Yes, the company that elon musk owns, are working together. This cryptocurrency right here, n noia, has done a whole research study with starlink using its technology and basically they made the starlink antennas and satellites perform much better than without centerpiece technology. So they show right here, for example, they reduce the time the latency to singapore by 10 to lansing by 25 to dublin by 13 and a half percent, and then over here is more cities to nevada by 42 percent and then los angeles 12 percent. And then look over here like so this centro p project is involved with starlink from what it seems like and if you go on their website, they have a pretty good website and it looks like theyre focused, especially on the internet connectivity realm, like connecting everyone and Thats exactly why theyre working with starlink, so this is basically what you would get without syntropy and then this is what you would get with centropy so thats why you should use them and its a blockchain for the internet. So if starlink can benefit from centurpy. So can you as a possible investment because right now, its valued at less than 500 million dollars, which is very small? But dilution could be a concern because just half of the total supply is out, but it seems like its about to rebound because back at the end of the at the beginning of the year, we were at around 20 cents and then we went up to 80 Cents and then came right back down and now were going back up, so it seems, like century p might start breaking its all time highs pretty soon.

So this is one an interesting play to look at if youre interested in elon, musk and starlink in the future. Basically, because that is what we try to speak about on this channel is cryptocurrencies for the future and starling shout out to one of you that actually suggested this. To me, this century seems pretty interesting. Yes, and after doing my research, they have a lot of their tokens staked, so they want to get a lot of people to stake their tokens and the rewards are pretty good, like 25 percent apy thats really good, actually so, and its not too crazy, where its. Like oh scam, no, like it seems pretty legit and noia is one that you should possibly look at, and the max supply is one billion tokens so its not that much so we could see this hit five dollars, ten dollars in the future very easily. In my opinion, especially if they are going to officially work with starlink, that is going to be huge for centropee, i will leave a link to this down below, but again shout out to one of you who suggested it. I dont want to give out the name, because sometimes people do not want me to say their names so but check out some of my other videos. Again, we try to speak about hidden gems like right here, some of them, maybe youve, never heard about. So if this is your first time here make sure you smash the subscribe button join us.

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