I also want to talk about the nft market and even low cap cryptocurrency gems. If you appreciate us keeping you informed on a daily basis. Do me a favor smash. The like button smashing the like button, its a small thing you can do, but it truly does help get this information out there to as many people as possible and if youre new to the channel and youre interested in making money in cryptocurrency subscribe to the channel. Because, like i said, we drop one video every day were on a road to one million subscribers and with that being said, lets get into it. Uniswap labs is now under investigation by the united states securities and exchange commission thats right. The sec has reportedly launched a probe into the developer team behind uniswap, the largest decentralized crypto exchange in the industry. Before i provide you with context before, i provide you with the nuances, with the perspective, lets get everybody on the same page. What is uniswap well uniswap is a decentralized exchange protocol that underpins the epitomous ethereum based exchange uniswap that allows anyone to swap erc20 tokens without a middleman. This exchange in exchanges like it does a lot of good. You can buy, sell trade, different tokens, no middleman control. Your own keys theres, a lot of benefits to using uniswap that you dont get from anything in traditional finance, and this is also you know its one of the major players in defy in general, which seeks to replace, centralized middlemen in traditional financial products such as loans Insurance derivatives with decentralized non custodial applications and uterswap is the blue chip.

Does a lot of good well, the sec is investigating uniswap uniswap, one of the most innovative and empowering tech projects to come out of american teams in the last decade. Really the us should be giving hayden the founder a medal instead hes being investigated, we live in a financial prison. Think about it like this uniswap is everything good about america, tech, leadership, innovation, massively successful, produces massive revenue. Everyone is happy with uniswap. There are no complaints, so the sec is not protecting us, they must be protecting someone else, they must be protecting the legacy system. Let me know what you think on this in the comments below so imagine, youre a regulator. Looking at the vast wide world of cryptocurrency, you see the overt frauds the rug pulls the 2017 vaporware icos still pushing their tokens. The copy paste d5 projects pumping and dumping on, centralized ethereum virtual machine forks. You see all of this and you think uniswap yeah ill go after uniswap, its all theater. The goal is notches in their belt. Not consumer protection, not good public policy. Big projects means big headlines means media attention. Legit domestic projects with known leaders are just easier to attack and shake down pursuing actual international crime. Now that would be work for the sec. Well, maybe the message is: maybe the message theyre trying to send is well. If we can get uniswap, we can get anyone, and that, probably surely is the intent. Yes, however, the impact the impact is that all of the upstanding people that a regulator should want to be building these technologies will be dissuaded.

The market will be overtaken with anonymous. Devs, who are completely unresponsive to the regulators, valid policy concerns theyre, not doing america any favors on this one and the reality of all this is that you know really. There is no universe in which the sec wouldnt investigate a profound innovation like uniswap that it finally occurred. This isnt interesting whats interesting, is number one whether the sec can form any legally coherent allegations and number two. Whether such allegations can affect the uniswap protocol because remember – and this is critical write this down – uniswap is the name for two things: the centralized company, uniswap labs and the decentralized open source protocol unit swap the exchange the latter. The protocol is forkable immutable and answers only to its own code heres. The thing guys we dont even know at this point. If this report is true or not it hasnt been confirmed. It probably is true, though, because it shouldnt surprise anybody if youve been subscribed to this channel youre aware of chairman genslers recent comments on defy. He says we need to look into it. We need to regulate it. It also shouldnt worry anybody too much at this point. Yet because keep this in mind, this is something you dont get with just the headlines. An investigation is not an allegation of wrongdoing, its just how the sec gathers information thats key and beyond that, my friends, the cat is out of the bag. Already, if you dont know how many dexes are built on top of block chains check this out, so this is just ethereum.

These are just all the exchanges. Decentralized exchanges on ethereum uniswap makes just the most popular the biggest one, but theres plenty more or how about any other exchange binance smart chain. These are all the dexes, all the dexes, all the dexes. Now i know a lot of people in our audience have been on this cryptocurrency journey with us for quite some time. Your old dogs in this space. By now, you probably know way more than gary gensler or the sec, so im curious to know what you think about all this, and even if youre new to cryptocurrency im curious to know what you think about the sec investigating uniswap. Just my personal opinion. It seems to me, like the sec, is moving at a snails pace: theyre, not even going after the protocols or projects they should be going after the ones they have gone after in the past couple years, theyve literally just given a slap on the wrist its like Theyre throwing rocks into an ocean or something i mean cryptocurrency d5. All of this is innovating at a lightning pace and the sec just seems like they dont even know really what theyre doing so again, im curious to know what you think on this. In the comments below this is still a developing story, so make sure you subscribe to the channel because we will continue to keep you updated now. Lets talk about a different aspect of cryptocurrency lets check in on the nft sector, which is exploding were going through nft summer right sothebys, one of the most legit auction houses in the world board.

Apes bundle could fetch 18 million. So sothebys is auctioning. They started off. Auctioning crypto punks, everybody thought that was like a one time thing, or maybe they did beeple first but but anyways its turned into just sothebys nft auction house, auctioning off board apes, yacht club nfts the 107 tokens that are currently on auction. These are not all of the apes, but just 107 of them come from a collection owned by the series creator, yugo labs. The collection is expected to fetch up to 18 million. I mean just realize how quickly you know this space is developing. It was almost just one year ago, when punks crypto punks were going for, oh my god, three hundred dollars almost four hundred dollars so much money well cut to today, crypto punk zombie sells for almost four million, so i mean listen if youre new to cryptocurrency. Dear friends, who joined crypto and nfts this year, i think this is something that we all learn. This is a welcome as part of your orientation get to know this chart. This will apply for nfts. This will apply for bitcoin cryptocurrency in general, pretty much all assets, because this isnt talking about one particular asset lets talk about human psychology and at some point bitcoin will be up here at some point. Bitcoin will be down here. Some point nfts will be up here at some point. Nfts will be down here now. A lot of people think that nfts are around here right now.

Still other people think that maybe nfts are just around here right now, i tend to think maybe were somewhere in the context of this cycle. Of course, i think theres more upside ahead, of course, nfts certain ones have been pumping pretty hard. So again, let me know where you think the nft market is greed, enthusiasm, media tension or even cryptocurrency in general, in the comments below and lets get to some low cap altcoin gem news lets talk about a cryptocurrency protocol thats taking the decentralized finance space by storm. A revolution in defy asset management, accessibility, transparency, security, its cook, finance and cook is a platform that brings together the world of decentralized finance and offers it up as a carefully curated menu of funds. So, to put it simply, we bring decentralized finance to everyone to truly understand what cook protocol is check. This out cook protocol is a trustless, transparent, well incentivized, cross chain asset management platform that allows investors and fund managers to manage their wealth through highly customized cross chain. Investment portfolios. We provide investors with a wide variety of asset management services and fund managers, with advanced trading tools and highly liquidized funds, giving these players access to leveraged diversification. Now longtime subscribers of this channel will note. We have talked about cook finance before, especially you know when they first started out. They have had plenty of updates, since we last talked about them and cook finance is sponsoring todays videos so im going to clue you in on everything thats new with these guys.

To finish this out, we are setting out on a mission to bring finance to the masses revolutionize the d5 space, by focusing on the three pillars of interoperability, usability and capital efficiency to maximize both returns and utility to investors and fund managers. Again, just to put it simply, we bring decentralized finance to everyone. Now, perhaps the biggest update since we last talked about these guys is their mainnet has launched thrilled to share this news with the world its been launched for quite some time now. So no worries check this out. This is what it looks like now. This is their mainnet now to go further on the improvements and upgrades improving the cook brand. They developed a new brand theme to make the platform easy to understand. New brand logo to visually represent what our platform does and a new brand website, which you saw to easily explain our platforms. Best features again link to cook.finance in the description check them out on the front page. You can learn all about them. They introduced the new cook logo, which is nice. They have several partnerships cook and cherry swap. Cherry swap and cook at cook were constantly working on new partnerships and integrations. One of the latest weve just completed is cherry, swap as we just went over decentralized exchanges are pretty big deal theyre, not going away cook partners with ok, x chains, largest lending protocol archimedes. So you know lending big part of defy now beyond that.

I dont have the press release in front of me, but i know that chain link theyre, launching a new partnership and integration with chain link which is kind of a big deal and also, as we know, nfts are a huge industry, huge trend right now and going To get a lot bigger in the future anyway, nft launch upcoming, new cooking themed, nft game 5 program for the community, so theyre getting into nfts and game five check out their website, cook.finance and thats it. For me today, my friends, we went over dexes the sec investigating unit swap we went over nfts and we went over cook finance.