Bitcoin just found some resistance all the way over. At about 50 000, which was interesting because a lot of people were speculating that it was gon na just surge right pass through then again to find some resistance over in that area is completely completely normal and so were not too worried about that now. In terms of all coins, ethereum, obviously let the rise for the last couple of days together with ada and solana. Right now, it basically flowed over into almost any all coin, except for polka dot and ethereum, which was rather interesting if were looking at the real numbers. In terms of investor faith, the fear and greed index is also showing some amazing strength right now. A lot of greed and all coin season index is also showing rather nice in the sense that we got our dip, which i also told you guys was exactly my own expectation. Very often, if you look at the bigger picture of things, it works in cycles and it doesnt really stay at the bottom for too long, and if you basically follow along with this curve and basically by the top, so the bottom you usually win and how that Works is at the top. You basically sell your all coins for bitcoin at the bottom. You sell your bitcoin for all coins and that circle goes up and down and up and down. Usually it works now moving over a little bit into the rio xrp stuff.

For just a little second xp also found some resistance at right about 1.30 and for ethereum lets quickly check that out, i guess were seeing the same level as a little bit early today. Now, i guess ethereum is just a factor thats really different from the rest, because the majority of all coins found some crazy new high today, except for ethereum. It didnt actually do that. Well today, which is peculiar. It can really show, then that a lot of money has flown from ethereum into other. All coins really peculiar all right. Former u.s president donald trump says: crypto are a disaster waiting to happen, guys ive said it a couple of times already, but whenever people like this of some high stature but not necessarily respectable in in this specific field, speak, you already know its going to be something Detrimental to crypto or something really respectable for the united states or the united states currency or something of the sort. Donald trump again is not that positive towards crypto, because hes afraid that its gon na turn out bad, then again guys. He might have some knowledge that we dont. Ultimately, i think that crypto is the future. You guys know it by now right, but what if this man knows? Who made it or something like that thats? What every so often, i think about that for just a second. However, that is specifically for bitcoin, because nobody knows who made it crypto in general, you cant really call a scam, you cant really call it a disaster.

We all know the use case and we own the potential in that theres, no way that this is fake or a disaster. All that can happen is that the technology becomes obsolete due to newer technology being built or that all of a sudden everybody thinks no crypto. Aint it for the world, but that would be odd right. Its the same thing for the internet. You just build and build and build because theres, just a nice and logical use case in it and thats, basically how you get: expansion and innovation. Now, japanese amazon recruiting just resumed xrp trading, the japanese e commerce behemoth raccoon wallet, where zoom xp margin trading started from september 8th according to a recent announcement, which is pretty nice and pretty cool. I thought i should quickly mention that, and also guys the singapore regulator puts binance on the investor alert list ive already been making like 10 updates throughout the last couple of months about binance binance has drawn security from regulators over in the uk. The us, thailand, malaysia, japan, italy, netherlands, germany, basically everywhere for basically having some shady practices or not having the proper license, and now again singapore can be added to that list. Now, i will never tell you to take all your money off of binance, because i personally use it. I like it a lot and its definitely the exchange im gon na stick with for a very long. While, however, i did warn my own friends.

Take some money out, so you at least have some crypto elsewhere for in case something does happen to him now. The reason i said that is because a lot of the crypto exchanges that are local to you, they might have some sort of insurance or some sort of liability in your specific country, like binance uss in the united states. Right, you know exactly who to talk to you know exactly who to sue. If, however, binance ever messes up your money, it is gon na be extremely difficult to actually go, get it back or take somebody down, because what country are you gon na? Look at every single country that they have a small company in well in every one of those countries like yeah but were not operating here. This is not where binance u.s operates or binance operates, so who youre going to go im after ghostbusters youre going to have to call now all right, but that was it todays video guys just a small one, just a quick little update on the entire situation. Yeah, the link down below by the way is for buy bit the reason i have it down. There is because of the extremes that i use personally for leveraged trading, bitcoin ether, xp ada, every single crypto, its on there right now, theres 3 600 worth of bonuses. Right now so go check. It out.