You discover each of these crypto projects and get a quick idea of what they are about. Ive got an awesome mix for you today, including metaverse projects, gaming launch pads and finance tools, but remember this: video is all just for fun. You got to do your own research and dont be making any financial decisions based on what i share so lets jump into it. I want to start with an update on a project i covered back in july that had an extremely good token release and thats spores network. They went up over 20 acts from their public listing price and were one of the best altcoin performers. This summer, considering we were in a sideways market, now theyre a cross chain, nft marketplace that focuses a lot of their attention to ip in the asian market. Now theres another project ive been mentioning that just had an extremely successful nft release and thats envoy network. They just recently listed what they call their decentral board. They are selling space on a billboard that will show nfts an iconic real world locations, including times square and will also be prevalently shown in the center of their upcoming. Metaverse envoy is also one of the biggest nft projects im following with regards to music and film. Now i have a new gaming project, for you called pokeland its a play to earn game where you create these warrior creatures and train them to win in battle and whats interesting about it is for each battle.

You win, you earn tokens or nfts that have real world value. A lot of people think that this game is going to be the next axiomfinity and the axi token went up over 500x since launch lets move on to the next project and thats firestarter. They plan to be the first launch pad dedicated to metaverse projects, theres a race right now to be the first crypto company to create a metaverse on the blockchain similar to that scene in the movie ready player one so theres a strategic need for a launch pad. Like firestarter helping new metaverse projects gain early momentum and media attention now next on the list is unbound finance and honestly they are doing one of my favorite things in finance. Right now, unbound is letting you take out a loan against your staked liquidity pool tokens at zero percent interest and with no payback schedule. Theres three important benefits to this one. You unlock the spending power of your tokens stuck in the pool two. Your token continues to gain interest in the liquidity, pools and three. You avoid a taxable event from when you sell your crypto. Now, how awesome is that, just as a heads up, i mostly learn about these projects through different friends that are very well connected in the crypto space. Most of these guys or investors themselves have been in crypto for years and are very good at picking top tier projects, and i share this with you, because i really want you guys to succeed.

I really want you to do well in your investments. Now go to that thumbs up, icon and smash that like button, because ive got a lot more good projects for you today also become an og and click subscribe. There are not many finance channels that cover the number of crypto and nft projects. I bring you okay, this next project youre going to want to take a look at its called game station and its a multi chain, gaming launch pad and marketplace. I think theres a real appeal for developers to not only get help with financing the new games. Theyre. Launching but in addition, be tied into a multi chain marketplace that has traffic and users from previous game launches. Now the next project is called blocktopia. This is going to be a metaverse built on the polygon network, so transaction fees will be low compared to a lot of existing projects. They have plans for several ways. You can earn real world value within the metaverse, including buying selling and renting out real estate burning advertising revenue and by playing games. They will also be having a real estate sale after their ido. Let me introduce you to polygen. This is a next generation launch pad on the polygon network that polygon themselves have invested in what makes this launch pad special is the team behind it. They are very well connected in the crypto space, which is really whats necessary when building a new launch pad this.

Next one i have for you is called cornucopius its one of the most impressive metaverse projects, ive seen in development. It reminds me a lot of runescape and minecraft, but with play to earn and build to earn elements where you receive tokens and nfts with real world value. It will also be one of the first metaverse games on the cardano blockchain. My next project, for you is pdo finance. This is a new protocol that allows for post dex offerings or, in other words secondary token offerings. This is for projects that have run out of money and are left with a liquid tokens. Ive watched how they plan to do this pretty in depth and its pretty genius. Even good businesses, often need a second or third round of funding when doing research and development. My next project, for you is steady state. They are planning to provide insurance to decentralized financial companies. Currently, if your coins or tokens are stolen, theres no way to recover the losses since crypto is not protected by the fdic with steady state theres. Finally, a protection for crypto holders who are robbed or lose their coins. My next project, for you is avarta theyre, creating a product that allows you to access your wallets using biometrics rather than having to remember your key phrase. The loss of wallet. Key phrases is one of crypto investors largest worries, losing access to your wallet or worse. Having someone steal your crypto by using your key phrase, is a problem in the space.

Avarta really has some incredible plans to fix that. I think you like this next project. I have for you called panther protocol. They plan to bring privacy to the blockchain by creating zero knowledge assets that can be exchanged for other assets, of equivalent value that are on the public. Blockchain anonymity is important, especially for those who have larger wallets. This next project is one of my favorites called network, and just so you know, i recently participated in their lan sale, theyre, one of the most developed metaverses on the blockchain having been in the works for the last several years. They already have an incredible team and a list of partners, so i see them doing extremely well. If you learned about some new projects today, like this video by turning that thumb, icon blue, i think youre going to like some of the projects ill be bringing you in later.