Just like i am comment 777 below. I want to know how bullish you really are. Are you really about that life? I have three coins that i believe have the potential to go over three million dollars the amount of money you put in these projects, thats not to be too crazy, but i will tell you the three that i believe these three um im gon na remind you. Im, not a financial advisor im, not telling you to back up truck for these ones. I i would back up the truck for these ones, thats all im, saying all right and and im just sharing your information, education, entertainment thats, it all right, thats it. But my friends, if you want to make more money cryptocurrencies, you cant just put all your bags in one basket. Usually i always tell people to diversify right. Even kevin oleary says you know, never put more than five percent into one asset class, but i dont know about you. These three uh yeah youre gon na, have to wait just just watch the whole video, otherwise youre gon na miss out um dont miss a beat subscribe, like comment. Whatever you got, ta do lets get into the video. My friends lets run guys whats, going up bull runners, kyle here with runguys.com and were going to start this video off with a quick giveaway were giving away a hundred dollars, and all you got to do is give this video a chuck, norris roundhouse kickaroo right to The like button and comment below every single comment you leave enters you in to win and then head over to runguys.

com to make sure youre subscribed to our make money newsletter thats where we announce the winner every single week. So with that being said, lets run the markets. All right so well be covering this video here too, as well, like college dropout, turn ceo and why millennials have invested in crypto whats the advantage right so stay tuned for that video lets get into a couple of the picture. I might even give you some more nuggets, or i might give you just even more. Ah, you know its because i want to well many people are really frustrated about ethereum gas prices are way too high people are crying left and right and the ecosystems are starting to come out. Solana weve seen solana take off in a major way, 126 dollars solana. In the ecosystem is taking the flipper off and then coinmarketcap.com you can go to solana right here. You can like click on the ecosystem. Maybe you want to actually know what is really rocking on top of solana, a lot of amazing projects. Let me know in the comments below which projects youre looking into which ones you like to back up the flip and truckee for by the way star atlas theres something about this project. I dont know too much about it, but i do know that its just something that i think is is gon na pop for star atlas. Take keep that one on your radar for sure, but lets get into the first one.

That i think, is important. Well ada. If its gon na take off it needs all of the ecosystem around it to take off too right – and usually this might not be that big of a flip than the other things on top of the ecosystem, and one thing that i was thinking about, i was Like dude im going to bring it up again because i believe this ones going to make millionaires like people very, very wealthy, its called cody all right, cody um lets go to all the old all time high were at 50 cents. Now i dont know about you, but youre, telling me this aint gon na break out past that like come, the flipper on like come on, i mean. Obviously, we wish you would have invested into a lot of these coins like when they first came out or when they were very, very low, but its the ultimate power grid of payments. So what do you think is going to happen in the future when cardone needs? This theyre going to need this on the platform all right, theyre going to need it. They have to have it all right. So this is one of those projects that i believe millionaires will be made im not telling you how much money you have to invest in order to become a millionaire, but with you take if you dollar cost your average into projects plus, you know youd be surprised What you could do with five thousand and ten thousand bucks man, if you had a hundred grand sheesh sheesh all right the next one i want to talk about is eight pay very, very, very bullish on eight pay, all right so sitting at 22 cents um.

This had a little bit of a pullback when in doubt zoom out, i dont know about how big of a pullback that really is like for gosh sakes. I mean were talking about old, all time high when it came out the gate uh, even even up here too, as well. Even up here. I went way way at time im trying to get trying to get try to get past. A dollar rooney thatd be nicey id like that right, but ape. If you look at ape and what its working on and the professionalism of this project, it does get me kind of excited because its about payments again right things like think about paypal and stripe, and all these different companies that have huge, i shouldnt even say, market Caps but evaluations out there on the stock market. Why couldnt this be a little bit different? Why couldnt apa be one of the platforms that we eventually start using, except any kind of crypto payments? All right, i mean thats what people want they need this right. Look at the dashboard look at look at the professionalism, what its got going on so far, but eight pay is the only crypto payment processor that lets you access single reoccurring in on demand payments from wide range of tokens. Okay, you see all the projects like the ethereum solana coming soon polygons coming soon finance smart chain available tokens. Right now i mean i im very impressed with this model, all right, the billing model, the one time the fixed.

You know the reoccurring and on demand like come on this. This is needed in the space. Whoever figures it out, i believe, is going to take off in a major flipping way. I think apay is a sleeper. I really do. I think its just a little baby project that nobody out there is really talking about, but i at least i mean look at the max supply 88 million, like thats it and the market caps. Only 2 million like for me id back up the freaking truck. So flipping far the bank and ill be packing and stacking it for this one. Just because of that fact like its its got, it has everything going for it. You know it really does, in my opinion, now ill leave it at im. Gon na leave it im. Gon na leave it at that now, one that is a sleeper because it got a huge issue. Um that happened. This is a kind of risky play, but ive talked about in the past and and um and had an issue with people dragging out liquidity and the market cap data isnt even tracked yet because they had to redeploy all right. They had to redeploy a new bondly contract now. Why would i say this project because right now, its sitting at point zero, like six? Five in the time you shoot in this video, it just got right back onto the world like like its back, like ha ha, but this project i was so bullish on, and i have been for a long time, because i do believe that this baby right now Is taking off like literally like its gon na, take off in a major way, because when you look at bondley and what it was doing in nft space, remember i shouldnt say its going to.

I just believe that it is okay, thats just me, but for many of you guys and gals that had a lot of bondly, if you ever did the um bondly token redeployment announcement. This is this is where you go to claim your tokens back. All right. Just make sure you guys and gals do that, however, its powering the next generation of digital collectibles, logan paul. This is where he first launched his. This is where uh the first tory lanes, but they theyre working on a lot of amazing things and they have their launch pad. They have their almost a concept very similar to open c. So basically, its part of the next generation of digital collectibles, um bonnie, will be powering the next generation of digital collectibles, with crypto projects, brands and artists. So theyre going around and really creating a huge marketplace that i think that a lot of people will start and want to be a part of all right. Yeah theres, cryptocurrencies out there that have been through a lot of crap, and this is definitely one of them. But you know kind of theres something about this. That just feels, like you know, youre all the way down to 0.06 and this things been upwards of close to, i think almost a dollar plus and i could be wrong, coming out the gate. But to me six cents compared to lets say it goes back to 75 cents like for gosh sakes.

You know thats thats, a really good flip im, just yeah keep it at that. But here is the 2021 product and partnership roadmap. Okay, so theyve been going through a lot of amazing stuff, but if you look at a lot of this stuff in q3, expansion of five verticals gaming sports and pop culture plus, this is gon na – be huge fractional nfts all right using nfts as collateral like as Integration imagine in the future the mona lisa could be split up into itty bitty b. Imagine owning, like you couldnt own, a 500 000 500 000 500 million dollar mona lisa, but you could fractionalize it wow, thats, cool stuff and then exchange for nft, launchpad and e commerce, native and uh integration for the e commerce concept plus bond protect on three chains. Polka dot um and by the way they had the polka patch too, as well. They have their own thing and empire chain bidding man. Can you imagine the bidding part? I dont know just to me this. This is exciting. I could be super excited. Maybe too much excited, but i know a lot of people that are excited is the millennials people that are young kids that are making a lot of money in cryptocurrencies. Let me know your top three all coins before the end of this video, because i want to know if im looking at the wrong ones, you know and youre like dude. No, these are the right ones over here, maybe im looking at the wrong ones, but for me three million buckaroonies uh doesnt seem too crazy for those three picks um yeah.

Let me know, let me know, but here you go lets check this out. Cryptocurrencies again, theyd have a funny way of showing it theyre all up and they have been up again. The last month, theyre recouping about a third of the ground that was lost, uh brendan leonard, joins us right now. The mid group, ceo of the blockchain uh ceo, a very big bitcoin mining, the process by which a lot of these uh bitcoins are entered into circulation. Um, you know a grant. I was thinking of you and fascinated your background and how you looked at this as a promising avenue before many did and then lo and behold, im reading uh usa today today and um theres this uh, you know full pell now push among millennials in particular, diving Into the crypto craze, does that worry you when it gets to be that frothy cryptocurrency yeah, so i mean its unbelievable whats happening? Obviously, you guys have seen it as well and kind of what he was talking about earlier as far as regulation and things like that everybody thats in the crypto space theyd be lying to you if they didnt tell you that they knew its coming, and i think Good regulation would actually be pretty good when it comes to crypto, because there is bad scams. There is bad things, but what i thinks happening is like they were mentioned earlier. Is this is going to become a two trillion dollar business and maybe even potentially a 10 trillion dollar business and when it gets that big as far as financial markets across the country, its almost in essence, too big to fail and good regulation can work good.

But thats just gon na essentially, in my opinion, just prove the legitimate uh where crypto is going in the future yeah you know grant. I get the impression, though, that at least if the sec chief had his way he he killed this in the crib and to your point, its no longer in the crib uh, at least its at the toddler menacing stage im just wondering if its too late to Shut it down, if that indeed is, is his goal. What kind of question is that? How are you going to stress something now like that? No way yeah, i agree 100. I think its too late and when you have some of the most powerful people in the world and now wall streets into it, which i think is almost eliminates the sec or anybody else from stopping it, but also some of the biggest companies worldwide. You have countries adopting it, i think its only a matter of time and and its and its a shift, because we havent seen this and ever in the financial systems and so its when you say, exchange rates im, sorry grant when you say wall streets, interview, youre, Talking about the push for ets, that sort of thing investment vehicles through which you can capitalize on this course that needs sec approval itself and in this environment. I wonder if they get that. But what do you want to make of it? For sure i mean, but also hedge funds right so now hedge funds are opening up, were investing into it and it started off.

You know three years ago it was just the crazy people on the internet right and what happened now is you know? People like mark cuban and a whole heck of a lot of other big time. People were completely not necessarily against crypto, but they didnt think it was legitimate. They didnt think it was here to stay and its so interesting that those exact same people who are smart business people realize you know what i think i was wrong, and i think this is here to stand. I think it has a tremendous amount of power worldwide. I have that totally sort of someone uh. Just recently i was trying to make just a five thousand dollar purchase, which is a decent purchase, but my debit card was declining, even though i had enough money on it. It just said it couldnt do that amount, but at the same time i could send bitcoin, ethereum or any other digital currency to anywhere in the world within five minutes instantly, without having to go through any different. You know banks or anything like that. So thats the power of it and i think its going to go worldwide even more and i think its here to stay yes, so i dont know about you. But do you feel that cryptocurrency is here to stay if you feel the same way that youre feeling bullish you know head on over to runguys2aswell.com, make sure you throw in your email address because thatll just tell us hey youre on our youre on our make money Newsletter youre bullish on crypto.

You really believe in the future of cryptocurrencies, like we do were bullish here like comment. Subscribe, hang out with us lets run these markets together. If you feel like youre going to be a millionaire in crypto, let me know if you feel like youre, going to be a billionaire in crypto. Let me know, because all i know is – were backing up the truck, putting the key in the ignition beep packing and stacking it, leaving no bags left behind unless theres a d bag. You leave that bag yeah. You definitely that one behind but ill see you on the beach of the moon. My friend lets keep running these numbers lets. Keep subscribing lets, keep showing this to our great granddad and getting everybody on board with crypto and share the message of what we have here lets run guys i got dreams to catch yeah, yeah, Music, Music, make sure you like comment and subscribe and share it.