Live stream were just going to talk about the overall market and kind of where everything is and uh. So ive got an aggregator app up and were going to talk about xrp speaking of xrp. I just actually bought some, so i let all my insiders know this and um yeah finally decided to get some xrp its been a long time coming and uh whats up zay how you doing man but uh xrp lawsuit were going to get into this. First and foremost, we want to get into it quick, so people could watch this on the playback as well morning, boca how you doing uh so lets jump into this first article here and im going to do a lot more of these quick live streams. I dont have my camera today because im on the road here, traveling how you doing mark whats going on everybody, so lets jump right into it: xrp sec files, opposition against ripples motion to compel pre clearance, xrp trading data, so the latest development, the xrp lawsuit, saw The sec file in opposition against ripples letter motion to compel sec employees, pre clearance, xrp trading data. This motion to compel data discovery would prove that sec employees were permitted to trade in crypto, including xrp and other digital assets. However, in its opposition letter, the sec argued this that the sec has filed its opposition to the ripples defendants motion to compel the sec to produce documents showing whether scc employees were permitted to trade, xrp and other digital assets.

Six pages in two consecutive tweets and uh wow, a lot of things happening here with xrp im, feeling better and better about xrp, im, feeling better and better about their chances of winning. This case, i think its getting close to the end, i think, were going to hear something sometime in october is my guess: okay thats, my guess well, have to see how it plays out now in terms of the price right now of xrp lets go over and Take a look at it: xrp trading at 127 right now: okay, its up slightly the technical showing its a buy; actually so thats a good thing because uh well, i just bought some. The insiders know that, and they know how much ive got, and i do plan on adding more if and when xrp dips, but you can see here it is a buy across the board right now well, except in the one hour huh. I guess in the last hour, or so its going toward a cell, but overall in the one day ready to buy, i know its not the best possible price i could have got in at, but im still happy with it. I think im still early to xrp and if all things play out well, i think anybody holding xrp is gon na like what they have uh down the line so im planning on holding this one for a long time. Regardless of what happens here because of the big potential that it has okay, uh yeah buying xrp on uphold is the go, is the go to if youre in the us, in my opinion, from listening to a lot of people in our private community? A lot of people in uh in and around the us say uphold is the best option, so patreon link is down below in the description, wed love for you to come and join us.

I didnt pull that up here on the actual charts here. Gon na. Do a lot more quick, live streams like this lets, go ahead and just take a look at the overall coin market cap here and uh todays cryptocurrency market cap 2.27 trillion right now, bitcoin uh nicely situated above 50k ethereum crossed over 4 000. Yesterday, of course, slightly over 4 300 is the all time high for eth cant wait until we get there. I think its just a you know right around the corner until ethereum sets new. All time highs. Oh yeah, i added to the group portfolio today. So if youre an insider, i did add two more assets added a little bit more money this month than i normally do, uh, because i just love where the crypto market is heading. So i head over to that link. Of course, you can find that i posted that uh to the patreon page for all the insiders out there and good morning, everybody out there. So i am not ignoring you in the chat, but i want to get these out quickly and i want them to be able to have playback potential. So i want these to be videos that can live on so im not going to interact as much with the chat on these quick live streams. But i see everybody in there and good morning to everybody. Hopefully, everybody is doing fantastic, so lets go back to the crypto news here and take a look at what else weve got going on chain link.

This may or may not be one that ive added to the portfolio uh. What do you think link traders can long here to bag 24 gains, so this is all it is. I guess this is uh theres an article out there somewhere, but lets talk about chain link for a minute. I dont think chain link has moved up as much as it should have uh in recent months. Okay, so youre looking around the crypto space, you can see that you know polka dot is moving. Uni swap is moving all of these assets around chain link right in that 10 to 20 range theyre moving a lot more than link, and i think, link still has a lot of room to go and a lot of room to grow, and i think it should Be trading at forty to forty five dollars right now, link is trading around thirty dollars uh before that it was around twenty five lets see where link is right, now: link thirty dollars, seventy five cents. I think this should be trading much higher. All time highs are about 53 53 dollars in the in the 50 two week range. That is the all time high. I think link could still uh blast past that 53 dollars and get up closer to 70, 75 and potentially even a hundred dollars in this bull run. So i still think it has 3 x potential yet still in this bull run. So i really like chain link and i just think its a safe bet.

I think its a really really safe play. Okay, also, if youre in here and you havent, hit that like button, do that for me real quick. That really helps us out with these live streams. Helps us out uh tremendously to push this out, get it out to more people so yeah there you go chain, link, love, it uh. I think its uh, just a household name in the crypto space, its not going anywhere anytime soon. Cointelegraph put this one out treading september uh dreading september, rather bitcoin price hopes to break the slump trend, all right so uh. What do we got here been struggling to break the 50k mark? However, we are there now, however, on september 2nd, the premium cryptocurrency briefly surpassed the milestone. In fact, it got up over 51 000 uh, so that is really interesting. Btc has posted red in september. In four of the last five years so thats something to watch making it the bleakest period for the coin, however, the 50k mark is considered to be one of the significant resistance levels for this asset. So is this september going to be different for bitcoin? Is this september going to be different for the entire crypto space? I think it could be. I think this is just different times were living in different times as it relates to crypto and uh. This is you know something to watch here. Definitely in the short term uh this month, but i think were still in the heat of this bull run and i think 2021.

This is just a different ball game right. I think this is just completely different as it relates to uh the crypto space this year. Compared to many years prior, if you go back to 2017, its a completely completely different uh crypto crypto space, there are so many more investors now in the space, retail and institutional money. All right so lets go and read about a few more here and lets see here were going to go to the technical analysis on file coin. Buyers are preparing for the 131 dollar test here for file coin, and we could see here. Buyers have updated the local high and are moving for the next critical range of 86 to 96. This is file coin. This is one we dont talk about a lot, but it does uh. You know have a lot of room to go still and i think file coin is still a household name uh in the crypto space and uh. This is definitely just one to watch theres. A brief story on that lets. Take a look at some of the overall action here. Matic is moving nicely today. Lets go look at the charts here, so polygon doing some great work this morning up about 12 percent love to see that uh. This is shiv right now. Consolidating lets go over to matic here. Where is it there? It is right there matic look at that. Some big gains here, look at that big kind of volume coming in this looks like institutional money, uh bouncing into polygon this morning, all time high here two dollars and seventy cents, i think, were heading to three fifty three dollars and fifty cent were higher.

Of course, not financial advice, just for entertainment, informational purposes only here always but uh matic is going to follow. Ethereum ethereum is crushing it, and polygon is now playing catch up this morning. Thats. What i think is going on right here and matic will be relevant when ethereum 2.0 rolls out, it will be relevant. A lot of people are saying: oh whats, going to happen to matic whats, going to happen to matic when ethereum 2.0 comes out. Ethereum 2.0 is layer, one its still a layer. One matic is layer, two one of the best layer, two solutions in all of crypto: it is a household name, its not going anywhere anytime soon. I love it. How about crow coin? One of our favorites here on the channel we most of us got in here at 11 cents, its up today, 2.27 percent up to 17 cents right now, loving that icp is up 7. I know that has a pretty strong community, i myself not a fan, but how about axi infinity wow? Look at that look at those bar charts right there. These are our sticks, axi infinity, setting new all time highs, exploding off the runway this morning, pushing up over 90 dollars in the day range its been up as high as 93 dollars: 19 cents. That is a new all time high for axi infinity and wow thats. A great great stuff there rari a wearable how about this action? Look at this up, 26 percent wearable exploding.

The entire nft space is on fire: okay, audio audios, the big partnership with tick tock up to 284 theyve been as high as 293. uh. It dipped below 250. Pretty recently, i opened up a position in audio, pretty excited that i did up on that position already its 284. So audio is up a little bit today, thats looking nice uh. Where else can we look? T fuel t fuels up a bit? Its up four percent, its up to 38 cents liking that, and what do we got here? This is cya coin cya coin, moving up nicely up to two cents, its up five and a half percent, so cya coin, making some nice gains today and what else do we got here? Lets see lets see crow coin. We covered it vet how about v chain? V chain continues: its steady incline, look at v chains growth over the past a few days here going back on august 31st, we were at 11 cents. V chain has exploded off the runway; its up to 15 cents got up as high as 15.2. Its looking nice here this weekend, matic still up at 161 dogecoin slightly up pushing closer to 30 cents. It has been up at 30 cents here in the day range. How about shiba inu well, take a look uh. It is consolidating right now at the 07 level. I think the weeble effect will take a little time for it to kick in, but i do think well see some nice uh positive movement here for shib after weeble kind of gets rolling and more and more people are adding to their positions there.

So that should be something to watch.