A lot of people arent happy because they arent millionaires yet and thats. What were really going to be looking into theres so much news for today. So, thank you so much for coming back on this show, dropping a like and being the part of shibay new army, but cheap ecosystem gon na be like ship bone and leash and shiva swap now. This is when ship was released when it was a little baby. When it wasnt worth much now, this is bone now bone and leash just released recently, and they do have its own utility all through their dropping in a price. Sometimes they still go up in value. They still in the last year have grown up a lot in value except bone, which is very fresh and new, and you know they obviously have projects until 2024 and beyond. So shebano is going to be that term of a project thats going to be updated for a few years at least, but we can see shiba swap being over here. You know and its going very strong. You can see the shibarium blockchain now. This is something else like when we get this own blockchain on the next year. You know even the muscles will have the extra muscles and then we have she its own stablecoin launching after the blockchain, so theres a lot of things gon na be launching in the future. This is shiba swap right now. You know people still have been saying that sheba swap has not been growing yet, but we need at least six to eight months for that to take effect like a lot of these coins are now out of circulation, and a lot of these coins are never gon Na be sold, and then we also have shibarium, which is its own blockchain.

Then we have the unstable coin. She which is going to be packed at one cent uh and bound to leash, so theres. Definitely a lot of things in plan right now and something im really excited for. Roughly six to eight months after panky swap and sushi swap was released, um their tokens exploded. I only hope for the same, the way to happen to ship its very unlikely unless shibarium or ethereum 2.0 is out, so were waiting for shibarium right now. The hass fee is simply expensive and which buying were going to be reducing the fees to basically zero um. With ethereum were going to be reducing the fees to basically zero and with both of that, we could be seeing huge growth for d5 and ship as well. Performing a swap in shiba swap could easily cost you more than 40, so lets say, for example, you want to buy something its 40 fees. You know a lot of people arent happy with that swapping and packing swap would cost about 40 to 60 cents. Approving the blurry feature cost me more than six dollars and thats simply crazy. You know all people dont even get six dollars of rewards and cant lock their tokens. Approving the auto cake feature in a pancake swap cost me 40 cents, so the ap or banking swap is currently 90 percent. The api of bury is 11, which is extremely misleading. An actual case for michael accracia. The apa is so average return for bone um.

How much you get is six percent for berry, so this is not fud all based on figures and tactics, and this is what a lot of people are concerned. Why shibainu is not growing, and so it could blow up off. Shibarium is released and we dont rely on theorem anywhere. So, yes, shiba inu could go up if its launched on its own blockchain, but if ethereum 2.0 is launched, gas fees will drop drastically. I dont see a reason why we need shibarium. It would take a lot of time and effort to prove its security, but i may be wrong now: shibarium um, it will be l2 and theyre working on it. As we speak, it will bring the swap fees down and maybe you know they said its. The swap fields will only be a few cents, so this could actually be huge now. Ethereum 2.0 is at least like two years away and l2 will considerably take less time to implement if they focus so theyre going to be building their own blockchain and shibarium is year. One shibarium will be launching next year, most likely and with that being said, ethereum being at least two years away. If not three, you know were still a long time before. Ethereum 2.0 is out, and ethereum will definitely grow a lot more with chibari coming up, gas fees are now through the roof and from what im seeing if ship could stop sucking a lot of people are disappointed with shihai inu um is not growing yet as much As it should be, but a lot of people are also patient right now, chip you want to plant a seed and then dig it up every few minutes to see if it has grown.

So why do you keep questioning yourself your hard work and your decisions have patience, stop overthinking and keep watering your seeds, but people are saying its up: 7 million. What else are you guys looking for its already mooned, and you know for a lot of holders, it made them simply rich by them putting ten thousand dollars. Some people got 550 million and thats simply crazy. Uh, and you know, a lot of people are still arent. Happy because in six months or people are saying, nothing grew and yes, it has in fact uh its been six months since the growth um, but uh like a lot of people, are still waiting for the plant that is shiba inu to grow. But uh shibainu is getting listed on a lot of exchanges, but there is another exchange that were going to be getting listed on. Paypal reportedly looks to take on robin hood with stock trading like this is simply crazy, and this could be the new ship listing. Paypal has reportedly conducted discussions to acquire a broker dealer, but is unlikely to launch the new insta benchman service this year. So all the great things for a ship are happening next year. Getting listed by paypal is almost certain, but paypal is looking to buy or partner. With a broker dealer to introduce its own stock trading service to compete with rivals such as crypto friendly stock training, app robin hood, so they are going against robin hood that theyre going to become a robin hoods competitor from what i can see so far, and i Can definitely see that theres going to be multiple things in reiteration as plan of the alleged plan, paypal has already hired brokerage industry veteran rich hagan as the new ceo for previously undisclosed division, known as invested paypal.

So hagen is a co founder and former president of valley invest a regulated brokerage business that acquired online brokerage trade king in 2016.. So what do you have to know here? Paypal will be listing shibayunu, probably in next year, and this is super bullish movement still as we dont have to get listed by robinhood, but we most likely will be still waiting for robin hood to actually do their own part. Robin hoods hood stock tumbled more than six percent. According to data from training view early in august, robin hood said that the cryptocurrency truck saw a significant surge in popularity on the platform this year, making up 41 of its revenue during quarter. Two now ethereum price poised for a forty percent rally versus bitcoin after breaking out of four month rate, so ethereum is going to be growing and with ethereum growing, we are going to be seeing shibuya growing as well. Bitcoin only relies on its cap supply and the first mover advantage a trend. Many investors are beginning to substitute for unique technology that can drive blockchain dominated feature. The potential for a more superior proof of stake infrastructure through the highly anticipated launch of ethereum 2.0 will also make the blockchain more usable, driving the coins utility and its price growth. So i i do think were going to be seeing more growth for for the shiba inu. Basically something im super super excited for so new blockchain lab also aims to modernize the mortgage industry and mortgage industry is going stronger and stronger.

You know imagine paying for your house in shiba inu coins. It might soon be bound to happen. There is no doubt in blockchain industry to disrupt the mortgage industry. The capabilities of a secure, transparent launcher without central intermediary is taking off in europe, but bullish option data, fuel speculation on a new bitcoin rally on a new bitcoin rally. This means were gon na, be seeing more growth and with more growth. This is really huge like this is awesome, and you know these are really some things that you cannot get anywhere else unless, if you really deep do take a deep dive on this news or watch this channel. So, thank you for so much for subscribing, but as we can see here, a lot of people are seeing. You know new patterns of growth, so, for example, this and this means that ship will grow now but uh. This is really really cool because you know were gon na, be seeing a new pattern of growth happening once again for bitcoin. Look at this. This happened last time, and this is now so we might be seeing like this whole surge pretty much soon. So with five fiat currencies more confusing the crypto and you know a lot of people, a lot of governments do not still understand. Cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrencies and fiat money are complex in different ways. Fiat cash is simple to use at least the model type, because you see what you have and what you spend and its common misconception that cryptocurrency is a pack.

In fact, it operates on blockchain ledgers and is one of the most transparent forms of value transfer. So the legacy monetary system is incredibly difficult to understand. Most people dont have a clue how it works, but you dont need to understand how toyota works to drive it, and the same goes with the dollar bill or yen or bank note, or a pound deposit. So cryptocurrencies are completely different than the money, but bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provide a service that was not available before them. The issue with quick money is that you can print more of it. Imagine if you had shibainu and it was already at one quadrillion supply and then you could simply print more like thats, simply crazy to me uh, hopefully that never happens. You know that you can print more coins. Now that is something crazy and seeing that you know this cannot happen for ship once the burn is there once the coins get burned, thats it. Nothing else can happen, but bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provide a service that was not available before them near anonymous transactions online. In my opinion, that is the fundamental value of bitcoin. Now retirees in el salvador protest against bitcoin of the option, and this just tells me that a lot of people are still concerned about cryptocurrencies. A lot of people still dont know how cryptocurrencies work, but the retirees and veterans in el salvador are worthy. The government will start paying their pensions in bitcoin instead of the u.

s dollar. So you know theres a lot of protests happening around in el salvador, because people are basically afraid, theyre afraid how cryptocurrency works. But if we had uh something, like you know, a new blockchain, you know people would always be paid the right amount of pension and, at the current time, with contracts with all of the payments, we would always be seeing you know. Transactions happening fluently uh. Instead of getting lost as such, some producers reportedly demand a pension increase from 100 to 300 dollars. So thats simply you know crazy, but according to local reports, elsevilles latest anti bitcoin products were apparently a part of wider opposition campaign by legal veterans protesting over low pensions. On friday, what if someone doesnt want to use bitcoin dont, download the shivo app and continue living your normal life said el salvador. Nobody is gon na. Take your dollars, someone can always queue up at western union and pay a commission, and this is what najibukela said. The president of el salvador and thats simply crazy to me, because on september, 7th were going to be seeing what happens with this um. We all we already are seeing the effects, but last week the president clarified the salvadorans would be free not to use bitcoin. So you can always choose. You always have the choice on what to do, but uh um, ftx, u.s acquires ledger x for an undisclosed amount to dive into bitcoin ether, futures trading now thats great, and we are also seeing own countries making their own digital currencies.

Now that is simply awesome were going to be seeing so much more in the future.