I personally have become a crypto millionaire using this exact strategy and in todays video im going to be sharing with you three coins that i believe can help you become a crypto millionaire in 2021.. So if you like all coins and multiplying your money with cryptocurrency smash up the like button lets get to a thousand likes and lets get started. Music welcome to the youtube channel. My name is joe and every single day i make videos teaching you how to make money with cryptocurrency. So if you like money and you like crypto click, the subscribe button also hit that notification bell to be notified every single day. When i come out with these new videos, they are very time sensitive and youre not going to want to miss out. Also, please know that everything i say in this video is not financial advice. These videos are for educational and inspirational purposes only in full disclosure. I do own some of the cryptocurrencies that i will be discussing in this video all right. So in our last three coins to three million video, i gave you the brand new wii, u token coin, and that cryptocurrency from its pre sale, price went absolutely parabolic and many of you here following me on twitter and in my online course made exponential gains. Some of you literally made thousands of dollars. So congratulations on all of your success. As you can see, the pre sale price of the token was right around seven cents and it blasted off all the way close to 14 cents and yes, pre sellers will take profit from here, though, we have seen a nice little uptrend and it looks like wii.

U wants to continue its uptrend in the near future. Now we never know what will happen with cryptocurrency and nothing in these videos should ever be taken as financial advice. But now im going to share with you my next three coins to three million and make sure you stay all the way to the end of the video, because the last coin hasnt even hit the market. Yet so my first three coin to three million is going to be ferrum network. Now ferum network, in my eyes, has absolutely massive potential, and just a few days ago i made a dedicated video about a new pre sale launching with ferrum network called revolve games, and, if youve been following me here on this channel, you know how important it is To get into these pre sales, because youre literally getting these tokens at rock bottom prices, pharam network allows you to do that. The frm utility token allows for the most exclusive benefits and perks for holding some of these ever increasing benefits include access to pre sales, staking rewards increased value over time through deflationary economics, and so much more frm is helping remove barriers to the mass adoption of blockchain By holding the frm token, you are directly contributing towards making that goal a reality. Alfaro network also has a governance. Token called the frmx token. Frmx was designed to add tremendous value to the farm ecosystem by bringing valuable utilities, long term sustainability and a fair launch with your frmx.

You can earn attractive yields in frmx when you stake your pherom and you can receive rewards up to 30 apy. Just for holding these tokens in your unifier wallet now the frmx token is also a governance token. Our governance committee members have and will continue to play an inaugural role in the direction of ferum hold at least a hundred thousand pharam and 20 fr mx or 75 000 ferrum and five frmx to earn a seat on the governance committee. Now, im, not the only one that believes that the frm token and the ferum ecosystem is insanely. Undervalued bitboy crypto made a video about ferrum network a few months ago and now lets hear what he had to say. Im, not the only one bullish on ferum tokenmetrics literally ranks ferum network as the number one project for long term investors in 2021, and i have to say that i agree when crypto deferred put out this graphic. A couple of days ago, pharyn was up an astounding 1440 percent. Now, at the time of this, recording faram network is definitely on the move, but, as you can see, ferrum network is still down massively from its all time high, which was literally 96 cents. Today, at the time of this recording, it is sitting right around 30 cents and this token dipped all the way down to seven cents just a few months ago. Now. Another reason why im so bullish on this project is because they reward you for holding their tokens.

Barum network just introduced a new, dynamic, frm and frmx reward system. This system will allow you to earn up to 50 apy just for holding and staking your frm and frmx tokens in your unifier wallet. Now, if you want to see how much youll actually earn in rewards, all youll have to do is enter in the amount of frm and enter in the amount of frmx, as well as the frm price. So if we did a hundred thousand and the price, as you just saw, was point three zero and lets say we had five frmx. We can submit that. You can see that every single month, you would be earning approximately five hundred dollars in token rewards for free. Not only that farum network allows you access into their pre sales, and fareham network has incubated some top tier projects. Pools did over 135 x, bondly did 66x, eureka did 84x bsc view did 105x and network which just listed did more than 50x. Now, let me share with you exactly how you can participate in these pre sales. You will need to simply hold the necessary amount of frm and frmx in your unifier wallet to qualify for either the farm lottery, tier or guaranteed allocation. Two early rounds of top stage projects, all guaranteed tiers, will need to hold at least 25 000 frm and above and a minimum of 0.2 frmx. Now the lottery tier holders will only need to hold a thousand frm and each additional thousand frm that you hold in your wallet.

You will be awarded an additional lottery ticket up to 24 tickets in total. Now, as you can see, the more frm and the more frmx that you hold the higher the amount of allocation you will receive, what this means is that you will be able to contribute more money to these pre sales, and if these pre sales multiply exponentially and Youre able to contribute more, these tokens can literally pay for themselves very quickly. So not only will you be rewarded for holding this token and also get exclusive access into pre sales, fareham network also dove into nfts, and in the last few months, nfts have absolutely gone crazy. A few months ago, ferum launched their metal ox nft. Now there will only be 30 of these mfts minted and the cost was 1.5 eth, but this nft is more than just a bunch of pixels. The utilities of the ferrum metal ox are designed to showcase one of the most important and valuable aspects of the ecosystem. The fact that frm holders can get access to private sales of all of the farm advisory services incubated projects here are those utilities. There are three monthly airdrops from our next three launch pad projects. The value of the airdrop will be 500 worth of tokens based on the public sale. Price distribution will occur at or around the time of the token generation event and on the same date the following two months, so between staking pre sales and nfts.

This is why ferram network, i truly believe, is still incredibly undervalued at the time of this recording and is my first three coins to three million now. My second altcoin gem, for you is going to be the smashing of the light button. All coin no im just kidding, but if you guys have enjoyed the video so far, please consider giving this a big thumbs up. I really do appreciate it. Lets get to one to 2 000 likes our last video actually got more than 2 000 likes. Thanks again for all of your support, and i really do appreciate the likes because they help with the youtube algorithm now. Your second altcoin is going to be the valus network. Token vallis is an ecosystem of products that allow anyone to feel the benefits of blockchain technology. They are building a decentralized ecosystem of user friendly, transparent and privacy. Respecting products. Ballast is also one of the fastest evm compatible hybrid chains in the world. Today they provide a scalable solution for adapts with up to 50 000 tps. What this means is, if there is a dap on another ecosystem like ethereum, they can migrate over to this blockchain. Very quickly and very easily, and the benefit of doing that is the gas fees right now on ethereum are through the roof. The gas fees here on vallus are literally peanuts and the transaction speed is super fast. This is because the vols blockchain is actually a fork of solana.

They also support solidity, have instant low cost transactions, their own multi currency wallet and staking functionality and staking rewards to support decentralization now, as you can see, solana is currently trending and has been one of the hottest cryptocurrencies within the last month and because wallace is literally A fork of solana, i truly do believe that no one has really discovered this yet and, as you can see down below, it is still minus 59 from its all time highs just five months ago, and the market cap is only 183 million dollars, whereas solanas market Cap is 33 billion if vallis would go to a billion dollar valuation, which is really not that hard for a blockchain like this to do. It would literally skyrocket all the way past its all time highs of 20 cents and be approaching 50 cents, and if it did, what solana did and literally got tens of billions of dollars worth of backing. This could literally 50 to 100x. Now i will say that this project is a little bit riskier and the reason for that is because it is so new that being said, sometimes when projects are brand new and they offer a solution that is just better that could lead to mainstream adoption. Now again, we have no idea what will happen with this, because this project is so new and they are currently building up their ecosystem, but if this one does actually continue to keep building and more people come over to this ecosystem, this could definitely be a project That you would have wish you would have taken action on, and this is why vollis well, i do think it may be a little bit riskier.

Is your number two coin for three coins to three million and last, but certainly not least, your third and final coin, that youve been waiting for that hasnt even hit the market, yet that i believe, has 100x potential. If not more is going to be ada pad. Now etapad is the first ever deflationary launch pad for cardano. Now etapad will have the first mover advantage with the alonzo upgrade coming to the cardano ecosystem in just a few weeks now we dont have a lot more information at the time of this recording about ada pad, but what we do know is that they have a Massive community behind them and they are backed by the blue zilla team. This is why i think etapad is primed to do some insane numbers im, assuming that ethpad bsc pad tron pad kcc pad may be incubating this project as well. So if you want to get some of these eta pad tokens, make sure to smash up the like button, click the subscribe button and hit the notification bell, because i will be doing an exclusive video on this project. Sharing with you exactly how to get these tokens time, sensitive information, the tokenomics and much more now, while etapad will be the first deflationary launchpad. Cardstarter has first mover advantage as well, and you can see how insanely well, this project has done card. Starter came out right at four dollars back in march and ran as high as eighty dollars.

It has since corrected and it looks like it wants to move again towards the upside, and this is because smart contracts are launching and new projects are going to be launching. On cardano in the next few months so because weve seen the success of something like cardstarter many new projects moving over to cardano very soon, and the success of all the other launchpads weve been discussing on this channel. This leads me to believe that edapad is going to be absolutely massive and one that you certainly will not want to be missing out on now. Etapad also reminds me a lot of eathpad, because evpad is the first decentralized and deflationary ido platform inspired by eip1559 on ethereum and whats crazy about ethpad is, if you buy these tokens and you stake these tokens, you earn ethereum in rewards and you also get exclusive Access into pre sales, ethpad incubated, its first project cross, swap which we covered here on this channel and that did more than 30x from the pre sale price and many of the students in my online class took massive action and multiplied their money exponentially. In fact, right now, at the time of this, recording ethpad is hitting new all time highs. If we take a look at the max chart, you can see that ethpad traded sideways for the longest time, but now more projects are being incubated and you can see the demand, for this token, is going through the roof and on august 16th i shared a video Titled top five micro cap, all coins about to 100x and one of those micro caps was ethpad and at the time of that recording one ethpad token was only seven cents.

So, congratulations if youve been taking massive action on this channel, because in just a few weeks you would have literally doubled your money and you could have even potentially gotten into these pre sales and multiplied your money exponentially. Now again, nothing is ever guaranteed in cryptocurrency, so make sure to do your own research, and this is definitely not financial advice. I just bring you awareness of new projects and existing projects here on this channel to help you potentially multiply your money with crypto, so there you have it. Those are your three cryptocurrencies to 3 million here in september of 2021.. If youve enjoyed this video smash up the like button click the subscribe button and hit the notification bell for more time, sensitive videos. If you want to learn how to get into editpad and all of these other pre sales, like the ones we discussed with farm network check out my online class, we now have more than 380 students in the course and many are earning thousands of dollars with the Teachings in the curriculum, not only that you get access to our exclusive vip telegram group to answer questions and also receive time, sensitive alerts and the course is still on a massive discount of 75. If youre interested jump on in and we cant wait to see you there, the links will be down below in the description and if you want to continue learning for free here on youtube check out my cryptocurrency playlist, i have multiple 100x gem videos.

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