Before we start, i invite you to our telegram channel where, on daily basis, i record updates about bitcoin about top interesting coins that we buy ethereum and all other top coins, for example uh. Since my previous video ethereum rise up 15, it could be. You also could make that money that profit, if you would be in lets, go uh lets start. I prepare for you uh five coins uh. I think you can see in a title to this video that there are three coins, but i just decided to make two special one and uh some of them with huge potential one coin: the last coin: the potential seven hundred percent thats. Why lets go uh? First? One it it is this coin, cfx take a look whats going on at this moment. I think you saw how crypto market get pumped uh so much and at this moment take a look this coin, exactly in the middle of this range accumulation, and at this moment only from this place potential up price, even if price would do rise to one usd It is 200 percent, remember that, on our youtube channel, we have a lesson about breakout strategy and accumulation and at this moment take a look this biggest volume. It is a signal of accumulation thats, a reason why i recommend you to pay attention to this coin and maybe buy it. If you uh interested in half, you can fix position you. I recommend you to buy in areas 30 cents, 28 cents.

It is best area to buy because it is a lower uh border of a range and goal. What i recommend you to do, uh close by parts, take a look on the skill levels. First part, i recommend you to close forecast first part here before 77 cents and second part. I would recommend you to close before one usd if your friends push live because its so much so important for youtube, because only when youtube see your activity, its up with other people thats the best. Thank you for us in our project. I see rv uh, syria friends at this moment. Take a look whats going on this coin. Also uh in the middle of this massive range, take a look: how, after ico, that coin uh dropped by uh from 23 usd to to usd even some pullback to this really high. It could be 100 percent upright, but i think that it could rise even much. Much more as thats! Why at this moment you have nearly perfect opportunity to buy it, because whole market is pumping and crv also could pump thats. Why, at this moment, if you buy it exactly at this area, what uh, what i recommend you to do, if you buy exactly right now momentous in your daily chat, if you buy it right now, first goal you should be. You should have nearly this skill. I will take a look. Neil is a skill level. If you buy at uh in area 2 usd to usd 50 cents, you can keep it up to this key level.

Uh first part and second part to that level. Its really, it could be amazing profit up to this key level. Uh. It is 235 percent, upright its amazing result, my friends, uh friends. I invite all of you to join our vip community, as i would be linked below vip, community or education program. At this moment. In our vip community friends, we made so much money. I would like to share with you results of some of our students. Uh. Take a look. Litecoin uh take a look hold at this moment, so much coins pumping and breakout strategies that we use played out so much take a look: how many trade and ideas we share on daily basis, every trade that i open and my team. We share it with our vip community and we also teach people how to trade those strategies thats. Why link below right and my team will send you all information. Just join lets, go to uh other top. Three. Remember that number five, the best one x vc the same. Do you see range accumulation and break out of this? If you buy in area nearly this key level, 30 usd 35 even 34. I recommend you to buy in in the middle of that area. If you watch this video uh potential up price, uh, 162 percent, nearly a key level, nearly this area before this key level 100, i recommend you just to sell everything. Also in as in previous cases, i recommend you, my friend, to close it by parts always close by parts.

Thats, the best would be uh recommendation 200 potential, uprise uh this one uh beat shares. Bitchers is the same. Take a look on this accumulation now break out of this key level. I could start a pump honestly. We already bought it, and i shared it with our in our telegram channel that we bought this uh coin because take a look at this moment: uh price, exactly before key level breakout. If that breakout is true, that could be amazing uprise without any risk, because thats, why at this moment i recommend you to buy exactly this key level at this key level, 0. 6. 188. Uh potential reward. I would keep it also by parts first part. I would keep up to this killer. Second, one to this one. I would divide uh my coin uh uh that uh this project by three parts. Here i would close 25 if price rise here, i would close uh 50, and here i would close the rest. 25 percent, if price would rise up its amazing uh amazing potential, my friends and take a look from this place to this 160 60 and the last one that shows uh biggest potential. Ever it is my friends game, gamer coin. At this moment, i think you know that a lot of uh gaming projects they skyrocketing and take a look at this moment, gamer coin, that coin get dropped by 97 and imagine only pull back to this area. It is only to that area.

It is oh, my god it is eight hundred percent. It is eight hundred percent. My friends thats, why, honestly even 900, if you buy exactly right now at six cents thats, why uh do it? If you have any questions, remember that ill reply to every comment. Also friends, those of you that watch till the end, i recommend you to open our youtube channel and you will find free cools for crypto traders. There are so many lessons that we answer to you, especially if you start trading how to make money. What instrument you choose whats this license and believe me, after that, you will never call yourself a beginner, see you.