We come to you every saturday at 11 a.m: eastern standard time, im your host dz and im jeezy, im justin, the snowman; no oh young jeezy, oh young, jeezy; ah, hey hows! It going you doing good, yeah, im, justin, all right, hey justin, so we come to you and we bring the favorite nft updates and news hitting the space, because nft moves fast and you got to watch. The news to keep up might be the fastest space in blockchain. I i would agree 100, so were going to talk about a little bit of the news and some upcoming projects and some tokens that you can maybe even get into yeah super cool yeah im excited all right. So in the news uh this week we had the mutants the board ape mutant club sold out in minutes 90 million dollars in sales. So on mint day three for one and now usually these avatar projects its like point: zero, six point: zero, seven, maybe point zero. Eight three: eighth to minute: one mutant board: eight! Yes, around ten thousand dollars out the gate, yeah sold out in minutes yeah, then almost instantly doubled up yeah. So i think now so it started at 3. 8. I think the floor immediately went to like seven. I think its, i think its around six or seven right now, all right, well uh lets talk about what we bought the last week. Uh you buying enfts. I bought a few i bought, so i tried to buy an al cabone like on mint.

You know i was at a dealership, a car dealership with my wife, in the middle of trying to like negotiate with the sales person. I knew i noticed that the the drop had gone live and i actually excused myself because my wife was kicking my leg. I excused myself to go to the bathroom pregnant wife. I might add yes, pregnant wife love, you baby uh and went to the bathroom and sat there and tried to get one of these nfts. I could not get one they sold out so fast. However, im i did go on open c like the next day and i bought a couple of the uh, the one, the lower the lower hanging fruit. You know the floor, um on alca bones and come to find out theres an issue with the contract. Um yeah. I saw that the price went down a little bit yeah. So now i have these. I dont even know what i got. They wont theyre not revealed yet because they have issues hopefully thats going to be resolved soon, because im super excited about the project. I know i noticed that the community was really big and theyre kind of bummed that that theyre having this uh issue so yeah i saw i saw gary vee – was involved but yeah if youre doing an nft launch, they have to be minted basically immediately. So i also had a fail. I tried to buy a couple solana.

Nfts i tried to get some soul bears another one and sold out in seconds first, one about 10 seconds. They sold out the other one five seconds they sold out and its just ridiculous solana. Its so fast its so efficient, but on the downside, these things get snatched up immediately, yeah its so hot right now the whole like the nft drops you know and the countdown its just like its gamified, so much that youre so hyped that they sell out instantly. The communitys so big that theyre just selling out yeah, but i did get a sympathy for the devil nft. I had a demon i needed to get a devil and uh. We both actually bought something. What did we get? Wanders yeah? So we got. You told me to buy one of the wanderers, my most expensive, nft ive ever purchased whatd. You pay its like a thousand dollars. I paid like it went up a little bit because i didnt listen to you and then i went home that night. Another buddy of mine, texted me and said you got to buy one of these, so i was like you know what dc told me to this guy told me to so. I went over and i bought two of them and so were going to see what happens with maybe well get into a deeper view of these next week, yeah yeah its something im, i think its really cool, so something im excited about lets, get into some projects.

Yeah, all right so were going to talk about two nfts and two different tokens that you can get into. First, we have pernellipes country club meow. Are you a cat guy? You know uh, i do have a cat. I gave it to my parents, it was from. It was from a bad relationship, a relationship that went wrong. I ended up getting the cat, she got the car so but yeah my parents have the cat. Now, i think its the oldest cat in history, its 24 years old to you, know this year is that what they modeled the sphinx after and yeah that one that was the one okay, i thought so all right, so penelope its a little bit different theyre. Definitely community based one of the things theyre doing is theyre rewarding their holders with advertisement fees. So if you hold your profile pic as a penelope cat, they will pay you advertising money, huh yeah, and they have all types of ways with voting and also the first green nft that ive seen in a while, so theyre buying carbon offsets theyre actually beneficial to The environment, yeah thats. What i like to see from projects i like to see uh, innovative tech, trying to do something different that no one else is doing. Yeah theyre also going to have an anime and, with the voting theyre going to vote to see what cat gets picked in the anime, it could be your cat.

You could be a star of an anime, your nft could be a star. Well, if its your profile pic, what do they know? You asked youre right it basically. Is you thats pretty cool, so they also have a a big community chest. You know what theyre calling it tell me: the kitty bank, so not like a piggy bank but a kitty bit a kitty bank. You want you want to guess how much they got in the kitty bank. Oh man lets see a thousand dollars yeah a little bit more than that. No, they pulled up 500 each 500. They actually have like a real war chest. So you get you hold it. You get to vote what they do with that money. Do you want to continue to like help the environment? Do you want to pay the holders? Do you want to do air drops you get to decide, you want to buy a mutant, ape yeah. Maybe ive seen a lot of mutant apes being given away yeah i mean you can maybe win a mutant ape, so you hold the cat, you get to vote and you take part in their country club, super cool, penelopes country club. Make sure you check that one out link in the description links will be in the description. All right so were talking about a we talked about a project, but we also have some tokens whats. The first token, all right first token is dex kit.

Dex kit is no stranger to the channel uh. If you watch this and follow those bit boy crypto for any time, youve heard us talk about this uh its a defy dashboard super cool project. They build out different things. Theyve now entered the nft marketplace space, so they have come out with a white list label marketplace so like lets say somebody has a website. You have a website, i dont have a website uh. I could maybe ill make one yeah which ill call it uh nftz. No, no, no more like cheesydeezy.com that would probably be cheesy, deezy or sleazycheesydeezy.com. How about greasy cheesybeezy all right! Well, do that so lets say you wanted to on this website with your url. If its a wordpress website, you can now take the the dex kit in a white label: nft uh marketplace and and uh put it in like a plugin onto that wordpress website super cool. So then you can put your art on there. If you have music, you wanted to put on there as an nft. If you wanted to have ads run as nfts on there, you can do it right from your website all right, so your website uses their marketplace kind of like an api three thing and just instantly you dont have to build. You dont have to get the developers. I could see corporate interest getting real real excited about that. Maybe like a taco bell or a pepper or a mcdonalds like with coupons they could they could mint nft coupons right on their website.

The verification would be their urls okay, so super cool also. What they they um are coming out with is a wallet, an nft wallet. I know everybody kind of complains about having to go to open c, to look at their nfts or going to wearable to look at their nfts because some of them arent on this one but theyre on that one well dex kits kind of solve that. So what theyve done is theyve created a wallet, an nft wallet that you can put any ox nft, whether its on binance for chain, polygon eth, any of them right in one wallet, so all of your nfts are in one place. Yeah i like that, because metamask its terrible on pc for showing your nfts, the mobiles, okay but yeah, the desktop application is its actually terrible when it comes to nfts yeah, because i mean with with metamasks some of them dont show if its an 1155, they will Not show up yep yeah, you got ta, add it and its a whole thing. You got ta find it yeah its a huge pain, actually yeah, so dex gets solved that um dex kit is sitting up under its its a very low cap, its sitting under its its sitting under 10 million 10 million 10 million under 10 million market cap. You can also find it on uniswap. You can find it on pancake swamp all right, whats, the ticker, so that people can get this kit.

Okay, i t all right links will be in the description thats another low cap gym for you folks there you go all right. Well, lets talk about another project. You know the most meme worthy cutest animal in the world is uh that weird dog blowing out a birthday cake. Thats number two no lets keep this. Keep this in no its an axolotl axolotl its, not the dog blowing, not a birthday, no, no, its that cute little amphibian! You can see here its in all the little memes, oh yeah, so these are axo littles, okay, okay, nice yeah, its a cute little salamander. Looking thing its a amphibian, so this is the first moving 2d avatar project. Yeah ive actually seen it uh. We saw it before we started filming super cool and it is just the cutest little thing: yeah its 48 frames, it loops forever. I mean you, could you just watch them? You can watch it for hours. Some people watch sunsets. I want to watch my nfts yeah. Some people watch netflix. Show me my wallet. I want to see my wallet on dex kit, so this is an upcoming project. This is airing saturday 11am. Hopefully you caught it early. These are coming out monday eastern standard time at noon, so this will be dropping two days after our video. So this is an upcoming project that you can get in on. The mint link will be in the description, but i am personally gon na buy one.

Are you gon na buy one im? Definitely gon na buy one. They have a huge plan ahead. Yeah theyre gon na have some extra things on the road map. This isnt on the website i havent, seen it on socials. This is breaking news sneaky peaky on nft update here, theyre going to have robot axolitas and space axle littles thats going to be out of this world yeah, so they have theyre theyre gon na continue to develop the project, its not one of those projects where oh Yeah, we we met them and then were done, and maybe we do an airdrop. No, they got some big plans so its something im excited about, and once you see it i mean youre mesmerized. So no i cant wait. Im gon na buy one um youre gon na buy one definitely gon na buy one brother. I cant wait high five all right all right, but we have another project. Another low cap gym another low cap gym. So all right were not going to go too in depth with this one. Until next week were going to do a deeper dive when they actually launch their main net. This one is a thousand blocks. Its called 1000 blocks, one zero, zero zero blocks. The ticker is bls, they just had their ido pre sell on walt finance, launch pad sold out two minutes. It broke records, yeah a thousand block space, its its blown up, i mean broke a record for the pre sale and theyve done a lot of pre sale.

So im bullish, yeah, very bullish. We wont go in detail. I will tell you: i was on a call with them very cool concept when it comes to nfts and minting nfts and creating nfts. I think its going to be really attractive for people to check out uh. If you want to participate and invest in this one, not financial advice, i am personally invested, you can get it on walt, swap and pancake swap and the ticker is bls links will all be in the description, very cool project, again deeper dive next week. All right, i cant wait yeah me neither so you know what time it is giveaway give away time. What are we giving away this week were going to give away 1 000 to a pluto alliance follower like a thousand dollars in usdt or what no were going to be giving away bit token? Oh, the community token community token. So all you have to do is just retweet. The tweet link will be in the description were picking the winner tomorrow. So make sure you hurry up and thats why you got ta, have notifications on cool cool, so thats on our twitter right, yeah its on our twitter, so i dont think thats enough. I think we need to give away more. What do you mean more? I think uh, let me check what do you get? What are we gon na do here? I have, i have another thousand dollars.

Another thousand so well split it up all right lets. How do you wan na break this down? Well, do two giveaways of five hundred dollars in bit token two giveaways and five hundred dollars for our discord on pluto alliance, okay and our telegram on pluto alliance. All right so were doing three giveaways, total thousand dollars 500 and 500. twitter discord, telegram yeah, all right. Real quick, how do you want to give it away on the telegram and on discord how about this? We got to spread the message: pluto is a planet, go into the telegram. Go in the discord type in pluto as a planet were going to be choosing a winner. Pluto is a planet. It is a planet, its, not an icy rock. What do you all think put a comment? Do you think plutos a planet, or do you think its some kind of dwarf little thing that people want to catch? You know what the fud is its smaller than the moon. Whatever it is, i dont care its a planet. When i was when i was in school science class third grade, they had the weird thing with all the planets on it. Pluto was on there yeah, i agree. Blue is a planet.