Some of the reasons why bitcoin and cryptocurrency recently started to pick up on this friday were also going to be talking about some very important key dates that you need to know as an investor. So you can find yourself maximizing the volatility in this market to make money as a trader and at the end of the video, were also going to be going over some strategies in order to maximize the profit and also talk about some few reasons why we are Just getting started – and this is super super exciting – to see if you are new to the channel, though welcome, consider subscribing. If you guys enjoy this digestible crypto content and if you guys have been following along for the past few months and you have been enjoying those gains, do me a favor and drop a like down below on this video. So we can help out other people getting into the world of crypto as well. The global crypto market cap, for today this is huge – were at 2.30 trillion dollars or an increase of 2.70 percent over the last day. Bitcoins dominance is currently sliding a bit down were now nearing 41, a decrease of 0.27 over the last day, and this is just because of all the volume that were seeing with other cryptocurrencies. And if we just take the top two big boys in the market. As an example, youll notice that bitcoin in comparison to ethereum, although its making extra progress ethereum, is still up 22 in the last seven days, while bitcoin is up five percent, so on top of that, cardano recently broke three dollars as well.

This happened yesterday and although we were anticipating for this to happen, we didnt think it would happen. This quick, at least i didnt, so its really great that were seeing a lot of these all coins pick up and on the fact that were seeing bitcoin and ethereum lighting up again. We should begin to see more movement into major all coins very very soon going into the last 24 hours. Solana is ripping once again in the last week. They are up 70 and in the last 24 hours they are up nearly 20 in the market. Alongside near protocol up 17 percent revain up 121 in the last seven days and up 17 today, audience is having another kickback. Another return as well of 14 with avalanche, also topping it up at 10.99. So most recent news with cryptocurrency defy giant uniswap is actually under an sec investigation. Now this is good news and bad news. First of all, this is good news, because this hasnt really affected the momentum of the rally at all. Normally, in a more sensitive market anytime, we did get sec investigations. It would normally deter people from wanting to invest into crypto more, but i believe, even with us, seeing these type of headlines and the fact that literally the price of bitcoin and ethereum has rallied even harder. Today is a surefire sign that all the momentum in the price action that were seeing in this rally right now is legit.

Now, on the other end of that we have seen before in the past when the sec gets involved with cryptocurrencies, like as an example xrp. The price of that crypto ends up getting stunted so uniswap right now, isnt getting that complete effect right now either, but this could just be the beginning of how much the sec wants to limit and regulate other d5 protocols and other cryptocurrencies in the space. Now, because this is the beginning of an active investigation, were not gon na get too much details on the case right now, but i do know that uniswap has been preparing for moments like this beforehand and right now, because of the overall state of the crypto market. Where were seeing an overall amount of greed, i believe right now, even with news like this, its not going to stop the rally that weve had over the past few weeks. So one interesting report that i want to talk about in this video was the august jobs report that came out today. Now this article explains it the best so im going to read it here, and i want you guys to pay close attention. The us jobs rose by 235 000 in august, far below the consensus estimate for a gain of 725 000 jobs. The labor department reported today the bitcoin price rose 1.3 after the 8 30 a.m. Et report pushing the largest cryptocurrency to a three and a half month. High of about fifty thousand seven hundred dollars, although one months data isnt by itself predictive of the course of the economy, the report may reinforce the idea that macroeconomic uncertainty caused by the delta variant of covid will cause the u.

s federal reserve to delay winding down its Stimulus program of purchasing 120 billion dollars a month in bonds. Now this is related to all the talks with quantitative easing tapering that you may have heard about in the news. Oh well, it looks like they state it here. Many cryptocurrency investors speculate that the central bank stimulus program, which is also known as quantitative, easing or qe, could weaken the dollar pushing up the value of bitcoin, which has a capped supply. Bitcoin is also seen on wall street as a speculative asset, and the bet is that more investors will be forced to seek such investments as qe suppresses returns in traditional bond markets. Major job losses occurred in the retail and restaurant industries losing twenty nine thousand and forty two thousand jobs respectively. If you guys know anyone who owns a restaurant or if you have friends and family just in the industry, you may know that a lot of these places are looking to hire people, because they just simply cannot get enough workers, even during this time, at the bottom Of this article they also state, we believe the crypto market could be vulnerable on a short term basis to any risk off reactions to the u.s job reports. Attaching price movements of any asset to mainstream economic indicators has been much more difficult during the pandemic. However, i think these correlations are just starting to kick in, but they are not strong, yet i think they will get stronger and stronger as institutions enter the market.

So in one of our last videos we actually talked more about how much institutional demand is going into the crypto market right now, so i think its safe to say that there is significance between the u.s job reports and what people do with their money, thus pushing Up the price of different assets like cryptocurrency, so in order to better prepare for the future, i think its so important to know the key dates on when these type of reports come out. So if you guys want to save this or screenshot, this itll definitely give you a better idea on some of those important dates coming up friday september 3rd, which is today, we got the employment situation report coming out. We also have real earnings coming out september 14th and then august 27th. The strike report – you also have october 8th november 5th december 3rd as some other additional important dates to note now, in addition to that, i believe the fomc or the federal open market committee dates are going to be really important to know alongside cryptocurrency so notice. On march 17th to 18th, just a few days after the reports came out, we see the price of bitcoin plummeting back down on april 27th to 28th. We then experienced a bit more volatility with crypto, where, before it was descending, we had a little jump back up in price now june 15th and june 16th. We actually saw the price of crypto going down after the report came out now july 27th to 28th.

This is when crypto was peaking up before a few days, after that it decided to reset in price like weve, seen before back in may or april, and then we had another explosion back up now, although these specific dates, cant necessarily tell us what crypto is going To do exactly, we can expect to see a lot of volatility even following just a few days after so. This is why additional dates coming up like september 21st is september 22nd for the next fomc meeting with jerome powell is going to be important not just for the stock market, but were also seeing the latter of the crypto market being affected as well. Now, on top of that, futures have been a significant part in helping the price of bitcoin or watching it fall. So we get more data on this towards the end of the month when these dates actually come close, but youll notice that the settlement dates for the next few months for the contracts with futures and options. Expiring are going to be september 27th and then its pretty much the end or the beginning of the next few months for november 1st november 29th january 3rd january 31st. And these are going to be those dates that you do need to keep an eye out for which is going to be a time where you can either consider entering those positions. If a lot of options are expiring in the money or you can consider liquidating taking those profits out expecting another volatility turn for the bearish side.

Now, if we zoom back in and take a closer look at the calendar, especially within the last few weeks, youll notice that on particular days, like friday, weve been setting an average of over 5 gained on the day so todays another friday, its hard to say. If there is a direct correlation with independent variables going on in the world, but based on history and repetition within at least the past four to five weeks, it has been clear. Fridays have been a great day for the market and thats. When we see the prices go up and then usually by sunday, is where we make it or break it. Where, last week we saw the price of crypto going back down, but even in weeks prior to that, we saw the major liftoff, which has helped us get from the 30 000 range all the way to where were at now, just under 51k. Now, right now, i believe we are still very early with crypto and if you are a new investor that still has money sitting on the sideline and youve been deciding hey, i dont know if i want to get in still just because of how the last market Felt before we saw the collapse in may, if we take a look at google trends and just see how much activity is going into this, we are nowhere near the previous peak or the top of the market when bitcoin was at its previous all time, high back In may the interest during that time was at 100, but even right now the price of bitcoin slowly breaking 51k, with new target levels of 57 to 58 000.

Now i mean even the mainstream media folks, just havent picked this up fully yet so bitcoins at a 32 right now with the interest institutional and retail demand is starting to pick back up, but right now, im super bullish on crypto. Just because i know were nowhere near the top right now and we have all this money that was prepping up that was getting saved that was ready to get put into some of these assets. So as soon as you hear some of your other co workers who know nothing about investing starting to talk about crypto thats, when you can imagine were getting to the peak but right now, i just know that people are still rediscovering it or finding their confidence, and I think its going to take a few more weeks for us to even get to those levels where we could say hey, maybe now were approaching some of those new all time highs, but i believe, even at that point, if this bull market continues to ride up, We still have a strong chance of going all the way till the end of the year and just imagine how much progress we can make till then a 75 000 to 100 000 bitcoin is still not out of the picture. So, in order to maximize your profits with cryptocurrency during this time, what i would recommend to do is to have an exit strategy in place beforehand now, for me, im more of a hodler im, more of an investor who likes to enter positions.

When i see numbers hitting a certain threshold of my buy limit, so ive done that multiple amount of times – and that has reaped me the most amount of significant rewards over the past few months, even comparison to if i were to actively trade now. Yes, i would have made more profit in this market if i was magically able to time the top before we had the reset and then being able to re enter the market at its bottom. So its not even just exiting your position, its being able to re enter when you do experience that cooldown, which is really really hard to get. I know many new investors who get into the space are often thinking that you just have to time the exit best once. But you have to think about what youre going to do with that money. Once youre able to secure, say 10 000 in profit and crypto, are you just going to spend it all on items, or are you going to try to reinvest that so you can continue making money in the market that we are in today, so thats gon na Have to result in you entering the market more than once so selling it and then knowing when to re, enter those positions to climb back up to continue recycling that money. So you can stay profitable as an investor over time now, instead of going through all that headache, what i do is to just dollar cost average slowly and whenever i see larger dips in the market or those red days thats.

When i say okay, let me click some more orders in. Let me put a little bit more money than i usually do, but if you know that crypto is going in a great place, long term that were gon na be in a higher place, one two five ten years from now, just averaging in slowly and going up With the growth is going to reduce the amount of risk where you can lose money in the market and find yourself maximizing that reward youre asking the question: is it too late right now? Should i be investing, i would say: no, it is not too late through my non financial advice and right now, bitcoin is still nowhere near 65 000. We still got a long ways to go and once we hit that who knows how much were gon na go up this year. So i am just really excited, and i know right now, even from the statistics that youtube is giving me were not seeing the same amount of attention that we had from the mass public back during the peak in may. So before we even get there make sure that you are able to load up on those positions with cryptocurrency and make sure youre putting in money that you can afford to lose so in case bitcoin does go down. Youre not going to be stressing youre not going to be losing sleep about it overnight, start slow with your investment and then over time as it continues to grow, and you find more confidence as an investor thats.

When you can start piling back in, you, dont have to shoot for the stars and go for a 10 000 x percent return by the end of this year. If youre still able to double or triple your money, a lot of people are going to be pretty happy with that all right, so that was todays video as an update guys keep an eye out for some of those key dates. I know it takes a little bit more time, a little bit more research, but all you have to do is maybe put in your google calendar or, if you have like a physical planner, just mark it in there like. These are more significant dates that are coming up because any time weve experienced jobs reports or talking about how were going to start getting some tapering soon thats. When we see some type of volatility, whether its in the green or in the red. A few days after or even same day, we always experience volatility in the market, which is going to have either more opportunities for you or its going to save you money, because you can take those profits off now guys. I really appreciate you watching this video. All the way till the end now, because this is the beginning of a brand new month – and you guys have been asking me all the time brian, when are you gon na open some more additional spots for inner circle? I will open those now.

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