This is one of the most exciting times in the history of this projects. Development, it looks like ada holders will finally be getting the last laugh and anyone who bat against them will need to pay up lets, get it welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad, the largest and greatest crypto community and all the interwebs. My name is ben every day on this channel. I show you how to make money in crypto. If you like money and crypto, then make sure to hit that subscribe. Button in this video were going to cover some of the developments happening in the cardone ecosystem. As we approach the much anticipated launch of smart contracts, so lets talk, cardano each phase of the alonzo upgrade more or less has gone according to plan with no major issues, and now we are less than two weeks away from the network. Going live launch day is scheduled for september 12th and it doesnt seem like there will be any more delays in a live stream. This week, charles hoskinson told the cardano community that smart contracts will be launching on time. Unfortunately, for a secret cyberpunk project, cardano city theyve had to push back the release of their nfts, citing some technical issues. Im a big fan of cardano city, not just because its cardano and it looks cool, but they also used me in their promo spot. Twitter account popped up out of nowhere and posted a single photo.

What is cardano city? Oh thanks, guys or girls, coronado city nfts, are sure to be extremely cool and no doubt one of the hottest nft drops of this summer. Of course, along with pluto alliance, the price of ada has rallied this month in response to these recent developments climbing from around one dollar at its local bottom, all the way up to nearly three dollars where it has recently begun to consolidate. This movement has taken cardano even further into the mainstream and has recently caught the attention of the reddit crowd that does most of their investing on robin hood. Last week the dogecoin millionaire global contessoto announced that he would be going all in on cardano, saying that he plans to start buying up as much carnano as humanly possible. Ive been bullish on cardano, since before it was cool and ive expected it to hit anywhere from the five to eight dollar range. During this bull run, and now after the price action weve seen, i believe it will break through ten dollars during this cycle. As the public launch of smart contracts approaches, development teams are hard at work on their first applications or applications that will live on the cardano blockchain. A variety of different device platforms are expected to launch shortly after smart contracts go live, including the decentralized exchange sunday swap, which will have direct integration with the daedalus and uri wallets, allowing users to trade and provide liquidity directly from their non custodial wallets thats a great First, move for cardano defy his non custodial wallets are far more secure than custodial accounts like on coinbase its important to remember that dapps, like sunday swap have been in development for many months and have been working on the very robust cardano test net for a while.

Now sunday swap demo last week made it very clear that cardone divi is going to be a sweet deal. Speaking of sweet deals. If you want to stake your ada to make passive income, do it one of the best card autos taking pull around the bit pool click the link in the description to find instructions on how to stake your ada with us in a press release this month, io Hk also gave us some information about the cardano native stable coin jet. This stable coin will be algorithmically pegged to the us dollar, but price oracles will allow it to be displayed as different currencies. This is one of the most important problems that needs to be solved in order to make decentralized finance truly decentralized. Most stable coins like usdc and tether, are centralized and require full reserves to back up the assets. This creates a variety of different problems, including central points of failure and attack vectors. The hackers or regulators can take advantage of. There are plenty of algorithmic stable coins on the market already, but many of them are experimental and risky. In fact, you might remember iron finance. The project the mark cuban got wrecked on earlier this year. Well, that was actually a stablecoin project. I hope they get that one ironed out jed is promising to be far above the competition with an entirely new type of stablecoin protocol that will act as an autonomous central bank. As this intense diagram shows.

A test version of this stablecoin has already been deployed on the ethereum blockchain, along with binding at smartchain, avalanche polygon and other networks. As the smart contracts start to go, live on, cardano hackers from around the world will be putting it to the test searching for vulnerabilities. This is an everyday thing in crypto, but in this case a large portion of these hackers will actually be on cardanos payroll working to secure the network and find exploits before the bad guys do. This week, the cardano foundation announced a bug bounty program as part of a partnership with hacker one, an organization composed of ethical hackers who use their skills to find bugs and vital systems and report them, so they can be fixed. These are the same teams that help secure networks from some of the largest corporations and government agencies in the world, including the us department of defense, dropbox, goldman sachs and google. Quite a list, as weve discussed on this channel before financial cartel has been spreading flood about cardano because they arent invested and they see it as a threat. One of the cheapest shots that crypto media has taken against cardone this year is suggesting that charles hoskinson and the other builders behind the project are intending to colonize africa by helping to provide blockchain infrastructure there. Its true that corporations generally dont have great reputations in the developing world, but blockchains arent corporations, thats kind of the whole point most of us in this industry want to do things differently and change the world for the better.

This technology could greatly improve the quality of life for people all over the world. The people who bought into the cardano ecosystem will be sharing in the ownership of the platform by holding the ada asset. They will also be free to build on this blockchain and create wealth for themselves and their communities in ways that just werent possible before this is the whole idea behind banking, the unbanked one of the major goals that this technology is seeking to achieve, establishing blockchain infrastructure In the developing world is obviously a part of this process and anyone whos been paying attention to the cardano community knows that this has been the plan all along crypto. Adoption is actually happening at a faster pace in africa than it is in the rest of the world, because theres more need for this technology there than in the west, where we have banking systems dont, we love. Those cardano is also planned to provide important resources to the communities where its blockchain is used. Just recently, iohk announced a partnership with the european business university of luxembourg or the ebu to make education accessible for people in developing countries.