcoin is gon na be avalanche, avalanche coin right here avax. So this one is a hot momentum play. Obviously, we saw a little bit of a pullback in the past few days and now were seeing another run again. So this one is trading at right under 46 dollars up about eight percent, the past 24 hours in the past week, its up 10, as you guys, can see one up – the highs of 52 pulled back down all the way to about ‘. So about a you know, 20 percent downward trend and now were recovering slowly and potentially starting a new run. So here in the one month chart it is up 253 with highs, like we said at around 58.59 here on august 24th. So this coin was trading around 12, the beginning of august, one all the way up to those highest in the past year. Its up 358 breaking through all time highs here that we saw in february.

Actually, so we pretty much touched that area and pulled back down. We couldnt break through that resistance at around 60 that we saw in february 9th here of 2021. This coin was trading. You know last september, at 10, or so so its made some. You know great progress here – market cap 8.2 billion and if you guys take a look here at the volume 957.9 million, so this coin obviously is one of those hot momentum plays right. Now that is, you know, trending on higher we have avalanche. We have solana some of the most popular coins right now that are moving very, very quickly. Solana has been doing very well. Obviously, you know for all of us uh that have been following the channel we got in on solana close to around 30, 35 or so, and now salon is at over 130. So you know over 300 plus profit was made on solana for anybody that got in early, so avalanche, pretty much same pattern from you know ten dollars all the way to fifty dollars, thats about a four hundred percent gain, which is insane. That means, if you invested one thousand dollars into avalanche right now, you would be up about four thousand dollars profit or you know in total you would have around five thousand dollars worth of avalanche coins and you would be making some nice gains. Obviously so. Avalanche coin momentum play definitely something to keep on watching to see if its going to continue to break out higher in the next couple of weeks, so thats going to be our first altcoin.

Second, altcoin is going to be ave, so ave right here is down about 2.78, the past 24 hours trading at ‘4.’ in the past week, its actually up about 12 and a half percent almost in the past month, 23 and obviously on the one year chart 76 000 guys this coin was trading at like 50 cents last october, when it started trading from 50 cents. We went up to highs of over 670 dollars here in may and then obviously we saw the crypto market. You know crash kind of and pulled back down. We went to lows of about 187 or so, but obviously from that low in june to the high that we reached here at around 400 over 100 profit has been made on ave as well, so there was a lot of potential from the down to the high. Obviously so, market cap right now, 5.3 billion volume – past 24 hours – is at 335 million, which is very nice. You know 5.3 billion market cap still in the lower end of the market cap, obviously its not in the millions. You know the under one billion market cap is pretty much low market cap, this ones a little bit higher, but its still considered to be a low market cap coin ave. For those of you who arent familiar with this one is an ethereum token that powers ave a decentralized non custodial money market protocol where users can participate as the depositors or borrowers.

Now, depositors provide liquidity to the market to earn a passive income, while borrowers are able to borrow cryptocurrencies in exchange for paying a variable interest rate. So obviously, one of those greener coins that had some momentum here in may obviously went from 400 all the way to highs of 670. So a 200 250 profit right. There was made in a matter of about a week or so on the green coin hype. Then we saw it literally crashed back down and then the market market pretty much sold off and we saw it continue to go lower and lower in the next few months. And then we consolidated just like the rest of the market and then now were on the upside. Then you know everything seems to be going right. Right now were gon na, be you know, looking out to see if this breaks out through this resistance area at around four hundred dollars and continues to up you know, uptrend or, if were gon na, see a downtrend. Obviously, it all depends all these altcoins perform differently, but theres. One thing to keep in mind is obviously, as the large cap coins continue to run the mid cap and the low cap coins usually tend to follow the same pattern right after uh. So you know if bitcoin goes up, five percent altcoins are usually up, you know 10, 15, 20 or so or even higher. So this is definitely something that interests me, obviously to see how its going to perform in the near future.

So thats going to be our second altcoin and then our third altcoin on the list is going to be amp so amp. This one is currently up about 1.8 in the past 24 hours trading at zero, five, six one so point zero, five, six one! So about five cents per coin in the past week, this one is actually down eight percent. I actually went down. You know pretty high, pretty low down there in the past month down 16 in the past year. This one is up 488.55, so it went from about one cent all the way to highs here of about. We saw 12 cents in june and then obviously now continue to go, lower and lower and now were actually consolidating. So, even though the rest of the market is on the uptrend right now, amp is trading sideways. So what what can we expect from this? Well, it could be lagging behind the market, it could be, you know, holding back and then we might see a breakout happen. So thats the opportunity wed like to see we dont want to buy a coin. Thats already, you know, went up 300 400, 500 percent wed rather have a coin. Thats been consolidating for a little bit and then has a potential for an explosive uptrend. Obviously, as amp looks to have right here, maybe in the future, so obviously this is pretty much like a gamble type opportunity where its trading sideways right now and then there might be an opportunity in the next few weeks, next few months for an uptrend so thats.

What were trying to catch obviously before it happens so right now its trading sideways at a support level which is nice to see and then obviously, if it explodes on the upside thats gon na, be a positive thing for us, because we got in before the hype Happens so thats something important to keep in mind: market cap 2.5 billion right now, so very low market cap lower than the previous two volume in the past 24 hours at 90.3 million amp is an ethereum token that aims to collateralize payments on the flexa network, making Them instant, insecure if a btc or eta x or eth payment fails due to the unconfirmed or long transition times. The amp collateral can instead be liquidated to cover losses, while the validator receives payment in fiat, potentially providing greater assurance to both parties. So amp. Definitely one of those coins with the lower market cap that has potential in the future to continue to grow so amps gon na be our third coin on the list now guys, the rest of the market, like we said, lets, take a look, how everything is performing. So solanos gon na be the first one were gon na. Take a look at real quick, so this one we were obviously trading at you know 30, 40, 50, even under 100, and now were breaking out. We hit highs here of about 133 just a few minutes ago, so were up about 17 in the past week, 78.

Guys, which is insane so lana continues to. You know have this uptrend in the past month, its up over 300 last month, when we talked about this one like we said it was trading at 32 or so so insane over 300 profit could have been made in the past month. If you guys are subscribed to the channel, you would have, you know, seen gains like this and if youre not subscribed to the channel youre missing out on potential gains like this so subscribe to the channel. What are you guys waiting for in the past year, this coins up over 3 600 percent? Previous all time, high at 55, like we said, went to 23 and now were just seeing this explosion on the upside now. Obviously, this coin might be a little bit. Overbought overextended right now we might see a pullback in the near future, so dont be surprised if we see solana take a little bit of a breather in the upcoming weeks 37.8 billion in market cap 5 billion volume. Solana is looking very, very juicy right now, but the gains have might you know might have already been made, and it might be time for a little bit of a pullback. Doge doge is down five percent guys. This one just keeps on going back and forth its. Not really going anywhere its just trading sideways in the past week, seven percent upside in the past month its up 42 past year, 10 000.

But it went from that 16 cents level to the 34 cents level and then for fast, three or four weeks. Weve been trading around this level, so you know doge still trading around you know: 29, 30 cents or so uh. You know market cap, 38.1 billion uh. I dont see this one continuing in that uptrend for a long time. Obviously, if the market is green and continues to boom, dogecoin is going to continue to move a little bit higher, but i dont see any extreme. You know 100 gains from here. That would be insane in my opinion, and i dont think something like that is gon na happen. It was uh, it was a meme, a one time meme and i dont believe thats gon na happen again. Ethereum ethereums down almost one percent but obviously were making highs. You know we hit highs here about thirty, eight hundred and thirty dollars at one point on thursday, so its performing very well at thirty seven hundred dollars right now in the past week, its up twenty one percent past month, forty three percent in the past year – eight Hundred and seventy nine percent here in july we were trading at seventeen hundred now were trading at over 3 700, so 2 000 profit per coin has been made in the past month or so month, and a half so ethereum is performing very well 448.8 billion market Cap were very close to all time. Highs of 4 400 were only about 700 away from that that could you know that we could see that you know change in about a few weeks, so i wouldnt be surprised if ethereum tries to break through that 4.

000. Uh, you know resistance and continues to go higher to all time highs in the next few weeks. So in the next few months we can definitely see it and continue to push on higher. We still have a price target for ethereum in the long term of ten thousand dollars per coin, so its looking very bright for us right now, guys bitcoin hit highs here on thursday at fifty thousand, almost four hundred dollars and now were obviously at forty, eight thousand Uh, seven hundred dollars its pretty much flat in the past 24 hours in the past week, flat as well past month up 22 past year, 327 percent. So you know, ethereum is a double what uh bitcoin has returned, so any ethereum investors made about you know double what any bitcoin investor have in the past year. So ethereum investors are winning right now, so ethereum or actually bitcoin is at 927.5 billion market cap. We went from about 29 000 all the way to highs of about 50 000, so thats, a 21 000 upside, which is nice. That is a nice gain right there. Obviously, around 60 to 70 percent profit made in the past month and a half on bitcoin were seeing some consolidation and hoping for an uptrend in the near future, uh to happen with bitcoin as well as well, as you know, ethereum, to continue that trend as well And then obviously, altcoins will usually perform as the same pattern and continue to go higher and higher.

Also so guys, what do you guys think? What do you think is gon na happen in the crypto space in the near future? Leave a comment below smash that, like button, if you enjoyed the content, like this lets, say for 150 plus likes on this. Video subscribe to the channel lets aim for 41 000 subscribers and, if you guys want to sign up for, we will get your two free stocks valued up to twenty three hundred dollars. Links in the description, as always guys, im, not a financial advisor before investing into the crypto space or in the stock market, speak to your financial advisor. Do your own due diligence. This is all for entertainment purposes. Only uh, you know so speak to your financial advisor and remember, theres, always a high risk high reward type situation in the crypto space and you could lose at all by investing in something that you dont understand.