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Crypto is trending, but polymath actually was trending number one yesterday, even during the day when there was stocks still being traded. So i found it to be interesting that polymath was trading number one yesterday and its still trending today, as that really doesnt happen, that often with crypto uh but yeah. You can also see here that and among the most active theyre, the most active, crypto um and then theyre the seventh most active um stocks and crypto of the past 24 hours. And then you can also see here that theyre the most added to watch list on stock twits. So a lot of people are starting to gear up for polymath. Now we are not sponsored by software. Just want to make that clear. We are sponsored, however, by public first link in the description uh but yeah. We can also come over here to uh the lunar crush and we can see here that the number five alt rank is polymath, so the only um cryptos above them are going to be access, infinity, polygon, matic, um, uh, phantom and hive. So they are the number five um alt rink on lunar, crush lunar crush is another site where it kind of tracks the social activity, as you can see here, if we take a look at lunar, crush poly math and they decide to actually load. You can see here that the social volume – this is a kind of graph that shows the social volume compared to price.

So, as you can see here, the price was sitting at about 40 cents until yesterday, when they had a huge bump in volume and price uh and it um the social volume around. It just went actually sky high thats when they peaked at about a dollar 30 and then uh the social volume has come down, but the price is still up there, so um yeah overall, when all of these are green right here. That is what i like to see, and that shows me a cryptocurrency that is about to explode so thats, just something to look at if you guys want to check the social and vesting activity around it. Now we can check uh if you guys want some extra resources for polymath. I found that the polymath network twitter um, which is verified by the way, so you guys dont, have to worry about that. Has some really cool resources. I mean the twitter in general provides a lot of good um. You know information on like what they are, what is coming up, but they also have a reddit and a telegram in their bio. So if you guys want to go, join their reddit go join their telegram thats, where youre going to find out all the new stuff thats coming up with polymath. So, overall, you know just if you guys want some more stuff to look at for polymath, go ahead and join their reddit their telegram and follow their twitter.

Okay, but anyways lets get into what polymath is all about and kind of what you know yeah what theyre all about so lets get into this. Basically polymath is a security tokens um. You know blockchain thing lets get into this. Uh polymath provides to tech technology uh to create issue and manage digital securities on the blockchain. So if i come down here, real quick, you can actually see that theyre trying to drive efficiency into capital markets, so theyre trying to bring this to the everyday. You know securities world, as you can see here, they are the leading they are leading the security token revolution. Over 200 tokens have been deployed using their ethereum based solution, and we are now in the midst of launching polymatch. I believe this was supposed to be launched. A while ago, that might be why its up so much today, its because of polymatch an institutional grade blockchain built specifically for regulated assets, so currently they have about 381 tickets reserved and 206 live tokens. Now lets talk about their solutions. They are offering uh, they are offering a new offering for their clients. Basically, polymaths white label solution allows brokered dealers, banks and asset managers to integrate polymath technology into the broader offerings. It lets them leverage, polymaths technology for token creation, issuance management and corporate actions, while also branding and customize the process and experience. Not only that you can issue with polymath token studio is a self service application that allows users to create issue and manage security tokens with a simple intuitive interface, so youre basically able to do it yourself, like any piece of tech, it relies on the user to Set the terms and rules that need to be enforced, polymath doesnt provide any guidance or services around the issuance buying or selling of securities.

I think they say that in order to not be labeled as a security and tax that way and in terms of a service provider, you know you can join their ecosystem. The polymath service provider marketplace brings together an ecosystem that includes custody agents, broker dealers, legal firms and cap table management providers and others who can manage the full token lifecycle. So its kind of end to end not only that but theyre trying to drive efficiency into capital markets. Like i said earlier, they relentlessly focus on the technological backbone for security tokens, whether configuring tokens using the polymath token studio or integrating their broker dealer toolkit into your offering polymath technology, brings efficiency and transparency to the security token market, so they are the leader. In this token market, but this is what makes them kind of better: they are open source, they are standardized, they are modular, they are automated and theyre end to end so, overall, those are all three um kind of trigger words or buzzwords that you want to see When you are looking into this type of cryptocurrency anyways lets get into polymath, so polymath is at about a dollar and one cents right now, uh they are up more than 86 percent and 87 of bitcoin in ethereum um and in terms of rank uh. You know they are 122, so they have a lot of room to grow. They are only on 31 000 watch lists for um. You know comparison, shiba hinu is on about a million um safe moon is on about a million uh.

So you know they are on the come up, but they are not close to where some of these other cryptocurrencies are in terms of market cap. They are at about 622 million, which is very very low. If we compare that to other cryptocurrencies, you can see that bitcoin is at about almost a trillion dollars. Ethereums at about 458 million or billion dollars. Cardano even is at 91 billion dollars um. So and if you take a look here, only about four billion dollars are transacted in cardano. If you take a look at polymath, two billion dollars are transacted so they have about 100th of the market cap uh. Yet in the past 24 hours they only have about half of the volume so um they are being talked about. They are being transacted a lot today and that is just something to think about. Definitely um, but yeah lets go over this price action. Real, quick, obviously paulie, uh polymath did hit about um dollars a dollar 31 cents yesterday um, but we have come all the way down to about a dollar. I would like to say see them stay above. This support of a dollar, but if not, they could be heading all the way down to 96 cents, which would be the next support line. I would see or theres a very, very strong support line at about 85 cents, so um yeah i mean if we stay above a dollar thatd be nice.

Next support line would be 96 next support line after that would be 85 thats really the max. I could see this fall, which would be about 15, but it could fall so just be ready for that possibility. If we take a look at historical data um, you can see that uh polymath was only about transacting about 16 million dollars before two days ago and then yesterday they transacted about almost one billion dollars and then today they have transacted 2.1 billion dollars so um. This has been a massive up like uptick. This is a new runner in cryptocurrency, so this is definitely something to be on the lookout for yeah. That is pretty much going to be it for today. Thank you guys so much for watching if you guys did enjoy the video go ahead and leave a like and subscribe um and then also make sure you just comment anything. It really helps with the growth of the youtube algorithm, um and yeah. That is pretty much going to be it. Thank you guys so much for watching.