What was new in the crypto world today, after a turbulent couple of months, the cryptocurrency market had a positive august by rising more than half a trillion dollars, bitcoin leading charge after rising from below of 30 thousand to over of fifty thousand dollars. In point of fact, bitcoin has seen an overnight spike, bringing the price back to above fifty thousand, but its the market moves of some of its rivals that have been the most notable. Thus far, new. All time high was set by ethereum competitor solana, which is currently closing in on dodge coin. In terms of overall value, solana touched a new high this week on the back of increased investor interest, as the excitement around the network that enables smart contracts needed for decentralized financial systems and on financial tokens, known as nfts hit record highs. Cardano finally surpassed the three dollar mark for the first time as the test net now supports smart contracts, it is the biggest gainer over the past week after solana, the native cryptocurrency of the largest proof of stake. Blockchain is up by more than fifteen hundred percent. In 2021, because of this blistering price rally, ada is the getting more and more press coverage in the mainstream media. As you can see here, twitter user is showing that french tv is talking about cardano. According to a recent announcement by iog, vakardana testnet now officially supports smart contracts. The team says that final testing and decorations are now ahead of the main net launch that is slated to take place on september 12th, so its a big chance that we will see another cardana all time high this month, alonso the upgrade which will make the cardano Blockchain, smart contract compatible has been on the lips of crypto enthusiasts, as it will become a reality this month.

Smart contracts are programs that execute automatically when certain conditions are met and they have become the new cool for blockchains. The upgrade is expected to bring nfts blockchains gaming and other apps to the blockchain. Speaking of nfts, things are about to get wilder, as hollywood comes knocking for crypto punks. If you dont know what crypto punks is its basically, these are 24 by 24 pixel images which are considered art. Also, these are mostly funky. Looking males and females with rare types mixed within some of the rare types are apes, aliens and zombies. In reality, the most of interesting fact is that every single punk is unique and thats why these are so valuable in nfd marketplace. Lifetime sales of crypto punks reaches 1.2 billion dollars. If that wasnt enough, things are about to get a lot wilder as its creator signing up with the top hollywood talent agency uta, the deal will see cryptopunks and fellow stablemates get representation on film tv, video games, publishing and licensing its widely expected that this will take Crypto punks and nfts in general, further into mainstream settings and may even chip away at the cynical public perception of non fungibles galaxy. Digital ceo, mike novgorod chimmed in recently calling crypto punks a culture, changing phenomenon, thats a big deal. His comments came in reference to rapper jay z, changing his twitter avatar to a crypto punk he purchased in april. The punk in question is 6095 described as wearing a gold chain with a wild hair and has a loose resemblance to jay z.

As far as unique features and accessories go with, this crypto punk is not the most saw, after all, with alan types topping the list of the most expensives. Nonetheless, it still costs the rap mogul a inconsiderable amount of 55 ethereum. Recently i looked at crypto punks website and the cheapest crypto punk at the moment is 94.5 ethereum. This means jay, z, just doubled his investment, at least other news in nfc space. I believe we all recognize this funny dog picture as a meme, which now is worth not a funny amount of money. The nft is a rare original piece that pays tribute to the dodge movement, which started in 2013. In june atsuko sato, the owner of a famous shibo inno, called kabosu minted the original photo as nft and sold it for a record breaking price of almost 1700 ethereum to the well known twitter, username pleaser dao, an experimental art, collective pleaser dawa announced that it will Fractionalize, the 6 million dollars dodge nft meme into billions of pieces allowing everyone to own a piece of the image thats become the face of dutch coin. An additional 25 of dog tokens will be allocated to the dog community programs and used to continue development of the organization users. Holding dog tokens will be available to vote on what they think their original nft should be worth in. The future pleaser dao plans on re auctioning, the original nft at a date and rate determined by the blizzard dial community.

If you think its something worth checking out currently its being sold on the fractional.art platform and on the centralized exchange missile, all the links can be found in description below the video. Now, if you already check that out, we can continue on september, 2nd the co founder of second largest blockchain platform, vitalik buterin, launched a small ask me anything session for the people who he follows. Among those who posed questions to the ethereum co founder were tesla. Ceo elon musk ava, ava labs, founder and ceo emman, goon siren and others musk asked to talk about his idea of love. One of the questions received by vitalik was about dodge coin. There were, he was any suggestions for a cooperation between dutch and ethereum. I hope that dodge can switch to proof of stakes soon. The ethereum co founder responded sharing his hope that dutch would switch to the proof of stake consensus protocol soon, but that ethereum would also keep its annual emittance of 5 billion coins per proof of work. Vitalik suggested that the dutch team could put these massive amounts of dodge in a type of dow that funds global public goods butarian added that he hopes dodge will perhaps switch to proof of stake via an ethereum code. Earlier news portal: u dot today reported that vitalighterin and elon musks associate neuralink chief exec executive jared berchel joined the advisory board of dotcoin in other news ripple shifts 275 million xrp over half goes to jet.

Mcalebs wallet well alert the popular crypto tracking service that shares the details of large crypto transactions on its twitter page has spotted several major transfers. It tweeted that in the past 17 hours, the ripple behemoth has moved several eye popping xrp staches, one of which was sent to jeb mccalebs wallet. He is one of the co founders of ripple and was the companys first chief technology officer, but stayed on it positioned for only about a year. Well alert has spotted two massive crypto transactions. One of them was 100 million xrp and another one was of about 175 million xrp. The first one sent the funds to one of the wallets ripple, frequently uses which is often used for transferring xrp tokens outside the company to crypto exchanges or financial institutions. Almost 175 million xrp were moved to the taco, stand wallet that belongs to jed mccaleb and was set up when ripple labs started back in 2012.. This massive amount of ripple totals approximately to 210 million dollars. Researcher leonidas hydenoids tweeted that the wallet from which the ripple giant had been sending xrp to jed is empty. Now. On august 16, mccallups wallet contained 821 million coins remaining. Since then, before receiving 175 million xrp on september, 1st, from ripple jet has sold 112 million coins. According to the data from xrp scan, according to forecasts from website built by xrp, community jet is likely to sell all of his ripple somewhere by december to january 2022, depending on the weekly and monthly scale of his xrp sales.

And i would like to finish this episode with news that social network twitter could be closer than it has led on to integrate the bitcoin lightning network for micropayments per a report by news website mac rumors. The platform is currently testing it for the operating system. Ios beta, the purpose of the integration is to enable a new payment option for users to reward content. Creators via recently launched feature tip jar. The payment option with bitcoin the report claims is yet to be enabled mobile developer. Alessandro pelosi usually shares updates on new features to be implemented on major platforms such as whatsapp instagram and twitter. Paluzi reverse engineered the app and found the image which is here upon launch users will be introduced to bitcoin and aligning network its second layer payment solutions that allows people to send receive faster payments at cheaper cost than its base layer in response, and possibly confirming palouses Funding the ceo of twitter jack dorsey, said that company will definitely seek african partners to grow accessibility to the bitcoin lighting network. Couple of months ago, darcy announced plans to build, create a bitcoin, only hardware wallet, and recently he provided more details on squares attempts to create a decentralized bitcoin exchange. In 2021, the bitcoin landing network capacity has gone parabolic if the rumors that the social media giant will implement in its platform are confirmed. This second layer solution could grow even faster and thats it for todays episode. If you like it, please drop a like, and click subscribe button.

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