Its easy to see why theres so much anticipation and hype of crypto games also reaching these heights games with their own coins and some with nfts can create rich communities that actually own part of the game and earn verifiably rare in game items that can also have Their own resale value with that said, heres six altcoin gaming tokens that are trying to be part of what is clearly going to be a huge industry. Blockchain games will have crypto at their core so that players can buy and sell in game items collect and trade nfts or even make their own characters to sell to other players all with the help of the blockchain. The blockchain also helps this videos plug celsius. Wallet get 50 of bitcoin with your first deposit on the platform and start earning passive income right away on your bitcoin ethereum and stable coins just use the code in the description to get 50 of bitcoin with your first deposit. First up we have engine coin. Probably one of the biggest names in the crypto gaming space engine is an sdk or software development kit that game makers can use to create the items, marketplaces and trading systems within nft games. So, instead of taking the risk of being an actual game that may flop, engine is trying to provide a framework for games to use, you could say its more like a typical software business. In that sense, imagine playing a game crafting weapons and armors that are nfts using characters created by other players that are also nfts.

This is one of the coolest features we can incorporate into the current gaming industry. Instead of just playing for fun and collecting items that have no value in real life, players can now grind to earn real dollars or more like real ethereum. This is a trend. Thats been happening slowly, but is about to explode with digital currencies. One of the most successful projects of engine up to now is its minecraft integration. Minecraft is one of the most popular games. Ever engine enabled minecraft players to create use and trade blockchain assets within the game. The company has been in existence since 2009, focusing on providing a platform for the gaming community and has recently joined the blockchain world when the engine coin token launched in 2017.. Since the coins launch engine has developed several tools to help the development of nft games, one is a decentralized payment gateway that reduces the risk of fraud, lowers fees and speeds up transactions, which are some of the biggest challenges for nft game developers. Theyve also recently launched jumpnet with the goal of providing a fast low cost blockchain for engine partners, which will allow them to launch their own ethereum smart contracts on the ethereum blockchain by using engines technology game developers. Dont have to go through the cost of creating these features from scratch, a win for them and hopefully, a win for engine creating value for the token as more games and developers use their products right now, its still too early to tell where nft games will go There have only been a few nft games that we can really call a success.

Big promises are ahead, though, as major players in the gaming industry get into the crypto gaming hype, an engine could be there to actually help them do it. This brings us to the next coin, which is alluvium whose developers have had big success on games like league of legends bioshock and the last of us. Eluvium is an auto battle. Rpg game set in an open world where players can capture fuse and sell alluvials. Those are the creatures that players can use to advance in the game or to fight other players. The games launch was bumped to 2022 from q3 2021, but even before its released, the game is already receiving a lot of hype. His twitter account has 70 000 followers, which is a lot for a game under development. More so an nft game, elluvium uses a layer, 2 ethereum solution called immutablex. Lao 2 solutions are designed to help the scalability problems of ethereum. A mutable x uses zk or zero knowledge, rollups that allow hundreds of transactions to be performed in a second layer outside of the ethereum main chain and then to be rolled up and posted as one single transaction on the main chain. Nft games that are actually built using the ethereum main chain for every transaction are just way too slow and expensive, which is why we see virtually every game moving to layer twos. The goal of alluvium is to become a blockchain based aaa game. Triple a games are known for micro transactions or in game purchases that are small and frequent, and this is one of the biggest income sources for those games.

This is impossible to do on ethereums base layer where gas fees can go from 10 bucks all the way to hundreds of dollars depending on network usage thanks to immutable x, the transaction fees on alluvium are drastically reduced and players can trade nfts pretty much without gas Fees, how does the game work exactly well? Alluvium is a place where you will explore the environment and encounter alluvials that you can fight to feed and capture to capture an alluvial youre gon na need a shard which is like a pokeball in pokemon. The quality of the shard also determines the chance of capturing an alluvial. This is where the nft element of the game comes in. Every captured alluvial is minted as an nft. If you have multiple alluvials of the same type, you can combine them to form a better version of that alluvial, which is also more highly valued. You can use your alluvials to battle other players for rewards and you can also sell them in the marketplace called illuvidex. Each step of this process doesnt need to be a single transaction in the ethereum blockchain. Like some nft games, a mutable x can hold up to 9000 transactions, so players can focus on exploring the world fighting and collecting eath will be used for major purchases in game. Like shards and revives, while synthetic ilv or s, i l v, which can be earned by staking the ilv token, can be used for skins and emotes.

The main function of elluviums native token ialv is for governance. Anyone with a token can vote on game, improving proposals, and then ilv holders can also stake their tokens with 78 ap wire right now just go to to know more next up a gaming altcoin list wouldnt be complete without axi infinity axi has generated almost 500 Million dollars in revenue since july, that is literal insanity and shows you how powerful the blockchain can be. The ethereum based game found its player base in developing countries like philippines and brazil, by players who were looking for a source of income during the pandemic. Even the axi white paper that was updated in december last year mentioned this specific vision for the game. Axs is the crypto of axi, but a token called slp or smooth love. Potion can be earned by players as they play. The game. Axs can also be earned in game by successfully entering the games. Pvp leaderboard. The total reward for this season is two hundred thousand dollars worth of axs tokens. While players can earn a minimum of 75 slps per day, just currently trading at 11 cents, each at its core axia infinity, still sticks to the essence of nsts, owning selling and trading unique digital assets. The game has a surprising depth to it as axes, which is what the creatures in the game are called, have different body parts, giving them different combinations of abilities. Some body parts are more rare than others, making them more valuable.

There are also special types and limited editions and you can go to the axi website yourself and see the sale history of some axes, some selling for get this hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of eth. This is a crazy world that we live in. Players can buy axes from the marketplace or breed using their own axes that they already have increasing the layer to which players can earn from the game. Ax s is the leading gaming altcoin in the market right now, valued at 4 billion usd as a comparison rovio. The company behind angry birds is worth about 550 million usd im, not saying actually. Doesnt deserve its valuation, considering the huge revenues, but time will tell if it can have the same longevity as something like pokemon. Next up the sandbox, which was already a popular title before i entered the blockchain scene, with the game having more than 40 million downloads on mobile, its main appeal was the ability of players to create their own worlds inside the game. The sandbox is the epitome of this gaming sub genre, in that it allows players to do whatever they want. This concept, combined with nft, is kind of genius, as it allows pop culture to exist in its own virtual universe, where everything has a monetary value. For example, if youre a fan of steven yuns character in the walking dead, you can own an nft of glenns avatar. In the sandbox metaverse, the zombie series is just one of the titles secured by the sandbox.

Other titles include kitties held kitchen, the smurfs and many more cult brands. According to its white paper, the sandbox is a virtual world where players can build own and monetize their gaming experiences on the ethereum blockchain using sand. The platforms utility token in the sandbox. Anyone can create a digital asset that can be brought into the game and then sell their assets in game. It shows you the power that the blockchain gives us to verify and have genuine digital scarcity theres. Also some real estate going on in the sandbox, where players can buy a digital land. These are limited and occupy real space. In the virtual world, small lands go for around one eath and bigger lands can go for more than 70 eth. The sandbox is still on alpha testing right now, so well not see its full release anytime soon, however, it recently launched its nft marketplace and sold 211 000 worth of items in the first day, while land sales in the sandbox are already at millions of dollars in Sales, millions of dollars for virtual land. Next up talking about land, we have decentraland detention. Land is close to the sandboxes concept, but focuses more on virtual lands that can be purchased by players using the projects. Mana tokens the whitepaper mentioned how facebook enables people to gather, interact, share, connect, create games and play together. Well, decentraland wants to do the same, but decentralized each land is represented by an nft, and the land is capped.

At 90 000 lots decentraland has already attracted some big players like sothebys when they opened a virtual art gallery in decentraland, and sothebys is just right up crypto right now, pretty much going after any sort of nft sale. Land parcels are now selling from about six thousand dollars to more than a hundred thousand dollars per parcel, depending on the location and the users right now number about ten thousand dollars of spring this year. My own thoughts on this are theres gon na be some big winners and some big losers in this space. I think sandbox games with already established communities like minecraft can more easily implement crypto and they already have the demand, the user base and the brand to quickly implement crypto and win its an extra hurdle that something like mana or decentraland will have to overcome. To be successful and with gaming, the infrastructure investments can be so higher than it makes winning even harder. I think the concept works, but those larger games may take the limelight more than something like decentraland and even facebook, which is going deep into the metaverse right now. Certainly has the budget to take over certain niches. Lastly, though, i want to come to an investment technique that might spread your risk over the crypto gaming space. Like i said at the start, im of the opinion that gaming altcoins are going to be a multi billion dollar industry, but its a high risk and very volatile part of the market, its clear that theres a lot of value to come, but as an investor, its Not my main area of expertise.

So how do i gain exposure to the sector and hopefully benefit from growth without taking specific bets and risks on a small number of coins? Well, a way that we could do that is to use a trading bot and essentially buy a basket of coins. I use kucoin and, in my opinion, its the best option for putting together trading bots, and you can use something called the investment portfolio and put five or ten coins into one investment to use. A bot like this just go down to create a portfolio, and then you can choose a number of tokens that are all in one sector such as gaming. You can even go to a website like coingecko and search for the best gaming altcoins to see whats. What and then add them into a portfolio on kucoin whats great about a trading bot is that you can choose how much to invest and also how much of the portfolio you want each coin to make up so, for example, 20 engine coin, 10, axi or whatever, And the bot will do the work 24 7 to keep the portfolio tracking the coins that you want. This strategy may not be for you, but for me, if i want exposure to what i consider a very high risk area of the market, some diversification and general exposure is something that id look for and if you want to use, kucoin ill leave the link in The description, so you can check it out.

I see this area as super high risk, probably one of the most risky and theres a lot of speculation, so predicting which games will do well is very difficult, which is why id personally look to use a portfolio and to gain some exposure and how about gaining Some exposure to 50 of bitcoin with your first deposit on celsius wallet celsius pays you passive income on all. Your cryptos within the wallet currently gets 6.2 on bitcoin 5.35 on ethereum and 8.88 on most stable coins. I put some of my cryptos on the platform and get weekly payments of passive income.