On this series, we give our guests 15 seconds to answer whether they are bearish or bullish on various topics, and why so tj are you ready to hop in? I am and im gon na stick to the time this time, because i saw your comment last time that said bearish on time for tj im watching you beautiful lets, start bearish or bullish, facetime, facetime or video chat in general uh bullish. I think its going to continue to increase its a better connection. It feels like you can communicate better. You get all the facial expressions uh. I definitely think facetime and specifically vr video chat is going to be huge in the future. I prefer text phone call or facetime im heavy text. I really like text its very fast, very efficient voice text. I dont i dont voice text. I dont mind it. If people send me voice messages uh, i do know i do interact with some people yeah. I feel like youre, either a voice message, person or youre. Not you either do them constantly or you never do them. Vpns, vpns virtual private networks, very bullish. I think its important in the future. I mean privacy, i think, is going to be a very hot topic for the next, probably three, four five years from now. I think its going to be very prevalent a lot of people talking about it so vpns, i would say, probably on the fringe products right now for most people uh, but will become a lot more common and useful and used by everyday people.

I think, as time goes on and for you in the comments that was 24 seconds im trying guys im trying we have a timer right here. Do we have a timer that, like clocks out at 15 seconds up at the top corner, yeah close up close enough skateboarding skateboarding, im gon na go bearish on skateboarding? I think i mean i like skateboarding. I think its cool its fun. I just think its peaked. You know, i think it really hit its peak. You know with tony hawk 90s, and i mean it might make another resurgence, but no, i think, bearish on skateboarding, you know other other extreme sports well well see their eyes in the future. I think yeah tether, usdt, uh bearish. I think its gon na go down over time. I think other stable coins are gon na rise up like usdc. Maybe the gemini dollar uh pax gold tends to be a strong one, so uh uh bullish on stable coins bearish on tether. What do you think of dye while were at it, because diet diet supposed to be decentralized? But i know its part of its uh supply is backed by actual usdc yeah, so dye is im a fan of diets. You know its a its the stable currency in a uh, decentralized, autonomous organization like you mentioned its decentralized, so it had its issues at one point where, like the tokenomics, can be very complicated and it can get out of whack and if things dont happen fast, like Basically, what i think what happened is there were some really strong price movements and they didnt get enough in there to keep it right at that level because of the way it worked, you know, so it caused some people to question the whole thing when it, you Know fell apart right there at the beginning, but i think its a really interesting experiment.

I think it is the way things are going to develop more into the future, as time goes on. Its just were just so early with dowels, but i think dallas will be massive. Yeah yeah, eath gas feeds e gas fees. Bullish. I think theyre going to go down. I think things are the transaction throughput is going to get higher. I think uh, the eth gas fees conversation will be less of a conversation as more time goes on augmented reality, augmented reality, majorly bullish on this, i think we were talking about this yesterday, uh ar is where everythings gon na go its kind of the combination of Regular life and virtual reality, where youre seeing virtual elements projected into the real world, i think its the future of gaming, its the future of nfts, i think its, the future of like skins and wearables, and a lot of different things so ill. Stop talking leather car seats, leather car seats, uh bullish, i mean leather seats – are great um, you know yeah fabric, you know you get little spots of water stuck in it and everything theyre always looking dirty and gross yeah leather car seats. They clean good. They last a long time, bullish, casinos, casinos, uh, both physical and online. I would say: bullish people love to gamble, people, love, hope, optimism and a chance to make a lot of money with a little money, and fast people always want to get rich, quick, so bullish, daddy long legs, daddy long legs ugh, i hate spike.

I hate spiders. I hate spiders spiders are disgusting, but in georgia, daddy long legs theyre supposed to be not that scary, supposedly theyre, the most poisonous spider there is their mouths are just too small to bite you i dont know if i believe that its probably, i guess its true Theyre, very maybe not most poisonous spider. There is but very poisonous, so uh theyre easy to get rid of you just pick them up by their leg and throw them almost to the side. So like theyre harmless, i dont mind them im sure they kill bugs. But i hate spiders in general, like those ones arent that scary but the other ones. No thanks. I would assume just very full, very bearish on that. Oh yeah, very, very, very, very bearish. On daddy long legs and spiders cruises cruises, um thats an interesting question. Given the current landscape, ive enjoyed cruises in the past, ive gone on cruises, its kind of like an all inclusive resort that you get to bounce around. However, most of the time you dont have enough time at each place for me, so i i guess ill go. Bearish, i prefer uh staying in a place and actually seeing the culture and kind of getting to explore it a little bit longer where i feel like on a cruise everythings, so touristy and commercialized so bearish on cruises. Plus, you know not its kind of gross eric voorhees eric voorhees early early bitcoiner freedom advocate one of the bet, my favorite thought leaders extremely bullish, one of the brightest minds of our time, uh great understanding of people, economics, uh incentives and kind of what drives things Forward im, very, very bullish on eric voorhees think hes, a a great leader and uh really excited to see the stuff that comes out of shape, shift his company.

I think weve had out of the 11 questions. We have a total of two questions where youve answered underneath 15 seconds yeah, but im not going way over. Most of them, ive been 15 to 20 on at least half of them. Theres no way ben does this in 15 seconds? Oh, no! He absolutely does no way yeah okay. Well, then, i could all right game on jay changed it under 15 seconds, all right, all right, i didnt realize it was supposed to be that short. I thought you guys wanted to actually hear some thoughts. I could do it in seven seconds. Uh editor probably can edit this out Music, artificial intelligence, ai uh, very bullish, its gon na continue to increase, and i think blockchain theyre going to be able to store ai on a blockchain, build apps on it. Much faster where you dont have to train the machines over and over extremely bullish on ai and ai apps boom beautiful. What do you think ais, uh relationship with quantum computing well do in the future for mankind, thats, pretty big thats, two emerging technologies, quantum computing plus a.i? I think its still a good idea. Thats, pretty scary, yeah thats, a scary combination. Um, do i think its a good idea. It doesnt really matter if i think its a good idea, its inevitable its going to happen. Its going to push like mankind only knows how to keep growing and moving forward its not just going to stay in one place.

So its going to happen whether we like it or not, what its going to look like, we hopefully lean towards the better things, because you could do a lot of great with quantum computing plus ai, but you also do a lot of bad animal crossing animal crossing. I actually never played animal crossing, know a ton of people who did uh from what i gon na go bearish on this. Surprisingly, from what i understand its a lot, a lot, a lot of fun and then you play it non stop and then, after you played it, for you know six months you pretty much played out from what i understand: smart cars, smart cars, uh, extremely bullish. I think 15, 20 years from now all cars will be smart cars actually a little while ago started developing apps or like conceptualizing ideas for smart car apps. I think thats a pretty huge opportunity for app developers in the future electronic dance music, also known as edm edm, actually bullish on this. I think its its still growing and being discovered. I think its got a long way to go im very bullish on multinational cross border massive collaborations between like 10 to 50 artists at one time, bullish, breweries, breweries, i guess theyre still bullish on those theyve, definitely blew up had their kind of rise and theyre blown Up everywhere, micro, breweries, breweries in general, everybody seems to love them so uh, i think everybody likes to get together, eat hang out and drink.

I think thats going to be around for a while bullish, robin hood, the company, considering its ipo robin hood, the company im going to go thats an interesting one, because theyre kind of in the club im going to go bearish uh. They really blew up their consumer confidence and their whole image. Not that long ago, yeah stop talking. I have a lot more to say, but thats, okay traeger its grilled traeger, the smoker im a bullish, strong brand, strong bear brand awareness seems to be the number one. Smoker a lot of people move towards. You got all the other people that are going to like obsess over it and say: oh you got to get this smoker or that smoker, but like mainstream traeger, very well brand awareness so ill go bullish, farmer, gates, aka bill gates, owning a lot of farmland. Oh bill gates, uh, im, sure hell be successful at what hes trying to do but bearish on its impact for the world. Um sorry bill gates, not a big fan. I want to own the land yeah all right. Last one privacy coins privacy coins, bullish on use case bearish on price. So i wouldnt invest in them to make money, but i do think theyre extremely important and valuable and critical for the future of the world and to be able to send private transactions between you and your friends.