What an incredible week, we have seen solano absolutely scorching out the atmosphere weve seen cardano over three dollars. Dont adjust your youtube. I said three dollars, not the two dollars we were trying to breach a couple of weeks ago. Its flying all these projects are flying. We are back people, it is a lovely, lovely, lovely time to be in blockchain and crypto. Again, things are really starting to moon. Uh lots of people weve talked about this many times on the shows before we were going to go through a soft patch sort of up until kind of august september and then start to ramp. Up again, do not forget people, although we do not offer financial advice. Want to make that very clear if you are trading these coins and you are making profits, it isnt the worlds worst idea to take some profits as you go, you are never going to catch the top and the bottom weve tried weve tried so many people. We know hold these coins forever hold on to good projects for sure, but dont be afraid to take profits along the way is something weve learned and we sort of stand by. We certainly do that was great advice. Um, not fun, not advice, actually, very clearly. It was not advice, we are not financial advisors. We made that very clear life advice. Um we have a jam packed show, so we better get into it. What is on the show? Revolve games were talking to another firm advisory services project, really really cool lots of interplanetary nft, crazy kind of metaverse stuff, really really good.

We have david from lithium finance. Yeah theyve been very, very busy since their launch, so we wanted to get them back in for a catch up uh and before we get straight into the first feature, project youre going to see a little 15 20 second ad of a company bit to me bit To me was born in 2014 as a simple, safe and fast place to buy, sell and manage your crypto portfolio now bit to me, has a powerful suite of over 20 solutions to delve in the best way into the blockchain revolution and theyre launching their own ico. There are links in the show notes to sign up to bid to me bit to me and then the first feature project Music. Another super cool project coming out of ferum advisory services today were chatting to revolve games. Nfts integrated staking interplanetary metaverse. These guys are doing some really interesting stuff, and today weve got dan with us to chat about it. So dan, are you there yep yep, thanks for having me here ash great to see you very exciting project. Can you tell us a little bit about revolve and what it is you guys are doing. Youd first sign up for an account youd map, your your metamask here to your revolve games account. If you want to participate in gaming, you need an actionable asset, so you need a character and a vehicle. So you go into our generate assets page and you choose the amount of rpg youd like to stake in order to generate that tethered asset.

You click stake to generate and then its going to state those tokens and also show you that the character thats just been randomly generated. It will display the traits as well. The traits you acquire are dependent on like a a weight formula so, depending on how much rpg you stake. If you stake a higher amount, youre youre more likely to receive rarer traits than someone whos taking less once you have the these characters, then youll be able to put them into the game and actually actually get some some gaming actions and the way it works with The with the staking multipliers, the state and contracts actually connect with gaming is through like levels and staking multiplier, so you need to grind up those levels. If you unlock these levels, they become like dormant for your character and then at any point you can. You can like redeem these levels for for staking multiplier uh, according to to how many levels youve stacked up, essentially something that was in the top of our list of priorities, was getting like the token economics and and token utility spot on. This is something we wanted to really just work on and develop. You know before everything you know. This is the base that that were building on by tethering staking contracts to nfts were containing, like some amount of the value of the nft verse within the native token. So were sort of closing this value rift somewhat. What also happens is, as the player face grows like as more gamers get on board evolve, as as the ecosystem and the metaverse evolves.

It translates to more rpg tokens that are being locked in into staking contracts. Interplanetary metaverse thats a great term isnt it. It sounds very exciting. Tell us a bit about that. The main inspiration um for our metaverse came from from no mans sky and a couple of other, like kind of sandbox type, um intergalactic, space games, uh, and we thought like this would be perfect to as a medium to to bring our fundamentals and our gaming mechanics In uh to create a a really fun sandbox metaverse, with with an over overarching rpg storyline, where a user would be able to kind of follow their own rpg path and choose certain missions, but also be free to just explore or state to generate a game. Theme builder asset pack and actually build a mini game on the land in which the community community can also participate with the game. Builder asset packs, essentially its like a game theme with certain assets and game logic in which the end user is able to to stake, to generate, stick on their land and just rearrange it customize it. The staking rewards for the game. Builder asset packs is dependent on, unlike the volume like the amount like the popularity of the game and community response. We also have taking contracts for releasing land. So if you have a large piece of land – and you want to make extra yield on that land, youre able to divide that land and sell each division as like a basically a staking contract where the person leasing, the land is staking his tokens, um and the Owner of the land is receiving the staking awards on that, the renter is able to build a game on that land and and um.

Ultimately, um monetize it as well. If theyre, you know if they make a game, thats cool enough, so thats, presumably how the rpg token essentially is. The you know, is the fuel of the ecosystem, so presumably youre using that to stake youre using that to buy land youre, generating that from any asset. You can create or or any games that you can generate and derive from and were working now at possibly bringing in a second token, but for the time being its just going to be the the the rpg token at this stage, uh uh further down the track. Uh so next year uh, we we want to introduce like a pet ecosystem as part of the the art, the overarching kind of rpg uh narrative throughout the metaverse uh. So with the with with the the pets ecosystem, the pets economy. Essentially, you you, you know you um my minerals to to to to grow food, raise the pets, uh, train the pets dependent on like how uh how the pets are trained. What kind of food they eat, how they? How theyre battled theyre gon na develop differently right? So theres this uniqueness to each each pet, depending on how on on its uh on the path its taken in life essentially and how its how its owner has has taken responsibility and very good food, not space junk. It sounds hugely addictive and it sounds like one that we once we start playing it you know were not going to want to stop now.

Youve just tell us a little bit you you guys have obviously been working with ferro advisory services. Theyve been putting out like incredibly strong project after incredibly strong projects. How has that process been? We couldnt be any happier. I mean they have a wealth of experience in the industry. I mean theyve helped us in pretty much every aspect. You know from tokenomics go to market strategy, helping with product and industry connections as people theyre. Just wonderful, like ians amazing yvonne, is amazing. Patricks, a great guy. Everyone in the team that ive met uh has been has been a carlos as well sorry. We know carlos really well as well and ian. We know i mean weve known him, you know for a long time and theyre always really lovely people to deal with really good at what they do and its just yeah its uh theyre theyre, a great company. We are huge fans, its always nice, to work with good people, so yeah weve been blessed to to be able to work with them. Your road map at the moment, where are we currently and where do you want to sort of get to in you know the next couple of quarters, so weve completed phase one um, essentially phase one is connecting the liquidity staking with uh, with gaming via the leaderboard. So its like the game is called a pin its a high score based game. It gets harder and harder, as each level goes.

If you score in the top top three tiers of players on the leaderboard, you are awarded a staking multiplier which lasts for seven days. It doesnt connect with the metaverse, but its its kind of like a proof of concept with performance based staking the staking contracts, arent um deployed yet, but its really in test net phase two. We are quite the ways through phase two. So essentially that is the process of of minting, protected, nft assets and being able to sort sort through those in your inventory that will be released early october thats, the mvp of phase two were currently working on on the different traits as well, so so each character Will will have the traits will actually be displayed, hopefully next month, wed like to launch on the 20th of of september. So it just depends on on on this timings and schedules of the the ideal launch pads uh, but were were getting on that um. Full speed ahead at the moment, because we really want to lock in the ideo date, but it should be uh. I i would say like at the end of this month, um, hopefully you know were aiming for. The 21st were gon na. Put all the details down below um go and check it out. I mean gamification in this space is really really hot right now firmware advisory services behind the guys sounds like a really interesting project. Once youre once youve got that idea out the way, maybe we can get you back on and have more of a chat.

Then all right, thank you. Ash subscribe and like do it now, please were watching were watching you youve been watching decentralized finance for a while. Now seen some people make a fortune, others lose everything you want to get involved now, but the complexity is insane. The risk unbearable lets face it. You have no time to specialize in decentralized apps and no money to lose either well. There is an easy way to earn returns from defy a solution with no trading involved, no hassle a place where youre always in control, just deposit funds and watch your savings grow. Music were talking about an app were talking about the yield app Music, d5 banking. In your pocket Music, so since we covered this project a while ago now in featured projects, lithium finance has launched and had an incredible amount of traction. They have had loads of really exciting partnerships and loads of news. So i wanted to get david back on today and ask him whats been going on and if theres anything, we should keep an eye out in the near future. So david are you there, hey ashley? Yes, i am great to see you again thanks for hopping back on just wanted to in this project, update talk a little bit about what you guys have been up to, since we interviewed you a couple of months back lots of news, lots of partnerships, lots going On give us a quick sort of rapid fire of your greatest hits recently its been a whirlwind at lithium.

It has been just non stop here, flat out right um, you know a sprint and a marathon at the same time, if you like, so you know back on august 5th, we did our dual ido ieo on pokestarter and and q coin and weve been really. You know very pleased with how the token is doing um weve weve created, i think, a very enthusiastic community of supporters and users. Um weve weve, followed closely in the early innings of trading. Of course, uh, like any coin, its its a bit volatile but more or less weve been quite satisfied with you know how stable it is and were watching interest ramp up every week as a result of some of the cool announcements and partnerships weve been making, and So you know, while the dev team is extremely hard at work on building product um as a result of us recently hiring a head of blockchain and full time senior developer um, we are getting ready for a beta in the coming. You know, weeks and months here, as well as a main net launch um, and so the the product team is just killing themselves, basically working long hours and trying to develop something that can price more or less any asset. With the same technical approach, which is really interesting, if you think about it, because if youre trying to do evaluation of something like an nft for which there can be no fundamentals, analysis of revenue or performance, you would think thats a pretty different proposition than trying to Take a private company and say hey what is this worth right, but the lithium methodology can sort of capture uh the wisdom of crowds from various uh sources of data and integrate those into one comment on what the price is so so thats what were working on On the technical front, you know on the business development its just its been a mile a minute we recently announced uh.

Some very exciting partnerships were working on building up a network of wisdom nodes, so people that will provide answers on what various assets are really worth. Um so i mean the big news is that some of our investors have agreed to participate in this, and that would be you know, first and foremost, pantera capital uh. You know, arguably, the very best fund uh in the space alongside hashed, who also co led her around, so both um hasht and pantera have agreed to participate as wisdom nodes, its really interesting. What youre doing with these wisdom, nodes and wisdom seekers and getting like best of breed people to help you price? These kind of very you know difficult assets and that presumably we get every friday an update, and every week its like you partner with somebody, got a new wisdom. No to this you seem like youre building, really fast yeah. Well, i mean were trying to just go like flat out here right and the business development is its very exciting, because you know we hope we can get generate these kinds of follow on effects from getting people like pantera to agree to participate in the network, and I think in a perfect world um ashley, we have um kind of blockchain investors and our you know our close friends. We have some institutional investors, like you know, people from big asset management organizations, so weve already got a few individuals signed up. Okay, longer term wed like to have actual partnerships with asset management, institutions and ill tell you right now, theyre all keen to consume our data.

They want it right. I mean i, i had a call with um a big asset management company earlier in the week and theyre saying: listen guys if we could place capital more efficiently in the private markets, because you can tell us where, to put it thats a winner right, thats thats. What we want thats what we do um, unfortunately, those data sets are really hard to find right. So so uh, you know. Our goal back to the node side is to try to try to get these folks into the network so that we can, in the longer term, build a community with expertise from retail investors. You know nft collectors, traditional financial institutions and asset managers and then finally, more like blockchain kinds of investors who were already close to so we want to have a diverse set of nodes to make um. You know a really kind of rich uh community of respondents for any valuation question you might have well certainly trying to price nfts is a really interesting conundrum, because of how fast moving that is and how you know just trying to get the tangible idea of what Theyre worth seems like quite a tricky one. I think it is you know, and we were talking um. I we have a friend who um is involved with the board ape uh yacht club, i think, is, is what its called and you know. I think he sold um one of his apes right and he watched it, sell for um 60 eth more than he sold it for the next day, and he said oh man, if i had only known – and he thought he was getting a great uh, a great Sale price in the first place right and then, of course, the thing cleared for 180, 000 more the next day and theres no way to price these things right – and this is like something really fundamental like the market – is super hot right now you have a lot Of speculators, you have a lot of smart people that are collecting the stuff.

Its i mean nfts are, are, i think, theyre going to stay around im kind of a believer, but we need a way to make the market work a little more efficiently and so thats where lithium comes in and no one has successfully been able to figure out What nfts are worth yet so we hope thats a problem um we can help solve and were going to do a big push in the coming weeks on how we think we can help with pricing nfts. Well, thats great well, i know youre incredibly busy so im going to let you get on thanks for jumping on today. Hopefully again, you know a couple of three months time we can get you to jump back on its a project were keeping a very close eye on. So thank you very much david for your time, ashley its its a pleasure man and um yeah. I look forward to talking more uh. Thank you for organizing this and, and hopefully you know – hopefully, i dont seem too rushed or anything here, but its really nice to to speak with you and im glad we had the opportunity. Man, okay, fantastic, take care david. Thank you very much Music thats, all folks, lovely jam packed show for you today, interplanetary metaverse, nft stuff. Does that get you going talk to us down below? What do we think lithium? Really interesting sort of crowd, sourcing of knowledge about you know things that are very difficult to price.

Like nfts, i mean how the hell do you price the nft at the moment rocks are selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. People people are selling gifts of things. For more money than a lot of people will ever know, we should nft this crazy little fool, oh bless them. Dont forget to like and subscribe comment below all those fun things isnt it good to be green. It is its lovely and we hope it continues. Its friday now we always do this, and by the time it comes out the markets tanked or something so hopefully, the market is still green on saturday at 3 p.m. When were coming, live to you, lovely people.