Thank you very much. Lets go to the subscribe button over there. Click dont forget to switch on that notification. Bell. Click first disclaimer! Is that im, not a financial advisor theres. Nothing here that im sharing that has to do with giving anybody advice. I just share what i do and im just purely doing these videos for educational purposes, to wake my subscribers up, to wake my followers up and to encourage people to be educated about digital currencies and to go educate themselves and be more knowledgeable before they invest. In anything now talking about digital currencies, a lot of you have been asking me like smoo. How much money have you made since you joined crypto? So let me tell you what happened in 2020. Lockdown happened were all stuck in our houses. We all started spending a lot of time on the internet, sometimes youre doing things. The kids are making noise here, theres your partner here in front of you every day, every night holiday morning afternoon, every day, every night, the kids are here: youre working, theyre, making noise theyre jumping around sometimes like i cant go anywhere theres um conspiracy theories out there. People are talking about whatever theyve been talking about all over the internet and just consuming this content consuming that content and just life keeps going on, and then you just start reading different things and you start getting into online courses learning different things because theres nothing to Do youre, just in the house, luckily ive got a um, a good good wi fi in my house that i pay monthly, which is unlimited, wi fi, which id like to encourage you guys to speak to your parents if youre a young person rather than them, buying A brand new, expensive sneaker rather ask your parents to invest in um, unlimited wi fi for the house and that amount of money they would have paid to buy a sneaker.

Let them pay that every month for you to have wi fi, unlimited wi fi. What happens to you when youve got wi fi, then you can hustle when you hustle, you start getting exposed to opportunities, theres many opportunities by the way, guys online apart from forex apart from crypto theres many other opportunities out there. Guys and people have been asking me how much money have you made. I dont like talking about money and the figures, because a lot of people end up um yeah lets just say. I dont like talking about figures talking about the amount of money, but let me tell you lets say: for instance, i invested a hundred dollars if i invested a hundred dollars. Okay. Oh sorry, let me go back to the story, so im jumping around everywhere, because you would know that these videos that i do will not fully give you all the information about cryptocurrencies, but they will merely give you a bit of an insight and then theyll inspire. You to go: do your own research and go be knowledgeable on your own and go learn from other people. I mean ive shared videos here on how you can learn crypto through free courses from different platforms. You know, and i always encourage you guys to go, follow other people are more knowledgeable than i am who are more sophisticated with their knowledge to teach and share with you their knowledge and how you can become better, but anyway, lets go back to last year.

So join crypto in the house. Um got scammed made. Some mistakes got pissed off with crypto. I didnt think it was a scam, just like i didnt think forex was a scam, but i knew that people who knew more about forex started, taking advantage of people who are less knowledgeable about forex, but other people, because theyve been taken advantage of. Then they started saying the whole forex thing is a scam. I could have done the same thing with crypto last year and said. Ah, this thing is a scam. This thing is a scam. No, it is not a scam, its just people who make it out to be a scam, because those who are more knowledgeable enough in it or who know better. They end up taking advantage of people who know less, and i was one of those people taking advantage of, and i lost a lot of money right, not a lot, but i lost money. But then i started telling myself dont be in a hurry. Take your time learn this thing: do your own research due diligence find out who are the reputable people which are the reputable platforms you can use as your exchanges, to get your crypto, that you can link to your local bank and you can have your own wallet And purchase your cryptocurrencies and then you keep learning so i didnt just want to learn and then invest later. I wanted to invest while its like when they say to you.

If you give somebody something for free, they dont fail you its the same thing. Well. For me, it was the same thing where i kind of felt im not going to take this thing seriously. If i dont put my money in it, although ive been scammed in 2020. now its 2021 im from tanzania ive had a great festive season. Ive had some great music, it was successful. Ive done some awesome work with the king ali kiba in tanzania im recording some new music now its locked down again installed in 2021. Im writing a new book im setting up a new company et cetera and all these things im doing, but i still want to know more about cryptocurrencies, because i know that its not a scam, the scam is the people who scammed me because i knew less and I was in a hurry wanting to make money and because they slid into my dms and started saying all these different great things, i believe them and then i put my money in there and i got scammed so right now. Let me learn, learn, learn, learn so and then thats the journey that ive been on since this year since beginning of the year, and then crypto went all the way to about 60 000 plus – and i was like damn. Why am i not in this thing – and there was this – that fomo i did another video. I think it was a previous video yesterday about fomo fear of missing out right.

I was like i need to get into it and then i think thats when i started even taking it more seriously, because i started seeing its going higher now got into it started learning, but i was like this time ill be more cautionable. Oh, what is it? Sorry guys english is not my matter time but ill, be ill, have more caution and ill focus on the educational aspect of it and let me start doing videos to start sharing with other people who might just get scammed the same hour, scam last year and thats. What i did i started learning i started doing my own due diligence and i was very very blessed to have met a young man by the name of greyjabesi, who runs a platform called hardcore, crypto thats, the guy that ive been learning from. I interviewed him on my podcast. The hustlers corner ill put a link in the description of the hustlers corner, so you can check it out. I um i interview some of the best hustlers all over the world. I travel all over the world and i speak to them how they started their businesses. What their story is. I sometimes even speak to new business people who dont know much about business, but what only just trying to get into it now, but its a platform that im sure you will like its a personal development platform but its more entrepreneurial right. Its called the hustler squad and put a link in the description i interviewed great james after that interview.

I was like wow im glad i know its not the best statement. One would say that im glad i was scammed last year, but im glad that i went that route because it woke me up because i could have lost more money later, but because i lost money in the beginning. For me it was not a lot of money, but maybe for somebody else, whos still a student whos still young might be a lot of money, but im glad that i lost money because it woke me up so then i started doing on due diligence. I started educating myself, i started, especially when i interviewed gray. He started opening up about what he does, what his platform does and how hes been doing it, and i did my research on him and i just started getting excited and then in june i bought my first cryptocurrency this year properly now not with scammers buying it Myself i bought it when there was a crash when it went all the way down to 28 000 us dollars bitcoin. I bought my bitcoin at 33, 000 u.s dollars so from now to now and now im talking about todays the um the beginning of september right. The first week of september bitcoin is sitting at forty nine thousand dollars playing between forty seven forty, eight forty nine forty. Seven forty eight forty nine thousand, it hits a bit on it, hit fifty thousand dollars a bit and you know its just been volatile and going up and down around there.

But if you look at how much money i invested in in june, when bitcoin was thirty, three thousand dollars to how much returns ive made to now what bitcoin is saying, forty nine thousand dollars for arguments sake lets, say forty seven thousand dollars how much of those Returns, that is thirty percent plus, so how much money did i make? So if i invested a hundred dollars, it means for doing nothing for just being a hoarder hodl, which is a new one. That ive just learned that if you purchase your bitcoin youre an investor for long term and hold on to you, never sell your bitcoin like i never do. You are a hoarder right and thats. What i am you would have made thirty dollars. If you invested a hundred dollars in june, when i did invest when it was thirty, three thousand dollars to weight is now. If you invested a thousand dollars, youd have made three hundred dollars between then and now. Youve invested ten thousand dollars. Then, when i bought when it was thirty, two thousand dollars bitcoin at the time now is forty, eight forty nine fifty thousand dollars thirty percent of returning investment thats three thousand dollars i would have made. If i invested a hundred thousand dollars, i made thirty thousand dollars. If i invested a million dollars, i would have made three hundred thousand dollars so should i give you guys the number thats how much money i put into my bitcoin in june and how much money ive made now? Should i tell you guys a figure? Okay, let me tell you this: maybe thatll give you an idea instead of me, giving you guys a figure of how much money ive made since then ive done the most brilliant thing, ive withdrawn! Well, ive sold the bitcoin that is equals to the returns that ive made since june 2.

Music. And what did i do or what am i doing with those returns? Ive just bought myself. 10 stands at the casino properties, which is a real estate. Company im working with theyve got real estate new development coming up. I bought myself, 10 stands and in those 10 stands im going to borrow money from the bank to build 10 houses and then, from there im going to put in tenants and im gon na make a rental income from my houses and, as i make, that rental Income im gon na service, my loan from the bank, which will be the end of next year, so that can give you a bit of an idea as to how much money ive made. So since i started buying bitcoin to now that amount of money, ive just sold that amount of bitcoin the returns and that money has just been used to purchase 10 stands basically im reinvesting that money now into real estate. How beautiful is that so as much as im, not giving you a figure, but it makes you aware that my returns have been able to afford me an opportunity to purchase land land which im going to build houses, houses that im going to put tenants in tenants That are going to pay me or my family estate for the rest of our lives and that money is going to be passed on to generation after generation after generation, and i never sell my bitcoin, but i sold it now.

Why so that i can reinvest it and make more money and um yeah set up the future of my children, just like all the other investments that im doing, and you can do it like me, you can do it your own way, im, not telling you what To do with your money, its only your decisions that you make, but all im asking you to do is to go and be informed, educate yourself. Thank you very much for watching this video guys dont forget to click that, like button over there click it and click that subscribe button, click and dont forget to click that notification bell.