Yes, honda, civic to the moon dude. Next, stop is 61.3. If you break over 61.3 shes going 76 and youd actually have to zoom out and draw another fib. So this is how you find your long term targets and by long term i mean blow off top 2017 style targets by the end of the year. If you bust, through uh 62 cents, you can see theres, actually a double fib up here. The 0.5 on the major fib and you know the smaller time frame. Fib is also the one to one. So this 74 cents is your moon line. Once you break over 74 cents, youre gon na start seeing consecutive green candles. You know this ones right up to 88 for 22 percent. Once you get over that another one, 26 percent, a dollar thirteen – you know its a bull market, so some of these coins or most of these coins are actually beginning their next parabolic legs up. So if youre in a trade you know – and you want to take profit at resistance – its a trade thats completely up to you, but if youre hodling, you know some of these higher targets are going to start getting hit. So you always have to make your decision, but you are approaching a major fib right now. Its 61 61 4., like i said if it breaks through that 74, is next, 85 or 88, so on and so forth, a dollar 18.

. I believe the market cap for this is pretty small, so what you got to do is im going to assume were going to break through this fib and probably take 72 cents. Youd probably have a small pullback like this. I dont think it dumps back to 48 cents. I would say thats too much, because that is the 618, so im not going to leave that there, but i am also going to remove this, so we can see whats going on for the micro time frame yeah. This thing looks extremely bullish: im gon na delete this delete. This delete this yeah honestly im – probably gon na – go off of this, so if you do top out at 61 cents for whatever reason, because i was looking for 70 cents. But if you top out here, you know the 618 is at 56 cents. If you maintain 56 cents, its extremely bullish, and that would give you the break over 61. at that point, i would look for 73 same thing, like i said before, as to be the top same concept back to the 618, which is now 61 cents, and it Is youre back testing the major fib in the corner? So if it breaks over 61 cents and holds, i would say its extremely bullish and most likely gon na – have you know another another spike, probably to the to the upper um uh to the upper 80s or even well. No, there was another fib here.

I got rid of it, though, so just just go back and watch those resistance levels, thats. Why? I always draw blue lines because i cant have too many fibs going at the same time and thats pretty much it and then, if theres, a major dump and the 618 is all the way down here at 52 cents, which is still a pretty decent. You know its still a pretty decent move and then, obviously, if it tops out at 61 cents, you know and it breaks below that 50 618. You know its probably going to come back to 47 cents, which i dont see happening, but im not going to rule it out. I know its a lot to take in and the reason i keep deleting the fibs is because you guys saw if i just keep drawing 100 fibs like this. You guys arent going to be able to see whats going on so just rewatch. The video and take note of the resistance and support levels and thats pretty much it so, like i said earlier, if it tops out at 61 cents. The 618 is down here at 56.. If it breaks below 56 youre, probably going to get a major dump down to 46., you know so on and so forth. If it breaks through same thing, you know 618 is down here at 61. if that holds, and then obviously, if it never pulls back your resistance levels, i gave you first so best of luck.