, But it does not end there.. This growth also signals a bright future for the value of the token. For todays video. We are taking a quick overview of the token what the future may hold for it and how it may create millionaires. Hello, guys welcome back to another video on XRP Daily, your source for the juiciest updates and events that concern the XRP token and the cryptocurrency world.. If you are new here, then a sub to the channel would be great.. This way you never miss any of our future videos.. With that out of the way it is time to talk XRP. Before we even start. Looking too far into the future, XRP has made many investors rich over the last five years.. Ripples XRP is one of the most popular altcoins on the market., With decentralized finance and cryptocurrencies. Continuing to grow their fan base Ripple is bound to rise on the waves of all this publicity.. The growth of XRP has been quite impressive since its launch in 2012. On different occasions. The coin has momentarily overtaken Ethereum to become the second largest token in the world. By market cap. Right now, XRP is sitting pretty in the number six position on the list of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world by market capitalization.. At the time of making this video XRP was selling for 1 dollar 20 cents.. This is a 7.61 percent jump from its price on the previous day.. So what have experts seen that makes the XRP token a viable investment to make investors rich Ripple started as a platform that offered users quick and cost effective global financial transactions.

. The platform has kept its eyes on the goal of executing global transactions.. While it functions on blockchain technology. The platform is making steady progress in its quest to fit into the real world of financial transactions.. Since 2012 Ripple has been adopted by a host of companies that were never essentially connected to the blockchain market.. Even formal service providers have also tried to get in on the benefits of blockchain technologies. Ripples. Blockchain ledger is quite fundamentally similar to Bitcoins.. However, Ripple has made technical improvements to its system that increase the speed of the transactions. Do not compromise the security of the transactions and stay energy efficient.. The XRP token has been designed in such a way that it can be used to perform money transfers between different currencies, whether they are digital or fiat.. There are a lot of factors that have contributed to the growth of XRP in the past.. However, one thing that makes it a first choice coin is its seamless transactions.. The Ripple network allows for easy conversion of the value of transactions to XRP. Due to the unique nature of the XRP token. The conversions on the network are seamless.. This allows payments to be processed instantly without any extra exchange. Fees. Ripple has grown to become a very relevant payment tool for cryptocurrency investors and people who are new to the crypto market and blockchains as a whole.. The major players that have made the Ripple system a worldwide favorite are its speed and efficiency.

. These two factors have helped the project catch the eye of a lot of huge players in the finance space, including the Bank of America and Santander., Getting straight into the real talk. What makes Ripple stand out and why is it worth holding? There is no doubt that XRP shares a good number of similarities with other tokens in the market.. However, it also has a lot of differences.. The first difference to note is that it was created by a private company., Most of the companies and people behind big cryptocurrencies. Like Bitcoin are anonymous., However, the company and executives that built the Ripple network and the XRP token are very well known. Another thing that stands out about the XRP token is that it is not mined. The developers and crypto miners are not allowed to create new XRP Coins., The private company that is behind the coin has already mined 100 billion of the token.. Only 35 percent of the mined billion was released into the market and the rest was stored in escrow to keep it stable.. One of the biggest advantages of this move is that it snuffs out the possibility of inflation.. The company has designed such an organized system that inflation is near to impossible., Since all of the tokens have already been mined and no new coins can be mined. The hypothetical excess of the coin is removed by burning when a commission is paid.. Furthermore, while Ripple runs on a blockchain system, it does not rely entirely on blockchain technology.

In place of the traditional blockchain mining that you find on most tokens. It uses a permission. Consensus mechanism through a group of bank owned servers that confirm transactions.. This system allows the gateways for transactions to be supported by the companys offices in different countries around the world.. Now, what experts think is the biggest stepping stone for Ripple is how it works to attract partnerships with big institutions in the finance space.. Most of the other cryptocurrencies in the market are most concerned about attracting local and individual investors. With Ripple. The company has placed a laser focus on getting a partnership with banks and financial bodies., As we mentioned earlier in the video. The goal of the company at its inception was to make banking transactions faster and more affordable, and it is right on track with that. Goal.. The value of the token and its popularity have been very dependent on the number of formal institutions it can draw to its side. In 2016 Ripple signed a contract with 20 banks and at the time, the price of the token went up by 200 percent.. Another feature that keeps Ripple in the spotlight is the reversibility of its transactions.. If an error is noticed early enough on the Ripple network, the transaction containing such an error can be reversed. To place. This icing on the cake everything we have said so far boils down to two things: that all crypto investors are extremely careful about.. The first is speed, and the second is security.

Ripple has done a good job of creating a high standard for transaction speed in the crypto. Market. Ripple performs transfers a lot faster than what Bitcoin offers, and it manages to do this and still keep the commissions reasonable. With a feature like the reversibility that we just mentioned. The Ripple network is very well equipped with numerous solid features that keep its system secure. From spam scams and hacks. So far, everything we have discussed has been centered on the algorithm that runs XRP and how it has been facilitating the progress of the coin.. Now for this next part, we will dive into the dangerous territory that is, price predictions.. It is time to find out what experts are saying about the price of the Ripple token XRP. Before we jump in. However, it is important to note that a lot of these forecasts are done, based on a wide range of parameters., A lot of the people and algorithms that make these predictions are bound to disagree about the future price of any coin at all.. Hence you should not be so tied to the predictions that you make an unguided decision. To kick things off is Digital Coin.. Digital Coin is an algorithm based forecasting service and based on its predictions. Xrp is likely to reach up to 2.04 dollars within a year. Wallet. Investor, on the other hand, does not expect XRPs price to go further than 1.6 dollars in the same one year. Period.

. If you think that is bad, then you may cringe at Long Forecasts prediction for XRPs future. Long Forecast has predicted bad days for XRP in a year that will see it drop below its one dollar, benchmark to about 0.76 and 0.94 dollars. Many other forecasters and experts Are also divided on the forecast for XRPs price performance a year from now., Some think it will go bullish and cross the two dollar point, while others believe there are worse days ahead. What about a 4 year forecast all the way to 2025. Digital Coin expects progress in the price value of XRP by 2025.. However, its price prediction is quite humble for a four year. Plan. Digital Coin is confident that XRP will go as high as 3.79 dollars. In 2025.. Wallet Investor is not far behind leaving its XRP 2025 price prediction at 2.934 dollars., While it is not a massive change. The two companies expect an upward movement in the price of the coin.. Long Forecast, however, maintains its stand on a very gloomy future for XRP. Long Forecast expects XRP to keep falling and trade between 0.23 dollars and 0.29 dollars by 2025.. There are a lot of factors that affect and drive the price of a coin and with XRP there is a very long list.. Generally speaking, one of the biggest driving forces in the crypto space is sentiment. How investors and market influencers feel about a cryptocurrency plays a big part in the price of a cryptocurrency.

. So if any of these forecasts happen, the sentiment of the market will be a big determining factor.. If one big crypto influencer comes out to even remotely talk down on XRP, then you can be sure that its price going into 2022 will dip massively.. Another factor related to this is the court case with the SEC. Ripple Labs. The company behind the XRP coin was served a suit by the SEC in 2020 for allegedly selling securities and violating securities law. At the time of the suit. The price of XRP experienced a very downward turn.. However, with the other benefits of the Ripple network still enticing investors and traders, the price of the coin has started to soar, again. Everything we have said so far points to the fact that XRP could make its holders very rich. With a little bit of patience. Xrp is likely to blow up and make all its holders rich in a few years to come.. However, before you buy a large amount of tokens to store, you must be cautious about how much you invest. A lot of coins have carried themselves as the next big thing at different times and eventually failed. With XRP. If Ripple fails to win the court case against the SEC, then that would be a big blow to its price and its credibility in the eyes of the public.. Well guys that brings us to the end of this video.. If this was helpful, then be sure to hit the like button.

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