Im still very well allocated to this market in blue chip d5, as well as majors as well as, of course, my favorite gaming and nft related alts. But right now there is an absolute mad rush that is coming into the nft sector and, quite frankly, the amount of gains coming out of nfts make it so that it doesnt really matter. If ethereum takes a big dookie, as my buddy alex becker would say, or if bitcoin goes down to goblin town, the reality is that nfts seem to be forming their very own market structure. Im not telling you to buy nfts. I dont care what you do to be honest, because this stuff is super risky. You need to make your own decisions here were literally entering into an entirely new type of market, and the amount of froth here is reaching astronomical levels. So, to not think that theres, some kind of local top or some kind of peak on the horizon would be foolish. My theory is, you want to flip those sort of new collections. If youre able to get in and youre able to flip them, then youre able to actually buy into these. You know more stores of value, like i think, crypto punks long term continues to grow in value because the people buying them are not the people to panic, sell them. I think thats the same thing for like the top art blocks projects as well. I think theres, just you look at the people who hold these, and these are like true collectors right.

They want to hold these things for a long time, so theyre not just going to dump them and thats. Why? I think the real goal here is to understand: where is the value going to be stored, long term in nft land? We know pfps are a big use case because people want the social identity, so you have top pfps. You have top art, you have top sort of experimental, historic and, and you just got to really run it through and and challenge your assumptions and say: is this going to be something that sticks around because there will be a big crash? There will be everything on fire and do you think that the community of your fellow holders is going to completely by the dip and make sure that they dime in hand and because, if you think, youre in a community like that, then i think that those are The communities that will survive and thrive as the market continues to build strength. Here. The narrative around the super cycle, or at very least the double bubble, is starting to absolutely crystallize here, as were looking at yet another round of bullishness on the horizon, and while some metrics may suggest that september is not the month for the wild breakout on bitcoin, It appears as if we are entering into a wild altcoin mania, also known as alt season, which were going to be going absolutely deep on now. This service here is declaring a crypto alt season.

This is a service here, thats part of coin telegraph and its saying also alt season is here. The alt season indicator ct markets pros metric that assesses the relative market, strength of bitcoin versus altcoin finally, flips to the alt side. What were seeing is its l1 season, and so the big brain play here is you want to go for ecosystem projects within solana and avax within phantom, and then you want to go for the l ones that havent gone crazy, yet like algorand, cosmos and other ones. Like that polygon, those are the ones that i believe are gon na have their time in the light, as were seeing were going further and further down this sort of totem pole here to find the next hot ecosystem, and i dont necessarily trust these pumps, because there Is fundamental news for sure, but its not all fundamentals driven its? Not all user metrics driven? This is a lot of sort of whale games. Moving around liquidity so well see how this works out, but it does feel as though l1 fomo season is back in full effect, and i would look at l ones that havent gone parabolic, yet as an amazing opportunity, always trying to look around the corners to see Where the next move is or, of course, looking at ecosystem projects in big ecosystems like solana and cardano, so, as you can see, cosmos is a beast of an ecosystem with leading projects like terra, akash, osmosis and more all taking root on its protocol and the reality Is whats keeping this down whats keeping the cosmos ecosystem from truly breaking out is most likely a simple change in tokenomics and some tvl incentives which, as you know, are highly likely to occur.

If you ask me, though, i dont know for sure that these will happen, i would imagine that its only a matter of time, given how much tech is being shipped by these guys, how far ahead theyve been and how likely they are to notice this little change. That could help them out a lot. I do believe that in the not too distant future, we will see cosmos start to get the respect it deserves as the internet of blockchains. That will then rival the likes of cardano and polkadot and others that have been super hyped as interoperable future. Gen 3 blockchain ecosystems, thats right cosmos, has a ton under the hood and id be looking at not only the atom token to get a little more love in the future, maybe even just as part of l1 mania, but also the ecosystem projects. Akash osmosis and many others that have a ton to offer to this ecosystem youve already seen what tara has done as a tendermint based project, and so it shows you and i can attest, having used tara, that the protocol works beautifully were actually doing some akash specific Coverage in the near future, i sincerely hope this has helped you guys out understand the cosmos ecosystem. First off lets talk about the flow of the money. Remember you can always follow the money here in crypto land, and it is probably the biggest advantage that any investor has had in any market in history, and this time we see here that bitcoin is leaving the exchange.

Ethereum is leaving the exchange net 233 million dollars less eth net 373 million dollars less btc and 97 million dollars more stable coins have entered the exchange. The flow of money is speaking volumes here about the bullish. Next, phase of this market coins are leaving the exchanges, while new dry powder is entering the exchanges to buy up those volatile assets that are looking like theyre going to explode with gains. We have andre cronier saying he hasnt been this excited about projects, since he started thinking about urine finance. What hes, building next for keeper and ftm is going to be insane now andre is one of the big brains, one of the galaxy brains of defy, and i actually happen to have a close relationship with some of the phantom team. I do believe in this project tremendously. He says i truly believe in olm v3 incentives and rtn plus nft bridges will change the game. You know what we have here is a thread that goes a little deeper into this um theres, a thread here by 0xkydo, and he says theres an incentive program comparison. The tldr here which were gon na get to is this is really really bullish for phantom. He. He predicts here that by mid 2022, the ecosystem projects will see the most growth by diversity on phantom. He actually lays out all of his logic here as to why he thinks this. He compares cello and avalanche and phantom by mid 2022 hes, predicting that most of the growth by diversity will happen on phantom short term ecosystem projects on avalanche will take a price dip, maybe thats, because theres been much pumpage but short term ecosystem projects on cello will Move so he believes that cello with their liquidity, incentives is gon na drive a lot of activity, but hes really really bullish here, and he makes a very convincing case for phantom based on what hes theyre going to do with incentive rewards to attract tvl.

So, as you can see, things are pretty stable here, but if we look at the charts you can see, you know, ethereum is just pushing and pushing it does not want to get beaten down here it broke out and you can see it just wants to get Back to this all time high, this is a gorgeous looking chart. I certainly think that all of the talk of bull traps certainly should be put behind us now. The reality is that ethereum looks like it wants to make a new all time high, even before bitcoin, and if it does that it might enter into a breakout mode that might send it much closer to the ultimate market cap of bitcoin than it has ever been. In its history and the fomo and the belief that ethereum could become the new king of crypto will start to dominate the interwebs, but things are still looking really good for bitcoin and thats good for ethereum, as well aside from a one off spike. Two weeks ago. Long term holders are not taking exit liquidity. What does this mean? Essentially, what this means is unlike 2018, if we can see in this chart here, lets go over here, you see in january 2018 on every relief rally. What happened here. You see these red spikes. That is the volume of long term holders selling their coins. So what we saw was that most long term holders in 2017 they missed this peak of uh, the 2017 top of 20k, but then they didnt sell on the bounce.

Here they waited for that relief rally and when we rallied back up to that 16k mark or so thats when everybody dumped like crazy, and so all the dumpage happened right here now. If you look at the chart, as were looking at this year, what we see is yeah pretty much no dumping going on here here. Let me go ahead and zoom back out, so you can see it all um, but what we see here is that compared to 2018, when all of these long term holders were selling the relief rally, meaning hey, they thought the bear market was about to begin and Who knows whether the bear market began because of that or whether they knew it was going to begin whatever forget the chicken and the egg debate? But the point is were barely seeing any sell offs here we got a little spike here, um, but then that cooled off and it looks like theres, almost no coins taking exit liquidity, as you can see here, it doesnt even compare to what happened in 2018. Thats extremely extremely bullish, uh cryptopathic, another very well respected trader – is saying up only eath flips bitcoin in the next six months. Obviously, then we got a lot of uh, maxis and kopers here. So what he said was maxi copper, copras. Relying on this only makes me more confident, ethereum a security, and this is one of those things where its like. If this is your argument of why ethereum doesnt catch bitcoin, because youre hoping for the regulators to step in and stop ethereum like how sad is that? How pathetic is that that youre, a bitcoiner, you believe in freedom? And yet you have a superior technology, come along with a superior community that ends up creating a higher market cap, and you want to call the regulators because its not fair come on.

This is absolutely absolutely lunacy, honestly, its pretty embarrassing. I wish the bitcoin community was a bit more accepting and it would make me like bitcoin better as an asset um, but its just so toxic. Sometimes i dont know what to say. Let me know what you guys think about the bitcoin community. Obviously i hold bitcoin. I never sell my bitcoin. I just accumulate it over time as like a long term savings sort of asset management strategy, because compared to the rest of crypto, it has far less risk. However, ethereum is where the magics at and then ethereum inspired things like solana and avax and polkadot at cardano ethereum. Is this just a beautiful thing and i think its really really disrespectful to the history of innovation in the history of crypto just to not accept ethereum? For being as amazing as it is, and then to want to call the regulators on ethereum, that would be the biggest step backwards for a free and open internet that the world has ever seen and the worst possible scenario. So this is pathetic. I hope we dont see any of this theres no hype intro today youre getting a freestyle episode, because, quite frankly, the information im gon na present to you right now once again before youre hearing about it anywhere else is going to be. In my opinion, a bit of a paradigm shift here in nfts – and this is freaking huge and thats crazy – to say because its just been birthed but its made.

Everyone involved an astronomical amount of money and, in my opinion, im seeing more of a movement than a project, its completely inverting and disrupting what ive come to know about nfts about crypto, about building projects in general, whether its a success or failure is yet to be Determined but youre definitely going to want to watch this episode as this one, i think is going to blow your mind. Lets just talk about this, which is that twitter will allow you to connect your ethereum address and your bitcoin address. I told you this was going to happen. Twitter is going to let you show off your nfts. Twitter is going to let you interact using bitcoin and ethereum. Money of the internet is meeting social media. I knew it was going to happen. It was only a matter of time thanks to jack, for making this happen. Now, of course, this is just the beginning. Nfts are going to instagram. Nfts are going to tick tock its going to become a core part of our entire internet culture of our entire internet. Nfts are going to become your assets all of your possessions, and this is just the first little inkling. The first little signal the tip of the iceberg, but i told you this was gon na happen and i told you nfts would be bigger than all of crypto.