You go to google and what do you do you search right? You use a web browser on your computer, its free when you search on google, its free, but you get served up ads a lot of people, its a little weird to say this, starting to sound like oh dude, the cryptocurrencies bringing gray hairs in on the side Of my head faster than anything else, could in this world, but way back when the best web browser you had to buy okay, yeah. What what but now were in this era, this age, where everythings like free to play whats one of the biggest games ever its gon na, be fortnite? How much does fortnite cost thats free? What about league legends? What about dota 2? What about the game? That kind of started that model team fortress theyre all free, but they all have add ons that you can buy for money enter todays video focus a peer to peer decentralized search engine, its supposed to be fast scalable and by nature it should be anonymous. Search engines have a ton of value, but google has just really captured that market, but a centric search engine with their own token could be something that the cryptocurrency community could rally behind. So lets go ahead and rally behind 10 seconds of tales, our resident shibanu and oshkoin the most beautiful pup in the game, something we do here. Every video on the boss coin, youtube channel. My name is voss.

Make sure to slap that subscribe button today were going to jump into a sponsored video review of epsilon search engines and the token that they are launching but theres a few red flags that i noticed when initially looking at this project and as always, you can buy Coverage but you cant buy favor on the bosscoin youtube channel. If youve ever wanted to mine bitcoin, then you should head to and learn how theyre making it possible for everyone to mine bitcoin. Now they sell bitcoin miners. They will connect you with facilities, co location, which enables you to host your bitcoin miners with some of the best bitcoin mining farms in the world, click the link below to learn how you can start mining with compass today. Nothing in this videos, financial advice – im not here, to show you anything whatever you choose to do with your money is your decision and your decision alone. The project were looking at today before we jump into. Basically, the overview of it is having a pre sale for their token and its just about to launch. They have a massive remaining limit of 30 000 bnb tokens. This is a pre sale. There are some warnings here, d5 zone developers of these tokens can block transfers. Basically, they have full control of this contract and everything that goes on with it. The token claims are set in real time. The users can manually add liquidity to the pools, but here is the big kicker is that the funds raise will automatically be sent to the audio contract creators designated wallet, theres a risk of project side scam.

This platform does not hold any funds referencing coin tool. So, just please understand that this is a just. You know: no safety nets, no disc. Like anything, you know, if you do this, it could be gone um or this could be an exciting new project. I think its a a cool premise, but theres a lot of red flags there and for me personally, i would never invest anything i could not afford to lose into this project. This is something that, if you choose to put any kind of coin in id recommend just a little bit and if it rockets off, you know you did great. If not, you didnt lose much, but im not recommending you do anything or spend your money to be specific. There lets check it out, epsilon search engines, dot org is the url here and they already have the epsilon app here on the uh, the google, the google play store, so the epson wallet upholds all theory based organization, basically theyre going to zero in on dfi. In essence, this is just a wallet for their coin, but this coin is a bsc or binance smart chain. You know project right, so its a bep 20 token. That means it lives on the binance smart chain. Weve got full video guys on what the binance smart chain is, how to set up the binance smart chain wallet or how to set it up with meta, mask and basically interact with all of this stuff um.

The way it always goes with binance smart chain tokens is they trade on the pancake swap exchange its the biggest decentralized exchange on the binance smart chain, blockchain, which is different than the binance chain, but they are both powered by b and b. So you know just some quick notes: there we got 30 minute, video guy and all that stuff. Looking at the road map, four phases test net alpha beta live. They claim that this project will be live in 2025. That is very far away. Five percent burning of the tokens every three months. You look at the tokens. Well, theres a lot of tokens, so five percents gon na be a high quantity, but five percent is just simply five percent their tagline on twitter and they claim to be verified there, which is weird because i cant even get verified on twitter. They denied me last time, mr b cole, its a weird tag to have under your engine, like that looks, like you know, actually thats a red flag, um that thats thats, probably a bought account that was verified and then they put, they changed the name um thats. A red flag for sure its you know, i put my twitter, you know ive been on there for years and i recently applied for verification and i was denied – and you know so, a lot of works gone into to this account for reference there. Looking at their token allocation, seven percent to marketing twenty three percent of the foundation, fifteen percent of the team, five percent partnership and fifty percent of pre sale.

So basically, fifty percent to the team 50 of the tokens are gon na be sold. I dont really like, when they kind of break them down differently, like that, as if thats not just 50 50 to the team. There um. So you know an initial impressions, its a really cool concept, but i dont know heres their white paper. Looking through this, its a really cool idea, right, fast and scalable, decentralized peer to peer search engine, looking at their white paper, which thats linked out on their site, which ill link out below you can check it out, um if youd like to do so. But they say the epsilon will be fully secured. Security comes from a distributed ledger, also known as a decentralized blockchain right, but its really just a token that lives on the binance smart chain, so um its not like your searches are going to be. You know you know blasted into the blockchain and its proof of work, or even just its own, like native unique proof of stake consensus mechanism there, so you know its its a its a fun pitch, but it makes you wonder we look at their team. We look at the stats, they say you know theres a lot of stuff going on, but the fact of the matter is that this is an anonymous team. Okay, this is an anonymous team and that is a yet again another. You know huge risk theres, no one to hold accountable of the exit scam.

So we pull up the twitter weve got mr b cole over here, and the engagement is low compared to the amount of followers here. It doesnt really line up um theres. Only a few tweets that that history deleted, how can you be verified with such a low quantity uh its a thats, a red flag, guys here? Basically, a bought twitter account with a verification in that deleted history. The fact that theres no safeguards in place with this token sale and thats, even you, know publicly, listed and verified there. On that token launching platform – and i mean thats the thing with cryptocurrencies – is its so fun and exciting. To take you know your money and power back into your own hands right. You dont have an account with your local bank account and they say you have this money, but they could freeze your funds if they want to, or the government right could come in there and freeze your funds if they wanted to with any bank, because they have You know huge control over those financial institutions if they want to generally its not really a concern, because you have to be, you know, doing something either bad or just simply on their radar. But you know thats another day. Another subject: well get snowden on the line for that, but the takeaway here is when it comes to cryptocurrencies. You have your own tokens. You have your own coins in your own wallets.

If you have your own private keys, youve got full control and custody of your funds, thats, exciting but scary. At the same time, you lose your phone and your private key and say you had your wallet on your phone. Well, guess what you just lost! All your funds, all your money and when you deal with all these smart contracts, these daps, these decentralized applications right. You deal with these token sales. You deal on the binance smart chain, which is you know, yeah its a distributed ledger in a sense, its a proof of stake, blockchain its an evm ethereum virtual machine. It means its basically a clone of ethereum and thats. How you have these bep 20 tokens, which is what this token is, that live on top of it, but cryptocurrency brings so many opportunities to just you know, enhance your wealth, enhance your holdings by you know you buying to the right coins at the right time, but It also works on the flip side. These coins could never take off, they could tank or they could be exit scams and, as listed on that, even just you know in plain text right in front of our face on that token, so they have no safeguards in place, and this is an anonymous team With no one to hold accountable for anything right and thats, why i am personally a fan of anonymous or not anonymous, teams, public teams and cryptocurrency because, like lets be honest, if if you were going to steal something itd be a lot easier for you to do.

If nobody knew who you were and what you looked like, can you do that the same way can people do that operate the same way just put their face out there and just publicly scam people its a lot more difficult, and then you live a life in Hiding so you know you really have to go for a big payday at that point. Obviously i dont encourage that or anything, but it was just trying to analyze and understand the psyche. The mindset that is behind that basically move right. So with all that in mind its just its too many red flags for me um, i i cant its too risky for me. Obviously its nfa, its not financial advice. You can do whatever you want to do, but for me personally, you know again, like i said earlier, you can buy its a sponsored video and i appreciate that an opportunity and its really fun and exciting to be able to make videos here on the bicycle and Youtube channel for you guys every day um, but the last thing i want anyone to do is to have a bad experience in cryptocurrency to be involved with a rug pool or exit scam. Um, you know whatever else, so you know that thats thats my thoughts on it honest opinion, honest, take uh, maybe ill be wrong, but im right more than im wrong. You know, math man, pretty easy math, this months laughing at me, shes mad cause im right.

Look at her look at her yep, so um all right well were on the way to a kitchen store. So i couldnt be more excited. Um. Look here, shes, happy! So uh! I appreciate you guys thanks so much for tuning in every day, if you havent, already slap that subscribe button and leave a comment, let me know uh your thoughts on this video and anything else and if you think there should be more miss boss, cameos. As always, i appreciate you ill see you in the next one say: bye, bye, please be advised. There are scammers impersonating us on multiple platforms. I dont want your money. I just want you to smash that subscribe button. Everything in this video is for entertainment purposes.