Watchers today is september. 4Th 2021 monero lets talk about monero. The monero price prediction is 400, a long shot for monero to get to. Can we see a big price lift for monero this weekend? Dont worry about, i got you were going to talk about that today on this video, but before i do it todays the first time ever seen our video and our content make sure before you go hit. The like button certainly also subscribe here to our channel, because it is our purpose to ensure that you and i are able to eat off the market wherever the price goes. We want to make sure that we are in positions that we all can eat. So if you guys want to join us, like i said earlier, hit us up like the video share, the video subscribe here to the channel, because we want to make sure that you understand the easy way about where price is going to go right. So now let me talk about monero, real quick before i break down our latest price prediction. You guys can see it im, not hiding anything from our community. We played the weakness in the market in monero right there. On august, the 19th we said, hey guys, look were looking for the price in manero to drop and it didnt happen. It did not even go down, so that should be one clue to you as to what im expecting the market to do going forward in monero, especially throughout this weekend, can the price in monero hit 400 take a look.

400 is literally knocking on the door where price is right now at 300. Can we see that, of course, so our last price prediction didnt go right ill, be the first one to tell you im not going to get every price prediction that i talk about on our videos on this channel correctly. Every time it kind of goes to show you that im, a human being that im not going to get it 100 percent. So this one yeah he beat us the trap won in this particular battle between us and him. He got us on this round, but you know what were going to be in position so that we can win on the next one. So let me take this off right. If we were to get out the market right now in monero well be down around 18. It happens right, so we take this as loss. We shake it off. We get back in position so that we can win against them on the next move. So let me take this away. Okay, now, given that the price in monero did not go down on our last price prediction, kind of alleviates us thinking that the value of monero is going to decrease right, we should not be looking for the price in monero to go down. We were expecting that on the 19th and it didnt happen, so we can take that away right, a price going down in monero and the next thing you guys can see.

Even from august 19, we had this restriction area right there. Around 280, the price in monero broke that and weve been holding that market price for a while weve been supporting the market price in monero around 280. going forward. Now that number needs to act as support, so under any movement to the downside. We need to pay attention to see if the markets going to break 280, because if so, then we understand that that movement to 400 is becoming less and less likely all right. So now let me give you this too. You guys can see that the overall trend is very much entrenched right. We are definitely still in a upward move in monero from this long term. Ascending line got it as long as the price stays above that ascended line. We know where were going to go. We will always go up period, theres, nothing hard about that at all. Now. The question that we need to see is okay. At what point would you want to come and enter this market? Do you want to come in all the way up here around 300 or you want to come down around 225 to even 205? Obviously, all of us will want to buy it at the cheapest price we can get which, in order for us to hold this ascending line, this trend higher will have to be around 225 to 205 dollars. Right were not there yet, so we need to see.

Can we still see some higher movement in monero right now? So let me show you this other trend all right. This is the long term trend its not really applicable right now we can still look at it, but from the general long term perspective in monero yeah, we can see the price go up, no issues, no qualms about that. At all short time frame, though, we need to create another ascending line, because this will, let us know, if were going to break the overall move in manila right now. Okay, this is it so im going to get rid of this longer term trend, because i dont want to let everyone who watches or views our videos to get confused right. We need to make this as simple as possible, but just understand that the long term trend is definitely still intact. All right so now look at this. We have two lines that is going to be very important for the price to uphold. We cannot see the price break either of these two lines, because the moment it does, then the prediction of seeing the higher price in monero is now gone. Yes, it is now. I want you all to see this day right here. All right. Look at all this volume that came in on the 29th of august. Look at it, it kind of resembles what happened on the 23rd weve seen a lot of volume trade around 280 dollars. I want to emphasize that to you.

280 is very important, plain and simple. If we see the price ever break below 280, we need to pump the breaks of price going higher its just that simple. Okay, now lets see how the price looks in monero on a different time frame. This is the three day time frame right here and yes, the market on this last completed three day. Price bar shows us that the market was able to consume up all of the stockpile that was being sold into the market in manure. The last two or three three day, price bars, which is fantastic for us to see the upward trend in monero, is still here. The five day time frame gives us the same type of depiction. What about on the weekly time frames go ahead and take a look at the weekly timeframe, real quick in monero. We have to pay attention to how we conclude on this current weekly price bar. Let me zoom in so you all can see it. We have to make sure okay, that the price in the next day and seven hours is able to close above this previous weeks, close because if so it lets us know that the majority of the market was willing to buy whoever sold last week. That is going to be the biggest clue for us to understand where price is going to go. Okay, now, with that being stated, we still have a day and seven hours in the four hour price prediction that were going to create today to go against us.

Okay, remember that, so let me go ahead and go ahead and do a price prediction into the market in monero. So far the market looks decent for us to continue to see higher prices. It does okay, so now real quick. Let me go ahead and run this back to the um daily time frame and lets do the play, because we want to see if the market in monero will be able to hit 400, because if so, we have at least a market had to increase 32 percent, Which is very doable in monero, especially in the cryptocurrency space. We can see that happen for the market to go up 32 percent now dont expect it to happen in one day. Okay, you have to give the market its time to do its ebbs and flows where to go up to go down. You know yada yada, that type of deal its not just going to shoot up. In one day, we have to allow the market ample amount of opportunity for it to occur now, given that situation, okay, im gon na give us some areas of tp, though that we can watch out for that. We need to be in position to at least take some profits off the table. Okay, now, the first area. Now we can see the market get rejected in monero weve already seen it touch, which is around three hundred and forty dollars. Okay, we saw the market test that price right there on august 24th, okay, thats a hurdle thats, an issue that is something thats going to pump the brakes on the price in monero of going higher, so we got ta at least grab some of that profit off The table right there: okay, thats about 12.

65 percent into the market in monero next area, its going to be up here towards 375.380. thats, going to be the ultimate area that were going to look for the price in monero to go. You can see its shy, knocking on the door about 400, but im not going to tag that. Yet, as this market continues to trade throughout the month of september, im going to be paying attention, you should too to the price to see whether or not it breaks the support area of 280. Okay, let me extend that and then this ascending line now, what we want to see is this price track, this ascendant line. This is what we need to see if, under any pyramids, we see the market in monero break that ascending line, then our next transition will move over to 280 as long as the price holds 280 that the movement to the upside is also still intact. Its just that simple, all right, thats it im done now. I want to know youre part of our community. I want you to tell everyone in our community. What are you seeing on the chart in the monero? Where do you think the price is going to go over the next couple of days? I got my eyes fixed on 280 for sure, okay, and i got my eyes fixated on that ascending line. Now i want to know: do you think the price in monero will hit 400 throughout the month of september? Simple right, just let me know, drop me a comment in the comment section and tell me your price prediction in the market for monero its just that easy is just that simple lets not make this complicated, because theres enough confusion already on youtube.

So hit me up.