So in todays, video were going to take a look at cardano were going to sort of talk through some of the hurdles that theyve overcome in the run up to the launch of smart contracts. Um. You know this is some some really interesting and remarkable um. You know pieces of information, so stay tuned for that and were also going to have a look at the the possibility, or is it a possibility of cardano, potentially partnering up with solana, um yeah, really interesting stuff that charles had to say so were digging into all Of that sort of stuff, with that said, dont forget to mash up that, like button subscribe, tap the bell select all notifications, so you never miss a thing and uh dont forget. You can also delegate your ada using the ticker cheek. We do run a stake pool for cardano, you know where you can earn juicy juicy rewards in aida uh, simply by delegating your ada to the cheek pool and um. You know. For me this is the only way to store your your crypto is on. You know off off of an exchange on a secure wallet delegating making a passive income. So if thats uh something that interests you and youre not already staking, do check out our staking videos uh or follow us on twitter um. Any questions just dm me, its cool right lets head on down to the desktop and have a look at everything thats going on with cardano, so well start here.

So cardano clears major smart contract hurdle with mainnet upgrade just days away and uh. You know that we are big on cardano here iohk the company behind cardano says they have successfully added smart contract capabilities to its blockchain test net. So this is fantastic were also aware that agi, x or singularity net singularity dow are going to be the the first to port over to the cardano ecosystem, very exciting, stuff um. You know we wont get into to the next steps um. We know that its all due to go live on the main net on the 12th of september um, but this is what they had to say. Yesterday we upgraded the cardano test net successfully uh deploying pluto smart contracts capability. The focus now is for the final component. Testing and exchange integrations ahead of the alonso mainnet upgrade still on track for deployment. On the 12th of september. The upgrade will give cardano new functionalities, including the ability to support decentralized finance, also known as defy and decentralized exchanges. Also known as decks, so you know for me this is remarkable stuff weve covered already weve, seen record inflows for cardano, amounting to about 10.1 million dollars. This is, this is huge weve also seen um the foundation um, you know, do a partnership to do uh to do with ethical hacking. Where people you know the the part of that group can try to hack the car dyno system, which would um be.

You know in an ethical manner and uh highlight uh bugs and um. You know possible hacks uh to to you know for cardano to fix right. So i im a supporter of all this stuff. I think its really important and it keeps everybodys uh money safe right. So um yeah, i think its its a good thing to to be doing that. Moving on, we have got the the next uh piece here so hoskinson. These are the circumstances in which cardano and solana will collaborate. So this is really interesting. The boss of input output global talks about what it would take for both projects to work together. So this is really interesting. The solana team state uh states, the technology employed in poh enables the network of 200 nodes to sustain a throughput of 50 000 transactions. A second with gpus, they also claim high scalability and quick transaction times, have attracted a lot of institutional interest with proof of history. You can create a historic historical record uh that proves that the event has actually occurred at a specific moment in time. So you know its really interesting with the the promising outlook attention turns to what yeah whats next for solana input output, global uh, ceo, charles hoskinson, has voiced his openness to work together, but it depends on common ground. Um hoskinson wants to learn from solana um speaking uh in the latest ama hoskinson broached the question of a collaboration by saying its, not michael, implying its the communitys decision to make that happen.

If they choose so you know its interesting im not going to get into to the full ins and outs of of everything here. For me, its remarkable stuff and uh, it would be fantastic to see a partnership between cardano and solana um. You know i i pointed out ways that um cardano are looking to to get into china as well. You know youve got world mobile doing stuff in in africa. I just think that theres so much going on um when it comes to cardano this project. In my humble opinion, will eventually flip aetherium, and you know a lot of people are going to disagree with me on that, and i guess it depends on. You know the proof of stake situation with with ethereum. You know there. There was a video that we put out where you know: people are calling out for a hundred and fifty thousand dollar uh aetherium come 2023., so theres so much going on in this space. I think its. You know its very much. The the beginning, you know were were looking to to see you know tokenization um really sort of take hold in in the coming months and years right and uh. You know weve already started to see tokenized stocks, i think, were you know already seeing uh tokenized property in parts of the world. We expect that to expand. We expect to see you know um, you know, bonds and various other. You know markets start to to get eaten up when it comes to tokenization uh.

This market, for, for me, is, is you know, gon na eventually be a hundred trillion dollar market plus right, like you know, we weve talked about this uh uh for a long time and uh, not everybodys, gon na see it the the way we see it and We were laughed at when the the market was about. You know 300 billion market cap uh when we said theres going to be multi trillion so now were sat here at multi, multi trillion and you know still very early in my my opinion and uh. You know im now talking about you know my real thoughts from from back then, which is were going to see a hundred trillion plus market cap for cryptocurrency in the long term uh. I do believe that you know this market is gon na. You know take a chunk of all the markets, its so disruptive. This technology will be successful, it will change business models, it will change the banking uh sector and how we see loans and various other. You know things around the world right and um were very much at that beginning stage where its all about adoption right and for those of you that dont know crypto, uh or blockchain technology um. It is literally, you know, being adopted at the the fastest pace of any technology in you know: human um history right, so you know this is something that is happening. Uh youre part of it. If youre here and youre watching this – and i think its fantastic – that weve got these youtube channels like ours and various others documenting the journey as we go through, because i think its going to be amazing.

You know to sit there with grandchildren and and that sort of stuff and see that you were actually part of something so revolutionary and they will be teaching this in school in, in my opinion, in the future. So you know we are very lucky to to be here and when i say lucky i dont mean lucky as in like you know, you got lucky that you invested, which is what a lot of people are going to say when you know a lot of people In this space become very, very wealthy, you know i dont mean it like that. I just mean were lucky to to be alive right now, whilst weve got this actually happening right and um thats, where the lucky part comes in for me um, but do let me know what your thoughts and opinions are in the comments below i love cardano. I love everything that theyre doing. I love a lot of the projects that are on cardano and i think theres going to be a a lot of stuff that changes um in the world for the better because of projects like this and the projects that are going on cardano. So you know for me, i i expect cardano to take a huge chunk of uh. You know ethereums market um share and um. You know for me, you know there are people that will argue different and um. You know thats their prerogative but nobodys on a theorem because they love paying high fees.

Um thats got to change, um and thats got to change fast. Otherwise, some of these other broad schools are going to take a big chunk of the pie. So with that said, uh, if you like this sort of content, mash up that like button subscribe tap that bell select all notifications, so you never miss a thing comment below. Let me know what your thoughts and opinions are on everything that ive stated in this video.