If you want to join us head into the saloon thats, the telegram channel join the website that become a cowboy official cowboy uh today, because i think the number one thing you could do is put a community of people around you. Just to you know, kick around ideas, my im on a journey to to bitcoin, while helping as many people to their first one, and so we need to find out who we can trust out here. Whos, making really good calls and whos not making some good calls, and so we have big boy crypto here, literally a legend and literally literally a legend in the space uh biggest community. By far i i i mean i i enjoy most of his stuff. I do think that he shills a lot and – and he gets paid for a lot of these coins and thats kind of my sentiment here. These picks arent really that great picks. I dont really see why he would make these picks out of all the cryptos out there like. Why would he make these picks in august, when, like he didnt pick ada, you know what im saying like why? Why wouldnt every person whos making pics and then hes a youtuber is picking ada and i dont understand why youre not picking ada and i think its because he was paid by every one of these things so lets just see if theyre, whether hes paid or not. I dont know i have talked to the developer teams of this person and many other coins who have talked about uh getting on a video for from bitboy crypto, but i dont know well see here his first pick here was a pick called fox um shapeshift fox.

I guess shape fix fox and he picked it at um. So this is at the beginning of uh august right and so beginning of august was six 66 cents. Okay shape shift fox. I dont even know what this is: 66 cents and by september 1st its at 54 cents all right, so you youve lost there. Your first pick youve already lost um a meaningful amount, whats that i mean 10 cents on out of 60 bucks. What is that, like 30, like 33 or so like right around there, um thats, incredible uh, so thats thats, already a big fail of grade big fail right there um for his fourth one is compound compound is a d5 protocol um, and so he picks this im. Not gon na make im gon na go too in depth into these coins, but he he picks compound a d5 protocol, and so in um in the last lets see in the last month were seeing compound at uh august 1st well lets get back here august. 1St was sitting at 401; it it met. It hit a all time, high at 500. I believe 522 dollars and then drop back so that wasnt that bad it dropped back to like 450 bucks thats, not that bad i mean i like it. It did drop back to like previous levels, but it did spend some time at all time high and if youre a good trader you should have taken profit. So i mean you: could you could kind of give and take on that? One, not a bad pick.

Uh tlm, this is alien worlds. This is a video game, this ones a little sketchy one. You know like. Why would you pick this one, and so this august first was this was sitting at 29 cents. It reached some highs of ‘ cents and 37 cents right here, which is not bad, and then it ends up in 32 cents, so its like yeah im, not too sure uh whether or not this was a good. This was too good of a buy or not. Actually matter of fact, when he picked this, the the price immediately tanked. So if you bought this, when that video came out, you would have experienced some some tanks, uh, some really big dips and then youd have to hold until you actually saw some investment august 25. Is basically when you saw some return on your investment august 25 25 days later, so i know that i would be kind of sketchy on on that pick. Uh uos. This is ultra its a gaming platform um a new era for gamers decentralized gaming, and so this was uh an interesting one. I i talked to the team here and um yeah there i knew they were talking to big boy, crypto and august. 1St is sitting at 56 cents here and uh. Uh youd have to wait until august 10th to see some significant return, um and so and and since then its picked up so like almost 100 gain, like probably about 90 game, which is a good pick.

If you didnt sell before those 10 days, so thats thats, pretty good thats, not bad thats, really good. Actually, um quant is the other one that he picked here: quant q, q and t and um honestly, i dont even know what quant is i dont know. Quan does no idea. He was boasting that if you picked it up on the day he dropped it. It would have already spiked im, not too sure about that. I mean id have to go it, the this dropped august 1st and he was already reporting a spike, and so i dont know if he was saying it. It was other places. I have no idea, but quant right here. August first was sitting at 176 dollars and now its like. All time, high was like a hundred and like 200 bucks and now its sitting at like 180 dollars. Im gon na im gon na put that as a negative and the reason why you still made money. But heres the thing um, the easy pick was cardano. You know what i mean. The easy pick was card on. This was his number one spot. The easy pick was cardano. If you were to pick solana, i would have been even more impressed, and so this to me is just not not all all too impressive um, in my opinion, im careful of bitboy crypto, because i know that he accepts uh. He accepts a lot of money. Hes, maybe like forty thousand dollars about forty thousand dollars from these coins, thats the asking price to be in one of his videos, its like crazy.

These developers are paying them 40 grand to make a video just because they think that its gon na pop and oftentimes, not that doesnt, really happen like that, and i think hes i think, hes getting paid for his shield so like if he was any type of Like serious picks, he would pick ada, he would pick ethereum for sure. He would pick those two for sure he would i mean, and if he knew, if he knew something he would pick. Solana, like those are just easy, picks right, and so i dont know be careful guys on these youtubers, especially me. You know what im saying like these youtubers theres a couple things that you got ta know one they get paid to make videos on these coins. So i never get paid on any individual video that i make. The only videos i will ever be paid on are the ama videos, the the interview, videos, those are the ones i get paid on. I get compensated on. I say it in every video any other video that i make. I am not getting compensated in any slight of the way. Okay, i promise you get. I mean just talk to anyone. Okay, however, oh like literally all these other crypto youtubers id havent met a single person. Who only does what i do as ama, so just be careful, because if theyre, if youre taking advice from a youtuber whos getting paid, you theyre compromised, you know they have a conflict of interest now and it doesnt matter.

If theyre getting paid in like separate like bitcoin or b, b or theyre, getting paid in like uh the project coin – thats – probably even me – i dont know if its worse or not ive kind of changed my mind on that because its like, maybe um they have To say something: nice: they have to say something good. If theyre going to make a top five picks, do you got to buy these this month? Yeah? That makes all the sense in the world anyway guys dont overthink. It just use your simple little brains, gorilla, arms diamond hands. This is why we need to be together right, theres, all kinds of scams and all kinds of people like you know backhanded. You know, like ulterior motive, stuff its its its your money. You got to keep it safe. You want to make generational wealth for your future, for your kids and your childrens children, and all that stuff anyway, and i think the best way to do that is in a crowd and a posse and a gang of other cowboys. Anyway, guys join the telegram, join the hidden saloon, ill talk to you.