Welcome back to another oneplace for all your investing needs in todays, video were going to be looking at three potential altcoins to buy in the month of september. So what is going on the past 24 hours? Well guys, the market is looking very, very juicy were almost at all time highs on ethereum and many other coins. So in the past 24 hours the market is up about two and a half percent. Almost our top gainers in the past 24 hours can be polymath, which is up about 103 trading at 80 cents highest volume, like usual bitcoin bitcoin bitcoins volume keeps on rising higher and higher, as well as ethereum bitcoin trading around this fifty thousand area. Up about two percent, the past 24 hours ethereum, is trading right around this four thousand range, only four hundred dollars away from the all time, high area that we were hitting in may so ethereum could hit all time highs over the weekend. Potentially, if we see another, you know jump on higher, so this one right now is up about five and a half percent. In the past 24 hours performing very, very well cardano up, one percent binance, almost up three percent, so lana is on fire up about 12 and a half percent trading at around 150 per coin, which is insane just a few days ago. We were talking about it when it was trading at a hundred dollars. Doge is up. Two percent polka dot is up.

Nine percent litecoin 18 chain link, four percent. Everything is booming right now all coins are on fire and this guys could just be the beginning of this massive rally. So what do you guys think is gon na happen? Lets get into this? All coins smash that, like button for me guys the same for 150 plus likes on this video subscribe to the channel were almost at 41 000 subscribers so subscribe to the channel turn on that bell, notifications to get notified every time we make a new video and, As always, if you want to sign up for weeble, get your two free stocks, valued up to 2300 links are in the description for that leave. A comment below letting me know which crypto are you gon na, be buying in the month of september and is the bull market back? What do you guys think lets get into it? The first altcoin on our list is going to be eos, so eos right here. It is up about 11.7 percent in the past 24 hours. It is trading at 5.80 cents in the past week. This one is up about 22, which is still you know great gains right there past month, 44 doing very, very well. In the past year 121, it went from about three dollars. Last september we hit highs here of over 14.90 in may, sold off and continued to sell off now all the way down to about three dollars again and now were seeing a comeback.

Obviously, here we saw a lot of uh greener coins pump on higher and this one as well from six dollars all the way to 1490 so made over 100 profit in a matter of a week or so, and then pull back down thats when all the green Coins started to pump on higher eos solana polygon many other altcoins were also pumping on higher at that time. Now some of them have been performing very well. Some have not and eos seems to be lagging behind all these other altcoins right now, which is a good opportunity, because that means we could see some upside potential in the near future, with eos as it has been lagging compared to the rest of the market market. Cap right now, 5.4 billion and volume in the past 24 hours at 2.5 billion eos is a cryptocurrency designed to support large scale applications. There are no fees to send or receive eos. Instead, the protocol rewards the entities that run the network periodically with the new eos, effectively substituting inflation for transaction fees so guys, if you arent familiar with the crypto space right now, theres a lot of news and different catalysts in the market that are potentially pushing these Altcoin runs – and you know crypto in general, so one of the big things that actually happened – uh, you know just yesterday on friday, is actually the job report. So right here, hiring slowdown in august shows delta variance impact, so employers added 235 000 jobs, one of the weakest showings of the past year now work involving in person uh contact with customers was particularly particularly affected on that as well.

If you guys take a look right here by the numbers, not a good month, so you know they were expecting a lot more. So if you take a look here, the august showing would have been respectable before the pandemic, but after seasonally adjusted gains of 962 000. In june and 1 million in july it was a stark indication of the impact from the delta variant of the ronavirus, so they were expecting a lot more closer to you know 700, 000 plus, and we we did not do that at all. So that was not a good day, and obviously these are things that we always have to watch out every single month to see how thats going to affect the price of the stock market, the crypto market, et cetera, et cetera. Now this means that more people are going to be at home right, which means you know. Potentially people are going to be. You know more interested into crypto and buying more cryptocurrencies and having more money. You know coming from the government and different things like that, which could be signaling the bull run in the crypto space that were seeing right now, as people are more, you know, searching these things on the internet more and more so were seeing the google trends tend To you know, go higher so thats. Why were looking at altcoins right now, as things are starting to explode very very quickly, so eos is uh that first altcoin that could potentially continue its run up only 5.

4 billion market cap. It has a lower market cap right now and has a lot of potential for the future, so thats our first altcoin second altcoin is gon na be chain link so link. This one is up about five percent, the past 24 hours trading at 38.81 cents. In the past week, this is up 26.38 in the past month, 31.22 and then, obviously on the one year chart 156 percent once again, another altcoin that has been lagging behind compared to the rest of the market. If you guys will take a look at other. You know, coins like solana, and you know different ones – theyre up 100, 200, 300 or even higher in the past month or so meanwhile, chain link is lagging behind. It is up about 100 or so in the past month, but it is very far away from its all time high that we hit area on may 9th so may 9th we hit 53 were only trading at 30 right now, which means theres a lot of upside. Obviously, theres a lot of upside close to about, i would say about 70 upside before we hit that all time high area and then obviously theres much more space to continue to run now. Market cap right now in chain link is only 13.7 billion, and this is one of those coins that is great for the future. In my opinion, that has a lot of potential 1.6 billion volume chain link is an ethereum token to powers.

The chain link decentralized oracle network. This network allows smart contracts on ethereum to securely connect to external data sources, apis and payment systems as well. So this one on the all time chart here, as you guys can see this year in 2021, exploded on higher pulled back down with the rest of the market, now were seeing a little bit of an uptrend and were waiting for breakout to continue to go higher And potentially get back to these all time, high areas that were hitting in may and continue to go higher after that past 20, 25 billion market cap, obviously or even higher. Obviously on the one year on the all time chart its up over 16 000. But so is pretty much every other altcoin out there in the market, but chain link is definitely one that is lagging behind and thats. What todays video is pretty much about coins that are lagging behind the market right now and that have not exploded yet, but could explode in the near future, so eos chain link both you know great coins to be you know putting in this uh list and now Our third coin is going to be litecoin, so this could be a third coin. Same pattern guys same pattern. Ltc litecoin right here it is up about 18.75 percent, actually is doing very well in the past 24 hours, starting to move, which is good in the past week. Its up 21.47 in the past month, 54.

7 percent on the one year chart right here. If you take a look, it is up 322 percent. Obviously here we hit lows of about 100 in july. Ever since then we are up about 100 from the low to the top in the past month. So that is a good sign, but here we saw all time highs in may at 413, which still gives us about a ninety five to a hundred percent upside potential just to get back to those area. You know those prices that we were trading at, which was close to about a thirty billion market cap right now. The market cap is only at fourteen point. One billion volume in the past 24 hours at 5.4 billion litecoin is a cryptocurrency that uses a faster payment confirmation schedule and a different cryptographic algorithm than bitcoin. So obviously, litecoin used to be a very popular coin. Back in the day, it was kind of like you know, silver to the you know: bitcoins gold, so thats kind of how people were looking at it. But litecoin has kind of lost interest in the past few years as everything else start to boom. But it did hit highs here, 4, 20 and december 11th of 2017, and we have not hit those levels ever since then. We were very close here, uh, you know in may, when we hit levels of about 414 dollars and then obviously the crypto market kind of crashed pulled back down and it caused this one to come back all the way down to about a hundred dollars.

Uh, giving us a lot of potential for the you know, obviously on the upside, so the return is coming in my opinion and i believe that litecoin will come back and you know traded those all time high prices in the near future. It might be you know in a month it might be in five years 10 years 15 years, but eventually litecoin will rise back again and thats, obviously just my opinion, so thats how everything is performing right now. Those are the three altcoins that were going to be keeping a very close eye on in the near future, for a potential run now hows the rest of the market. Doing guys lets take a quick look first off well start off with solana, because solana is a hot coin. Weve been following for a few months now, obviously performing very well in the past 24 hours up 12 past week, 96 percent, guys in the one month chart 344 percent on the one year. 4 000 solana is on fire guys. We talked about this coin when its trading at twenty thirty forty dollars fifty dollars, we continued to talk about it. Even we even talked about it when it was trading at ninety dollars, talking about a potential one hundred dollar resistance, and if we broke through that resistance, then we could continue this run, but it also could cool off and whats going on. While it keeps on running up 100, almost in the past 20 in the past seven days, so thats just insanity for solana, 42.

9 billion market cap nfts are definitely pumping this one up as well as more people are getting into the nft world. Solana is definitely benefiting from it, and solanas market keeps on rising. I would not be surprised if it gets back into the top five or even higher in the near future. If it continues this trend so solana doing very well, then we have obviously ethereum ethereums up about five percent in the past 24 hours. So yesterday we talked about it. It was trading at 3 800. boom. Just on a friday morning. We saw it go all the way up to about 4 000 and consolidate around that level. For the rest of the day, now going into the weekend were seeing more momentum. 20, the past week in the past month, 57 past year 1172, which is insane we hit lows of 1700 here in july and ever since then weve been on an uptrend of about 21 to 2200 profit per coin, so thats insane 461.9 billion market cap right now. So the market cap is starting to rise once again volume. Past 24 hours at 26.2 billion ethereum, is on fire. I would not be surprised, like i said, if ethereum hit all time highs, either this weekend or next week, depending on how everything else performs, but it could very possibly happen, and that would be insane because then that means the bull market will continue and all coins Are going to be continuing to pop as well? Obviously, as these large cap coins tend to move higher bitcoin up about two percent trading around this, fifty thousand area hit fifty one thousand here on friday, which was very nice to see market cap nine hundred and forty one point five billion, so the market cap is Close to that one trillion closer than ever right now in the past week were up six and a half percent past month, 27 past year ‘0.

So if we take a look here, ethereum almost 1200 percent – meanwhile bitcoin about 400, so ethereum is up about almost three times more than bitcoin is in the past year. So if you invested a thousand dollars in bitcoin, you would be up about. You know, like we said three hundred and ninety percent, so youll be up about three thousand, almost four thousand dollars, but if you invested in ethereum for a thousand dollars, youll be up about eleven 11 000, which is a lot higher than bitcoin. So you know this was a great opportunity for any. You know long term investors on any of these dips, obviously to get on in, as were still you know, not at all time highs and all time highs are coming in my opinion, so thats definitely something we have to look forward to in the future. Guys now guys, if you enjoy this type of content, let me know in the comments below smash that, like button for me lets say for 150 plus likes subscribe to the channel turn on that bell notifications to get notified every time i make a new video, as Always if you want to sign up for with for weevil, get your two free stocks valued up to twenty three hundred dollars, i im not a financial advisor guys, so i always say that at the end of my videos, im not a financial advisor. This is all for entertainment purposes. Only so before investing into the stock market or the crypto market speak to your financial advisor.

Do your own due diligence and make sure you understand the high risk high reward type situation in the crypto space. I hope you guys enjoyed it and i hope you guys have a great rest of the weekend.