The question really has to be asked: is: did we miss the boat on solana and should we actually be investing in solana after a 343 increased in less than 30 days, so well take a look at whats going on as far as like where we are now. The solana ecosystem and were going to compare solana to ethereum in 2017 and the parabolic run. It went through also well take a look at solanas, ceo interview and some main points and dissect that and lastly, well take a look at price action or price prediction. So before we jump into all of that and whats going on specifically in the market, i wanted to bring to light a quick article about social security and medicare thats in the united states, not in the united states uh. We have social security, which you know gives us a little bit of money in our retirement and medicare is like our is our um, our health care system for everybody, 65 and older. No, we dont have universal health care just the way it is so. What i want to say is congratulations to everybody who has invested in the crypto, because theres going to be a lot more things like this coming on the pipe – and i just would say to you uh just be cautious about whats, going on so real, quick uh Social security now projected run out of money. Sooner than expected, the social security trust fund, most americans rely on for their retirement will run out of money in 12 years.

One year sooner than expected, the financial outlook for social security and medicare is also bleak, as were looking to round up medicare as far as the hospital reimbursement in six years or less. So that is what is going on. So just remember something: uh cryptocurrency was created out of the the financial devastation of the 2008 uh housing market crisis. Bitcoin specifically, so we take a look at what is going on in the world around us and our governments. You cant trust anybody. The only one you can trust is you, so do your own research and do your due diligence and make sure that youre in the right place at the right time, which i think you are all right, so that is that little snippet a little uh drop of Uh scare scariness, but uh heres, some good news. First of all, uh the market cap today is fantastic. 2.27 trillion touches, 2.3 trillion goes up and down, and so on so forth. Bitcoin price just went over 50 000 and just went down to 49.9 and the average uh daily sentiment still 43, but you know halfway there, but the bitcoin daily sentiment is 70 out of 100 and this is we are again using trade the chain for some reason. I keep getting questions about this about what im using its trade the chain theres a link in the description, looks just like this and you can go there for sentiment. Analysis on every crypto, current digital assets that pretty much is out there at least the top.

Like four or 500, or something crazy like that, so check out trade the chain – and that is what is going on – lets just jump into todays topics which is solana, solana and mauriciona. So not so much as far as news. We know whats going on look cardanos about to hit their um their smart contracts uh. We see a lot of things with ethereum moving forward. Yes, gas fees are high, ethereum 2.0, hopefully right around the corner and a lot of different things that are going on and uh el salvador. I believe, on the 7th is going to make bitcoin its legal tender. So a lot of great things going on. But what i want to focus on today was solana cause everything has just been going up and the question i keep getting asked is: did i miss the boat and uh to answer that question? We have to do just uh, you know our due diligence. So, first of all where the heck are, we well solana today just passed dogecoin, which is crazy to me that i just passed. Dogecoin and i said here, solana, overtakes dogecoin. Even though doge is bursting with utility, a stellar team of developers and fantastic tokenomics, and of course that is sarcasm, so uh there is a huge disconnect in the market as far as like what is actual utility everything else, i know dogecoin, all your holders are gon Na you know just rail on me, but i got ta, i mean when we go through this this solana.

You cannot tell me that dogecoin has more utility than solana so well. Well, just well just go there im happy for you. I mean if you invest in dogecoin great good job. I invest in dogecoin a long time ago made a good amount of money, but thats not what were here for so that is where we are right now and salon is looking at on 143, which is pretty good considering like last year, it was like 50 cents Or something crazy like that, and then me and mike the investor. We also did a deep dive into this. We talked about cordano and solana, and i will link that in the description below a lot of great information there, especially for mike. He knows a lot about solana and a lot whats going on, so i highly recommend that video, if you want to go even deeper but take a look at where are we now? This is where were at and everybodys really enthralled with what is going on. As far as like solana and transactions per second youre going to hear that a lot tps transactions per second, how many times can solana actually transact in on the blockchain in a second? And how fast is it as compared to something else right so like right now, if you go to itll tell you live transactions per. Second is 1662. thats, pretty good, because bitcoin is like in the teens. I cant even tell you what it is 7 to 14, something like that.

Ethereum is like around 45 cardano is not that high whatsoever and then, of course, in solana, hey its uh, pretty high, which people will ask. Well how close is that to like a visa? Why did you ask that question so with with visa? They do about 1700 transactions per second, so right away, i can tell you: salon is doing pretty much. What visa is now theres a question about finality and how that all works, and and and as it actually goes through, is there like a final settlement, its not what were talking about today, just transactions? Second, pretty good! You got a lot of validator nodes. Almost a thousand so yeah, okay, well say its a pretty good decentralized and the next question that were going to take a look at is you know how things are going is the ecosystem. So how does solana stack up? Well, if you go back here, let me just flip this through here and let me blow this up, so you can see what i see so with the ecosystem itself. If you go to again forward slash ecosystem, i will link that in the description, uh ftx, pretty big exchange uh sam beekman freed – i believe his name is. I know i butchers name so and of course, every time in the comments how i butchered it but uh of course, uh for solana, ftx and alameda research chose solana for speed and were gon na talk about this real quick.

When the ceo of solana talks about how he met up with the ceo of ftx and what they did so theres one part to that, and then it gets a little crazier uh usdc, the stablecoin from circle chose solana for fast global settlement, 500 million or 50 Million average issue daily 837 million issued on solana not too bad and then also uh mediplex chose solana to elevate craters and metaplex is for nfts and those seem to be doing pretty good lately if youve been following the nft revolution whats going on. But what i want you to notice is here: 34 cents, average mint cost to mint in nft on metaplex, which is run on top of solana, is 34 cents. Average auction cost is three dollars. So if you want to talk about getting out to the masses, that is huge and on top of that, youve also got soul c dot io, which is an nft marketplace which just goes live today and also youve got another one called, which is also doing Nfts right now so its not like its vaporware and then to move forward audience. Uh, thats, thats, uh, a great one that just got picked up by ticktock chose solana to scale. So that says something about that and then of course, back around we go and thats just the top ones. But now, if you look at the projects that are being built on it, heres 332, more so im not going to go through all these, but youre welcome to do that.

I will link this in the description you can check it out, but it seems, like solana, has no shortage of people or projects being built upon it, looking pretty good. So that is that piece then also there was one more thing about how solana, 50 000 electric vehicles charging stations in europe to offer crypto payments, uh theres two payments have partnered up to roll out crypto across fifty thousand its uh hips hips payment group, limited and Vorati, the integration of crypto payments with charging stations will occur over the next three years, starting november 2021 and thats right around the corner. So, like ive always said, i think q4 is going to be fireworks for cryptocurrency, and this is their actual uh payment terminal looks pretty cool right, you got id say visa right here, you got crypto apple pay, start charging, membership, swish and so on and so forth, And thats going to be for all electrical vehicle payments, and the protocol was built on ethereum and solana in may 2021 and plans to expand support to cardano in the future and thats before we go on. I need to make mention of one thing, and that is that we are talking about solana and dont, be confused that just because im talking about solana in depth today that thats all im investing in uh, i believe that people well, i believe, for myself. I cant tell you what to do im, not a financial advisor.

This is just a financial opinion, not financial advice, but i really do believe that its not a zero sum game, its not a one token to rule them all. Highlander nonsense. I think theres a lot of different space for this, and even if we go up to, i dont know 150 trillion dollar market cap uh, even if ethereum is 50 of that weve got somebody else like a solano like a cardona or whatever else, or vice versa. It doesnt really matter, i think, uh we are so early right now it really doesnt matter. I think we should stop. The tribalism gets a little bit ridiculous and uh thats, just my two cents, so that is that little piece right there and then the next part. Here, if we talk about solana whats going on there was this uh. I belong to the uh patreon group over at uh invest dancers with james and he put this out uh. This was a real raul powell uh over there at real vision. He said, solana is the east of this cycle. He also said that ethereum is the greatest trade of all time as far as like risk to reward ratio, and i thought it was interesting. So im like huh salon is the ease of this cycle. Well, it could be because back in gosh, let me blow this up uh back in the good old days, 2015 or sorry, 2017. You saw the price of ethereum at ten bucks, nine bucks, nine sixty five and it went all the way in about a year uh to eleven hundred dollars, thats a pretty good deal and then for uh solana.

If you take a look at that, if we just go back just one year, it was about two bucks right now we go all the way up to here to just a measly 128 or 143 whatever it is right now, so i think its got a ways To go and weve seen a lot of things like that, but solana could be the 2017 eth because everybody compares it to it as far as an eath killer. I dont think anythings like a real big eth killer right now. I think ethereum will go to 10k, regardless because everybody says its going to go and everybody believes in it, but well see what happens when eath 2.0 comes out. I think uh therell be a a big dip after that, but uh who knows so um. I think solana could be that 2017 ride, so on top of that, i want to share with you just the basics, for it was a a interview on bloomberg, called odd lots and uh. They just had on the ceo of solana, antoli anatoly yokovenko im, pretty sure i nailed that one and they just had to ask him a couple questions. He answered, and i think its important to understand where hes coming from as far as like who he is, who his team is, what they do in the utility. So i cant blow this up because it just looks a little bit. Goofy someones, going to read it to you right down here.

Introduction banks arent losing money. D5, d5 user user interface is tough for noobs. Ethereum is tough for serious trading because of wait times and gas views and thats. True, if youre an ethereum maximalist, you got to be true and tell me that the ethereum gas fees are out of control all right. So it says here this was the anatoly people. Cant accept that blockchain is an inefficient database. The trade off is called the trilemma uh decentralization performance and security thats. The problem you cant do everything in blockchain, because either youre going to have a decentralized factor or you can centralize it and you can scale it make it super secure, but its not decentralized or you can make it super decentralized, but its not really that secure and Uh you cant really scale too well and thats. Why ethereums going for proof of work to prove stake, so theyre, saying eth and pow systems werent designed to maximize bandwidth and uh? This is what was interesting to me. Anatolys background. The ceo most of the career was at qualcomm from 2003 flip phones. I remember those 2015 optimizing, augmented reality on a super computer. He says uh, you can use multiple. You can use time division, multiple access, how 2g cellular networks work? If you allow everyone to transmit on the cellular network at the same time, you get noise. This is similar to proof of work networks. So this is how we figured out this thing called proof of history, instead of proof of work or proof of stake.

This is a clock outside of consensus. It rotates the buttons of when any block producer and transmits a block due to it about every 1.6 seconds, makes consensus much more efficient and removes many bottlenecks and then to go on. No, not there. The goals of solana lets see, and this was interesting, and this really gets down to just how early we really are so listen to this anatoly says the seed level uh slide deck literally said blockchain at nasdaq speed, and that was what he would give to his Investors just to talk about solana, he said initially theyd be going after monopolies like nasdaq and cme and at first it was a dream, felt like a silly tag lying on a slide deck. But now it feels real. I think theres a chance that financial execution trading can actually run on solana in the next five to ten years, for the majority of things that are traded in the world and thats really what it comes down to. So you see where his background. Is you see what hes been doing and he can even tell you that the ceo of solana goes look? This is a great project and i think we can do really well but were like five to ten years away from what it is. So when you think like, ah you know, i missed the opportunity and this isnt the right time, youre so early. You have no idea and thats just really what it comes down to so uh.

Moving on to the next piece here, i already did that one lets talk about price action and thats the big thing, and before i talk about this ill, just tell you what im doing personally. So there are a couple of things that i still dollar cost average. Every single day – and one of those is solana – and i havent stopped that yet i dont think were near where we should be uh. I did a price prediction – video uh not too long ago on june, and i gave a prediction that uh. I thought it would go to 200 bucks. This is when solana was at 23 and i said theres no way that it cant go at least back to its all time high and not hit 200 bucks. And now i mean now were at almost 150 and i think i low balled it. But i mean look no ones gon na be mad at me for for low balling something. So i think we are exactly where we should be so i still dollar cost average uh solana. I still dollar cost average uh cardano every couple of days on every single day and also uh avalanche and a couple other ones. I do not dollar cost average bitcoin anymore. I think its. For me, its done ive got ive got my positions. Ive ethereum, i dont dollar cost average anymore because i think for me right now its done and uh thats for me now.

If people want to be more safe in dollar cost average thats fine. I just think that for me, ive already got my safe positions. Now i do a little bit more riskier stuff and off i go so if we talk about this price of 200, maybe i really am lowballing. It lets take a look here so theres the market cap calculator, so the coins its about 143., its circulating supply, is lets. Take a look, make sure im correct. Circulating supply is 291 billion, no million 258 thousand 212.. So we go back over here. 209, blah blah blah and its mark cap is 41, just 41 billion, so market cap around 40 yeah, exactly so 41 billion, so not too shabby uh in itself, so were looking at solana, 41 billion. Why couldnt were only at two trillion dollars: 2.3 trillion right now? Why couldnt solana, i mean, were at 143 to hit 300? We just need 82 billion, which would put it right around finance coin. Why couldnt? We do that isnt there enough out there, where people are speculating to go. This could really do it and then thats the 300, so 200. I dont see, i think, were going to blow where i pass. I think im a little bit off, but thats where i see it could go and uh. This to me is a hundred to 150 trillion dollar market cap asset class and uh thats. Where i see it – and the reason is, is because of this graphic, which i talk about all the time – take a look at this see this little square right here says: silver silver right here that little square thats, a hundred billion dollars its a hundred billion thats Silver right there crypto is about this.

This was uh. This was made in may 27, 2020. heres the military spending. I know that went up heres the budget deficit that went way up coins, feds balance sheet billionaires gold, uh golds at a 12 trillion dollar market cap fortune 500 stock markets youre looking at almost 100 trillion dollars. It says 89.5 right here, but yeah 100 trillion dollars for them for the stock market. Could we tokenize some of that? How about the money supply? How about the global debt? How about the real estate? Can we tokenize real estate? How about the wealth thats out there and thats for everybody throughout the entire globe and what about derivatives and were talking about uh? I mean everything you could probably possibly think of and heres how far it goes were talking about one quadrillion, one quadrillion dollars. So if you think that 2 trillion 2.4 or 5 trillion is the limit, look where were at right here for the entire worlds, money in markets, and that is it so look uh. I still think salons got a long ways to go well see how far it has to go, but again only time will tell, but for everything i just talked about. You have to be aware that what goes up will come down and that there is only so much that it can actually be pumped into and its not a straight up. Hockey stick theres gon na be volatility and peaks and valleys, so just be cautious and thats.

It for today so look yeah. If you liked the video found a little uh value in it, uh give it a like give it a thumbs up, also consider subscribing. We talk about our time, sensitive and thats it for today. So thanks so much.