It was the year that everybody became a financial advisor, everybody became an investor into stocks and crypto and et cetera. The problem is its also the year that most of you lost a lot of money. All the stemmy checks all the checks that uncle biden was giving you all this extra free money that you were getting from. The government gone gone because you invested your money into stocks and crypto and you invested it incorrectly. So today, boys, im gon na give you every single reason why you should not be investing lets hop into it number one. You just have no idea what youre buying see. I dont want you to misunderstand this video im, not saying not to invest your money im, not saying you shouldnt put your money to work. You absolutely should the problem is. Most of you are grabbing all the excess money that youre getting that you should be using wisely and just dumping it into the market, almost like the casino buying stuff that you have no idea buying companies that you dont even know how they actually operate, but buying Them because you think its a quick buck, investing is not gambling and investing is literally putting your money behind a project you believe in thinking its going to grow in the next 5 10 20 years. Gambling is grabbing your money, putting it into whatever hoping hoping its just gon na multiply. Thinking youre, just gon na become rich.

The moment you realize that you have no idea what youre buying into is the moment. You should know that you should stop investing and that youre really gambling number two youre investing, because your buddy told you its the opportunity of a lifetime im here to break it to you, its, not the opportunity of a lifetime, and if it was your buddy would Probably not be your buddy, it would probably be loaded anytime. Anybody comes to you telling you giving you the opportunity of a lifetime, its its going to be a scam, its that crap coin, that you probably invested into thinking it was going to the moon. It is no different than you literally going into the gas station, buying a lottery ticket and hoping to hit jackpot youre gambling, your hard earned money and thats exactly the moment. I want you to stop investing see if your buddies, tick, tock or wall street bets. Are your only source of financial advice, youre, probably doing something wrong and chances are youre going to lose a lot of money in the long run? This is exactly why i like to trade on weibo, see on weeble. Not only do you get the comment section where you can engage with other people, you get quality news sources where you can actually study the stock study. The charts see its lifetime pattern see any relevant news that it has to go. That way. You can make better informed decisions and better understand the stock.

This is the platform that i personally use its, not a sponsored video. However, if youve never actually invested in a platform like this, i suggest you guys. Try it out as well and the cool part is that they also give you free stock. So if you guys click the link down below and check them out, youre going to get two free stocks that can be valued anywhere from twenty dollars to like a thousand five hundred bucks, so basically free money. In other words, if you download the app deposit a hundred dollars, even if you dont, invest a hundred dollars automatically youre gon na get like 20 30 bucks completely free just from signing up and clicking the link. So if anything else, you should just sign up for the free money, but, moreover, you should sign up to use that free money, risk free and actually invest with that learn. Study stuff study, the actual company that youre investing in to really see how money moves and the best part is since its not even your own money. You have nothing to risk and everything to learn from it. So when you start using your hard earned money, youre good to go like if you guys want a solid platform, actually just using the platform that i use id link it down below and, like i said its free money that you can use to start investing risk Free and without risking your hard earned money which takes us up to number three, you have no money left.

This is a very strong sign. You should probably stop investing in crypto in stock, see if all of your stimi money, that daddy trump and uncle biden is all gone like i bo bro, i think these guys have given you given you like. 10 15k at this point with all that stimulus. If all that is gone especially gone because you invested in the market, this should be your sign that you need to stop. You need to like pull back and im, not telling you to just stop investing im, telling you to look at what youre doing wrong. Stop doing that and reassess. You need to be self aware enough to understand that youre, probably being an emotional trader versus an actual long term investor, and you need to learn how to become a long term investor before you start putting your money back in number. Four, your most open app is robinhood or weibo. This is a good one, see because when i first started trading, the exact same thing happened to me: tick, tock and instagram, which were the apps. I would probably spend the most time in all of a sudden took a backseat and weibo was the app that i was opening up. 24 7.. When you looked at my usage, weaver was like 50 of my phone uses it. It was an obsession to the point that i already wake up early, but i would legit wake up at four in the morning just to roll over and look at my stocks and look at the charts, its really an all consuming problem and its devastating.

To the point that you start to realize that again, youre gambling and not long term investing when youre long term investing theres, no reason for you to open the app every second one time a day is more than enough and you shoot in some locations. One time a week or one time a month is all you need to look at because again, youre thinking, long term and then finally number five. You treat the market like the casino, in other words, see trading. It tends to attract a lot of type 8 personalities. The type of dudes that like to win at all costs and dont, get me wrong. The goal is, or should be, to make as much money as possible, but you want to do that strategically over a long period of time and not instantly like the slot machine. When you get so wrapped off and wanting that instant payoff and the crazy part is like there is really luck in the market, usually when you first start, youll get lucky youll get like that 150 return and all of a sudden, its like cocaine, its a drug And now you just get obsessed with making these crazy returns to the point that you start: making riskier and riskier and riskier investments, and all that gain that you made in the beginning. Out of luck, ends up going to the toilet and thats. Basically it. For this weeks, video guys again yo this is no hit to nobody im legit talking from the heart like i did all of these mistakes, and all these mistakes made me realize that yo.

I need to stop because lets just say: i lost a lot of money. Being stupid and it wasnt until i learned and started investing in the long term that i started making a lot of that money back thats it for me today, boys. I hope you enjoyed it.