We are going to give you all the price prediction today in the market for theta. You guessed it its about that time. We want to see if this currency is going to go much higher. We are the analyst and were going to tell you why we think theta token is about to go higher in price. Welcome to our channel todays. The first time ever seen our video and our content make sure before you go hit, that, like button sharing, also subscribe to our channel wan na, make sure that we give you information that you can actually use were not here to pump. You up were not here to give you any fun any fomo. We strictly pay attention to the price. Everything else is irrelevant. Everything else is irrelevant. It only matters on what you and i are willing to buy and sell these currency for and once you take everything else out, the way youll begin to see the bigger picture as to how this market really works. So if you guys want to join us, were here now here, it is right here im showing you right now, our last price prediction in theta, which was on august the 11th 2021. If you guys want to go back and listen to it, its in our theta playlist were not hiding anything from our community. We want to show you that you can do the same thing. Look the price and theta has, for the most part traded sideways, but while the market has been trading sideways and theta, we have been in profit mode.

Take a look. We are in profit mode right now. If we wanted to take out this position right now. Well be up eight and a half percent right there, just that simple from august the 11 to todays current day almost a month, we are up eight and a half percent. Now you might say well thats good thats great, but its still, it is profitability. This is how youre able to win in the market without using those pointless and useless technical indicators. Now, what im going to do, since that is over im, going to go ahead and take this out right and update you all as to what im seeing into the market and theta nine percent right there i cool done now. Let me ask you this question right, because i want to teach everyone in our community how to do the same thing that we are doing, because everyone else out there literally cannot understand how this market works. My question to you is: you guys can recall from august the 11th. We have already told everyone, this horizontal line right here, eight dollars and five cents give or take is restriction, meaning the price for some apparent reason cannot break above that number. Hmm. What could it be? Theres only two dynamics that occurs into the market, only two that makes price move right so remember this buying and selling those are the only two transactions that can occur to move the price. Nothing else can happen, nothing.

So what is causing theta to not be able to break above eight dollars and a nickel? What is it? Is it the buying, or is it the selling exactly its the selling right there? If the market in theta truly was strong, there was enough buyers into the market. The price would have went higher. This is the third time that we are coming and approaching this eight dollar nickel area. So now the title of the video has you thinking that the market can go much higher right now. It cant, because weve been rejected three times right here into the market in theta around eight dollars august, the 16th second time was august 24th and now todays. The third time the price in theta is finding rejection, but is it lets see lets look at the chart on a different time frame? Then all right? This is the three day time frame into the market in theta. So far the market looks decent. It looks healthy. It doesnt look like it wants to go down and if it does im still seeing support overall around six dollars, thats the ultimate support area. In order for us to see theta to go higher in the long term, cool lets. Look at the price in theta. On the five day, time frame, look at this on the five day. The market here in theta still looks healthy. So, yes, right now, the current situation is not looking good for the price to go up but im.

Looking at this from a weekly perspective, this is the weekly chart in theta. This is where im seeing that the prospect of this market breaking this eight dollar area is on the table. So now, if im looking for the price in theta to break eight dollars to the upside, where would be the next area that i would expect the selling to occur? Answer that question for me? Where would you expect to see the selling occur into the market in theta before youre able to get off the market in profit mode? Where would you take the bag because the market moves? It goes up and it goes down. So, at what point before the price goes down, would you take the bag from the trap? This is how youre able to win it to the market. Look at it! Where do you see the next area of restriction into the market in theta? Would it be around dollars ten dollars where, because its one of those numbers lets, take a look at the market and theta on the monthly time frame, then this is the monthly time frame. Take a look at the price in theta last month, thats scary, the market in theta got rejected at eight dollars. We saw the price come all the way down and close towards the low end of the bar, rather than the high end the market. Right now in theta is trying again to break above eight dollars. That is the only thing.

The one thing that could go against us in our price prediction is not seeing this price break eight dollars. So on any premise, as time goes on, and you still see the price as having issues of breaking above eight dollars, then you understand that the markets going to go down its just that simple, okay. So now let me show you all the play. Let me give you all the play into the marketing theta. Okay, now im going to take this eight dollar area because, like i said, im looking for the price to break above it, my next concern would be up here around nine. That would be the next area of restriction, even though im expecting the market to break this eight dollar level, we only got like a dollar movement to the upside. Before i expect to see more selling coming to the market now, ultimately im going to grab it around 10 right thats, the highest area that will be looking for the market to get weak and come back down in price okay. So now let me run this back on the daily and let me show you our prediction right: while everyone else out, there is confusing you with their rsis and they stochastics and their bulger bands and their elliott waves and this, and that and moon cycles and astrological Numbers and sagittarius signs and zodiac signs and this and that they give you all this confusion, lets move on lets go ahead and do this real, quick right now check this out.

I told you six dollars is where the price of support needs to be maintained in theta right as long as price and theta is able to maintain. Six dollars were golden to see the price go up right now. My first area to take the bag from the trap is right there around nine. I need to be prepared to take some of this money off of the table and theta around nine dollars. Now exactly nine dollars, no im just giving you the vicinity, the proximity as to where i would be willing to take the profit out right. There thats the first area around nine dollars, which would give us what fourteen point six six percent that we could eat all eat off of right there now ultimate area, though, is around ten ill. Take the whole profit off the table. Tell the trap! Thank you for your service were glad that you finally came to where we expected you to come now, give it up cough it up, give us the profit right there. Okay, just that simple, all right now. One thing i wanted to show you before i go. Is you can kind of tell that the market in theta is trading sideways right? Now we have this ascending line in play at this market in theta. It may take a while for us to even hit that 9.10 price due to the fact that this market is just trading sideways. We are not necessarily in an upward trend, so you have to be patient.

You have to be patient to allow this move to play out, but if it happens sooner, the better were good, but i want to put this into your mind that yeah this marketing theta look like its just pretty much trading sideways at the moment, all right so Thats, it now drop me a comment in the comment section. Tell me: what do you all see on the price chart for theta? Let me know what is your price prediction? No seriously lets not make this confusing. You need to learn how to do this.