You really have to validate all of this yourself. Otherwise you are missing huge opportunities. You come here. You look at the altcoin market cap. What do you see you just take this and connect these highs. You are like okay, fine. We broke high and thats on a daily time frame now, step back, look at it on a three day time frame whats happening. Even at that particular scenario, the you are having giant breakout, you were having a little bit slow down now this particular candle is taking you through the roof. Now, look at the rsi you just entered into the maximum area, the overbought territory and usually when we enter the overbought territory. Look at the history. People usually say its overbought its going to go down but understand this even overvalued. Now doesnt mean its going to go down tomorrow; right, it can still go higher and its still overvalued. Similarly, as you enter here, you saw this. We were just starting and then you stayed in that level for rsi and the price continued rocketing. Now this is a three day scenario right, so most of us who are not traders were really the investor mindset guys. We look at this on a weekly and when you step back and look at this on a weekly, you are still going high. The macd is crossed and we knew that as the macd is crossing, we are going to go upside. We slowed down a little bit, kicked a lot of emotional guys, and now we are continuing higher.

So, as you continue higher, what do you have to keep in your mind, youre, just looking at the rsi right now, because its near a breakout? So as the altcoin market cap rsi breaks out, youre gon na get the large cap coins pumping with volume ether xrp. You know all those others they are going to move now. Some of them are already moving. If you have seen our solana chart previously, you know our targets where we are going. These are really important to know when youre gon na make money, because, for example, we are at this particular state. Now we had one point three dollar, and this is how it looks like. So if you wan na know what it is, you can take a step back. You can zoom a little bit out and you see this fine great. So when you are looking at this youre like fine, we are near this and thats a possible breakout. That now remember thats one pattern. Now when you move across you see next one. There is another pattern which we have already broken. If this is the case, and you need the magnet across to the upside and thats gon na happen soon today, tomorrow or day after tomorrow, and by that, the weekly candle closes right. So this is a three day candle which shows you its breaking to the side. We are having that bullish characteristic in rsi in macd and the price. Then you again zoom out – and this is your weekly weekly example – shows you – that we are moving as we anticipated for those who remember this, when we did this 15 20 days back and said that this is the possibility, a lot of them were like – maybe maybe Not some of them are like nah thats, not a possibility.

Now you reach a area where the price is doing what we anticipated. Now. Why do we say that? How do we do that? We use price action. Analysis pattern. Analysis, candlestick analysis you. This is how you understand the market: welcome to the scientific investor family, where we discuss crypto and science behind investing regularly, as we just saw in this market. We have a lot of coins which are pumping right now before they started the breakout and the volume we gave you all these breakouts the targets we were moving up. We hit our level one target. Now we are moving towards our target two and as we continue, this is like different assets are having similar impact. This is iota. We anticipated we are going to break higher and then we are going to continue higher. Then this just happened. We had that breakout and then the continuation pattern, price action gives you the idea of what its going to do soon and if you understand that its going to be massive opportunities for you thats, why enough patreon? We shared this. So if you want something similar, you can look at the patreon. The link is given in the description below so guys. Remember. The price action shows a lot of stuff and right now in altcoin market, its just getting started as we were highlighting here its about to happen its just starting. You know we, sir, we always said this, but precisely we created that ambience showing you that this is happening.

We are going to break out and just after that we broke higher. Then this one retest and bounce. So you got everything there and if you saw that clearly youre already in the market and you are in green now, if you weigh someone who is averaging down now, you know what to do say when you go to the ether because theres a confusion with ether For a lot of guys saying, when ether goes up, its gon na drop thats, not on the ether, anything which goes up will drop thats for sure, because you me, or someone else is definitely going to take the profits and thats. Why we have these right? We had our breakout calls. We have our targets, we are reaching there now. I wont be able to show you guys, because ether has uh higher targets and ive just posted that previously before the breakout. So i want my patrons to get the most of it now. Looking at this, what do you see here in ether im not giving you the targets im showing you the trend, the pattern to understand how high were going to go to understand how the market is going to behave, because when you get these pumps and you reach Through certain resistance take profit levels, money is going to move when money is going to move its going to move into different coins, where you still have opportunities thats, where you have xrp thats, where you see the ton of fundamentals behind the xrp and investors moving into It now patterns are great youre following the pattern.

Now, the price has a little bit more to go to reach the first level of resistance near four thousand four hundred dollars, and hopefully the rsi would be reaching the resistance at that particular time. Now what you have to understand is: are we going to break higher because this is not only valid in the price, its also valid in the indicators? So this one, you are following your rsi, where your rsi is moving like this so automatically when its bouncing. You anticipate this as resistance until unless this breaks you anticipate its going to continue. So if it breaks higher from here, youre going to need a retest and bounce higher or youre buying the breakout. Now that breakout can be literally in the rsi or in the price. In the price we just got this in xrp in the price we just got this now. This is price action. This is price action patterns. So, if you understand this, rightly you are making money. You are definitely making money now lets move on to btc chart, because these are two stuff which a lot of people focus on to understand what the market is going to do now. Listen to a lot of people saying bitcoin is going to 10, 000, 15 000 and im like okay, fine, but at least the chart. Doesnt say that macd is showing you its crossing to the side and its already in the positive territory, which is bullish. Rsi is showing you on a weekly.

I have broken out im. Moving to the upside im, trending higher moving averages are pointing to the upside, so i dont really understand where these downsides coming from for a lot of other youtubers, but you know its their opinion. I respect that, if you want to digest that you can, but i will say that stay true to yourself. Dont put your opinion in rather digest what the chart says right so look at this and the chart is showing you something. Okay, we had this particular range. We dropped the ones, then we bounced, we dropped the again and we are bouncing again and the moving average came close this time previously, you didnt have the moving average coming close to you right, you look this. You went high. You came back down you bounced in the moving average, then the moving average became a support and when you continued higher now, if you go back to previous all, bull runs and youll see this the price get way ahead of its time from the moving average. It retraced back to the moving average takes some time and then bounce so its going higher. Now when bitcoin is about to break higher, you are like. Okay, fine are the alls gon na slow down here and thats. When i will take you guys again to this, one weve talked about this relationship. Its easy to understand, bitcoin dominance is dropping and dropping hard on a weekly as we discussed previously.

You just connect these stops and you understand: okay, its trending lower from a long time. You zoom out, and you see its a long long time, its trending lower and next time, youre going to see this levels. 38. 35. 32. Maybe breaking through that to the downside, because we are trending to the downside. It will be acting as a support here, but we are trending to the downside. Remember that you just have to take your lines and see where its going so literally, you see a trend where youre moving like this fine. So what are you looking at? If its breaking down you are going down, thats a call right, mayday, maybe were going down now, look at whats, the altcoin doing at that time. We just showed you that we are moving higher. We are getting volume, we are increasing in volume we are nearing breakouts. We are pumping now at that time. You see these right. You see a lot of opportunities coming up and its being taken by those guys who know this. Why? Because you need to know which asset is going to do what and thats why in our patreon, we try to give you guys all the updates which you required for a lot of different assets, which you have in your portfolio, because your portfolio may not be just Xrp and if thats the case, you can definitely get a little bit of help from the patreon. The link is again in the description below now.

When you look at this, you do have to understand the volume. Now we talked about this right now we are at 4.5 billion now. Last time we were on three point something before that. We were like two point something so we are increasing. In volume, volume is coming back into the market, the price is moving and look at ether, youll understand something we had a higher volume. Last time, when we talked about this right now, you are reducing in volume what is happening day as the price goes higher and people make money they are moving out of that and then moving into different assets. So those are traders right great now. What are these traders doing, the new theres going to be a breakout they entered? They were well positioned, then the price moved from 3000 all the way up to 4000, and then they took the profits great now theyre moving into different assets. Where you have breakout opportunities. We are just breaking out you get that confirmations now. Why is that important? Because when you come to xrp, you just got that when you come to xrp, you just have that pattern where youre breaking to the side, and you have a lot of targets to the upside, so its not only one. We have went through others recently where we hit some of our big profit targets. As we go higher, we still have higher targets, but yeah thats. The way we do make profit now, if you jump back to xrp btc pay.

What youre going to see there is important. We talked about this, we are nearing a breakout and we need to break this one to get the most in momentum now. What are we waiting for? We are waiting for the macd to cross to the upside. We are near there we are going to do that, its going to be soon. It wont, take too much time because, right now we are closer to that than ever now. Thats on daily, you jump into weekly, rather than just looking at three day chart and moving on to weekly im. Taking you directly here. Why? Because on weekly, you are gon na get this one as we discussed previously. If we are going to get this one, we still have two more days to close the weekly candle. Now that is important. Why? Because, as he closed higher above 1.3, it shows you we are gon na continue higher. So if someone says were gon na go down, maybe for them, but at least the price is now im not going down so thats the pattern for you. Now we look at the trend. What is the buyers doing? Are they falling out? Are they increasing their positions? It definitely looks like they are entering in the market. Now. What are you eyeing? Food were eyeing for the breakout way it breaks about the consolidation range and moves higher. So are we getting close to it? I think we are because, after this breakout youre going to enter into overbought territory, where we just talked when you enter over territory, what happens you get long gambles you get more volume coming in the market, so you have seen that in a lot of different assets And right now, youre focusing on xrp as an asset.

Then you come back here. Okay on a weekly. This is what youre doing so on a three day and daily. You are eyeing like okay, fine. What can we anticipate were nearing that level and we are having small green candles like this. These are not the giant candles which we are anticipating. We are looking for something better now. This is better but were looking for something even better, so those candles are going to come as the price enters a region and push the rsi into this one. Now, if we take a monthly candle, this gives you the macro perspective again, just to reiterate that we are in the market where we are trending higher. So if someone is coming to you and saying the opposite, you can definitely reject that. If you want to and then focus on what the price is showing you now, you look at different assets, say, for example, you can look at cardano. This is an asset which has done exceptionally well from its bottom. So what we are going to look at is one asset in this market going exceptionally well, and you also have to understand something as you go higher if your average is really low, you should consider taking profits now. Why do i say that? Because we are like 140 x from the bottom but yeah. This is not like that those crazy 1000x because we still have room to do those, but those who enter here should be cautious and take profits.

As you go higher those who entered early now they have a higher roi, so they are going to look for betterness. Now this shows you a bull flag. Those who are confused. Those who are new to this market need to understand what a bull flag is, and this is how it definitely looks like you come to the top. You have this, then you break higher. So once you break higher, you are not sure about which direction the price is going, so you just follow the direction of the impulse. If this is the impulse direction, you consolidate or you correct, and then you enter into those corrections if you havent entered already or if you want to double down on that asset and then when it breaks down youre, not buying, then youre buying when it doesnt do Anything thats where a lot of people make mistakes thats, why a ton of mistakes are in the market because you definitely have to understand one stuff. You make money entering early than others see if the price is going like this to the upside and at one point its doing like this, you enter here the bounce and then the breakout happens. So as the price breaks out, the opportunity is done. We just saw the opportunity which we had an iota. How was it we went up? We went up, we consolidated something like this, then it broke higher. So as it breaks higher, the volume is high.

The momentum is high, so if this is 100 percentage and you wait for the breakout and the price goes here, you enter here and you only get get 50. now you can maximize it, you can wait, you can. You know work on that and reach 70 and thats what we usually do get the maximum out of it. So if you are one among them, whos looking for those definitely learn price action and take benefit of that, because the market shows you a lot of different stuff now, precisely for xrp. What can go wrong now? These are bullish scenarios great now within that what can go wrong? That should be mostly shorter time frames that should be mostly close, the time frame. So this one is daily and you see we were resisted here once so we can be resisting here and we did that now when youre coming back there, its acting as a resistance, so it can act as a resistance. So if we break higher because the direction of impulses to the upside were going to break higher, otherwise whats going to be the worst case, your bottom is here something close to 1.05 right were consolidating in that range. So, even if we continue down and then come back up and bounce its great its fine, but for some people who are leveraging theyre gon na have trouble, we have people who leverage like into 50 and 70.. Those are crazy numbers even x5 is crazy.

In crypto market understand that, because if you are leveraging, you can be liquidated because you think just one week to the downside, comes down, kicks you out and then go back up. If you look at the all coin market cap, if you look at bitcoin, you are seeing these giant wicks right, it came lower. Then it went back up and closed. So, if its a normal guy normal day – and then these weeks happen, the wicks are going to be the witches who are going to kick you out you, you have seen this many times right. The market can does that. The exchanges, the algorithms in the exchanges usually does this to take your money, make profits and then continue. So you are now looking at these areas for a breakout unless you break out youre going to make money, but dont be that guy who just got kicked out before the price went higher because you went down, you were super leveraged, you were kicked out and then The price continued higher so be that guy who is brave enough to keep us an asset, not a leveraged position so guys, while looking at the market and what you can get from the patreon. If you receive value for your time in this video, please do support the channel hit that like and subscribe button below that and ill meet. You guys on the next video bye.