Are we actually going to see another 100 x to 300? Just like, we see cardano going from a low of like just below three cents to three dollars like we have seen until now. Lets talk about it. What is up welcome to the crypto phone, where we cover the hottest news in crypto so includes cardinal analysis. Ethereum bitcoin chain and clack coin beach and polka dot, and everything that you need to fill my into crypto the right way so make sure to smash the like subscribe and turn on notifications. So you get the hottest ones of crypto before everyone else now, on the day, cardinal is going sideways up four percent on the week really this week the show has been stolen by solana, just pumping 70 percent polka dots up 28 percent and overall, its been a Good week to be a believer in crypto now the way that i see it cardinal is pretty much consolidating over. Here i see a descending triangle. I think this is pretty bullish, i think, were gon na break to the upside. The only concern i have for this, like we said again and again on this channel, is that we might see a crash actually coming ahead of the main at launch right, so we have the main at lunch coming september 12th. So it is getting actually very, very close somewhere around here. I cannot draw in a straight line. I apologize for that somewhere around here, sir.

I just cant do this great land its funny, but seriously speaking it looks bullish i think, were gon na go to five. Ten dollars this year, but i would not be buying cardano here, because we have a lot of hype here. We have a lot of euphoria. We might see actually a dump into the main at lunch. I think also on the fundamental side. We need to see if its gon na launch successfully, we saw a lot of fun from some pretty smart people, its even very smart people that are cautious about cardinal, so thats. Why? I would be careful here as well now. Are we going to see cardinal 100x to 300, not anytime, soon um, probably not in the coming years, to be honest with you, but cardinal has a lot of potential and i think that if its going to continue building on their vision, then it definitely could go To 100, maybe even 300 in the next four or five years, um, the 100x that we got was actually just over the last year i mean we saw cardinal pretty much pull a 100x right, so this is amazing. This is absolutely beautiful. A lot of money was made. Congratulations if you guys were with us since we started this channel. You know that we started covering cardinal was 14 cents, roughly uh its been a beautiful ride and its been pretty profitable as well. Now, overall, cardinal pretty much had like a clean support resistance flip over here and uh.

I dont know man im im bullish on it. We still need to wait for the weekly close. We still got two more days to go. Uh were still seeing some a lot of people take a profit above three dollars: im, not yeah. I would definitely take profit if i had a heavy cardinal position here but um. Besides that, i think we could see um its a big move to the upside. I think people really underestimate how people love cardano and how strong the community is and how charismatic is charles hoskinson for some reason, so i wouldnt be surprised if were going to see cardinal go to 10 this year, and this is pretty much written in the stars. I mean when you look at the chart versus bitcoin as well. You can see kind of like this reversal over here, apparently were consolidating at resistance, but we didnt make all the way up here to just crash him. Oh no, its going to zero like this is not going to happen, were probably going to see a drop, maybe go over here before continuing higher right. I definitely think cardinal is going to go to all time highs versus bitcoin this year, and i mean just if it goes to like 9 000 satoshis right its like another 50 from here lets, say: bitcoin does another 4x from here right, so thats, another 6×4 cardano Right so that could be around 18 15 easily 10 dollars.

If were going to see this play out this way right so pretty bullish things in store for cardano and then also cardinal versus ethereum im, just currently putting like a lower high im, not really sure about this chart. You guys know ive been saying im not sure about this chart for like the last few months, but you can see here that we pretty much have like the lower high and we pretty much are dropping right. So im not sure whats going to happen from here. But i will say if we are going to get pretty much like a drop to this level, pretty much like this order book order block over here. This is going to be a pretty good risk award entry point versus ethereum, because we do have that series of higher lows right its going to be interesting to see if we can get it as well. But at the same time, seeing this rejection from this and painting so far lower high, probably not the best sign you want to see when you look at bitcoin, it is looking bullish im becoming a bull on btc. Before i was saying we might have a temporary drop before higher, and now it looks more and more likely to me that were just going to go straight to higher thats what it looks like ap1559 nfts weve got. The big bull run right now happening so pretty excited uh about that, and i think we might go to 60k uh fairly soon.

Man fairly soon cordano in the lower timeframes is just bullish. Um holding the upper half of the boy in the band could continue higher. The only concern i had with cardinal just the main launch sell the news, potentially cardinal versus bitcoin, you can see still holding the upper half to boeing events as well. We do have some bearish divergences here on the 12 hours, not too concerned about that uh bitcoin. The lower timeframes is looking bullish, its starting to look good man its starting to look good before it looked iffy right now, its showing strength, and i think we might see an explosion for bitcoin in the coming months and then also next up. We got metric swap decentralized, multi chain, perpetual swaps, deployed on polka dot, cardano and polygons theyre, going to actually have their ideal on card starter coming september 10th. So this is happening actually very very soon, and this is the next innovation kind of like the next generation of uh amms right, replacing the issues that were seeing right now with um other. You know decentralized, amnes, its a decentralized virtual amm based virtual uh, perpetual futures exchange deployed on polka dot and cardano and whats cool about them is that metric swap will list new market pairs as soon as assets become tradable on other decentralized exchanges such as uni swaps. Such a swap and pancake swap so they could actually grow really fast, because a lot of people are looking to trade new coins.

And imagine if you can have something like that which have lower fees, because its deployed on like cardano and so on, and also they offer leverage as they cover in a bit and they have a lot of cool features. So i can really see them growing. Very, very quickly so unbounded from liquidity provision, virtual amms, do not require liquidity providers. Therefore, metric swap has no volume limitations, so theyre doing some really technologically innovative things with virtual amms. That is something thats, the first time i hear about. So i think this could really be a zero to one to one moment here: its going to be really cool um, you could long or short any crypto asset with up to 25 x, leverage very bullish on this 100 on chain and non custodial trading cross chain. Bridges connecting liquidity from ethereum to polka dot and cardano and emergency nuke button. This is pretty cool. Actually, you can convert multiple tokens into one single asset under one transaction via decentralized exchange aggregator. So you can actually get a lot of different assets that you have in one transaction, low fees, and i can tech to talk about this from personal experience and sometimes i have multiple tokens that are worth very small amount of money, but converting each of them. In a uni swap transaction is going to be pretty expensive, so i dont do it, but having this nuke button is going to be pretty cool to do it in one transaction, with low fees and boom back to driving lambos into the sunset.

As we like to say on this channel, they also got an on chain. Referral program earned two percent of your friends trading fees forever. I mean this could be a really big deal. I dont know if you guys know it, but the first people that actually referred people to bit max actually got ridiculously rich. So i think if metric shop is going to grow, then you guys can make actually a lot of money. Uh referring people to it and you get lifetime fees on that, and also they share some more information about token distribution. Theyve been working on this for more than a year on the project and then also the team have a lot of experience and crypto is looking all through their linkedin individually uh working from a lot of projects that you heard about before as well its not the First rodeo in crypto for advisors, we got ben lickoff, which is actually the co founder of charge, particles, which is one of the most innovative nft projects we covered on this channel uh really impressed with everything theyre doing so for me, its great to see him actually Working with metric swap, we also got dylan the ceo of kylie network. We got joel the cmo of anarchy, we got lester lam founder of x21. This is a very smart guy. Very well connected helped a lot of projects, every project that i work with, that he worked with as well has done well, and he really cares about them and then also we got darius from various capital, so pretty cool to see that we also got some more News that are not published yet im, not sure if i can say them yet, but they get some pretty cool things uh coming down uh in the next few uh weeks and months and um.

Also, you can see the registration for their id on card story is now open until september 7th. So if you guys want to check them out im going to link to them below make sure to follow them on twitter telegram and participate in their white list. If you want to participate in their idl and check out all of the information about this and all of the good stuff, and then also when you look at liquidity right now, it is actually sitting below for bitcoin, which is slightly bearish, is actually sitting slightly. Above. For cardinal, which is bullish for cardano, we actually took out a lot of the liquidity that opened on the move up here and were actually ready to continue higher from here, not too concerned with either of them not too much weight on all those um fear and Greed index showing that the market renders greedy funding is currently positive, which is bearish. So for me, its just the main concern its just that the main that launch coming for cardone, i think, thats the main thing. But who knows, we might even see cardinal pump ahead of the main launch and then also we got game. Five sharing, the launching of g, a f. I token on red, kite down maker and game fight is happening, so this is actually really cool to see that on september 10th, this is happening theyre having their first ido on all three different launch pads and by the way, guys.

Those are some very serious lunch. Pads, so red kite and down maker probably have some of the best track record. With projects launched that ive seen, we also got game fighter launching on their own platform, which is just some really cool dope stuff using their own product. Walking the walk not just talking the talk and its a comprehensive hub and one stop shop for blockchain games, serving game, studios players, traders and investors and pretty cool and uh. They also have a game ag gamefly aggregator at game find marketplace. So some really cool things that theyre working on and theres. No doubt that this is a great idea and i think its the right time and i think they have a good chance of making this happen. You can actually check them out play to earn yield, guild and launch pad, and i think right now, with the explosion of game five them launching that aggregator, its just brilliant, because youre seeing so many game fight projects coming so theyre kind of selling shovels kind of Setting up the infrastructure, the ecosystem right, the hub for game finance, so i think theres a lot of potential for that, and then also we got naval saying that nft avatars are the new blue check marks, and this is actually pretty cool. Ive been experimenting with this setting up my nft as my profile picture, and i think its uh been working pretty well. I think theres a lot of value there and uh yeah theres a its.

It definitely opens doors. I mean for me like when i look at g money. If, right, if i didnt know him – and i see he has like an eight punk and then he really has it um ill be like very interested to check out what he has just because of that. Just because of like the proof of him being smart enough to end up with an ape in his life like a crypto punk right, so i think i think that says a lot and its interesting to see even of all recognizing this, and also you got zeus, Saying that gangster is super optimistic on the role that bitcoin will play in western civilization. So actually i didnt know this, but gensler told the oppor, the european parliament committee on economic and monetary affairs. The bitcoin is effectively bringing european and american market closer together. That sounds good. The transformation were living through right now could be as every bit as big as they are in the 90s. Ah thats, pretty cool, so thats, the sec chairman. Apparently, i totally knew that man im very up to date with all that stuff, but seriously pretty cool to see um. Some positive news from the regulators love seeing that, and also we got scott melkar saying that it worked. Bitcoin broke out from the pennant retest. The support and were going for moon, so he is bullish on btc too, and i agree i am bullish as well and then also another thing, im actually very bullish on is we got d5 warrior sharing their io and ido announcement, so they will begin trading september.

7Th on gate, io theyre going to do an io on gate, io and theyre, going to do an idea on red kite and pools as well and nft warriors will be available for sale after the ido, so pretty exciting, nft sale coming on top of that and Its really cool to see them getting this much adoption and, like i said red kite, their projects have a fantastic track record t the founder is actually one of the main guys. Actually there is very knowledgeable of everything hes been doing uh in this space. I was really impressed with all their execution and all that and theyre sharing the details for that so make sure to check it out. Um make sure to check out d5 warrior dot, io for more information, the first crypto character and crypto galaxy game innovating. By having a game where actually the the game is affected by the price swings of crypto, so this is gon na be pretty fun to to play, and you can see some more information on their website. We got some really nice artwork, some really strong team behind us as well that we covered on this channel as well, some really strong backers, advisors, uh. We also got the ceo of phantom okay cool. This is new. Weve got the co founder of gps ventures, riley, which i had the pleasure to talk to as well and uh yeah, just really impressed with this project as well lots of really great projects guys coming nowadays.

I think theres a lot of money to be made. Um being crypto like uh investor in those companies, and then also did you know that ethereum blocks are becoming increasingly deflationary right now you can see the number of deflationary blocks right there im just going through the moon right now. You can see starting since august 22nd with the nft hype right. You can see that the ethereum is becoming increasingly deflationary, which is uh very bullish, uh very, very bullish on this uh, but it also means that we have high fees. So a lot of people arent able to afford this. A lot of people are aping right now, so there is massive demand, but there are some concerns with that, and this is something that well see if cardinal be able to solve and then also we got something funny about nfts. Did you know that currently, this giant mention costs the same as uh as this ape right here? The laser board yucked ape uh, actually very, very dope to know that those are actually worth the same price. Absolutely crazy man whats happening right now and if these are the best parts, this is just the beginning. But damn look at this house im like i know and if these are worth a lot of money, but still when you visualize them youre, like bro thats. A lot of money that went into this jpeg, you know pretty funny and then also august, was a monster month for ens stats, so apparently ethereum dot.

If domain registrations right now actually are breaking like highs, theyre just pumping, so a lot of people have their name right. So we have brandley.if cryptofomo.eve. You should probably get that one, but its probably taken already and um yeah theyre also being sold right now in the secondary market, so its good to see another aspect of crypto that is kind of like exploding right now that we didnt think of before, and then We got here as someone saying got to be careful with all coins versus bitcoin talking about how alt btc dominance is looking bullish here, which means that btc could go up as alt points go down or sideways, and this is concerning for altcoins. Pentoshi also said that he has a similar idea right now, thinking that we might see a bounce from here, so he says that its possible that alt season will end here, oh no, its going to zero. Oh man thats, actually some pretty scary stuff. So if you look at the alt season of 2017 actually ended when we had a similar pattern like this, and this is something that were seeing right now as well, so pretty interesting to see if were going to see a bounce there. I wouldnt be surprised if thats the case and thats, why im always trying to hold coins that im confident in long term. So, even if the seasonality is going to change like over the next one or two years, im not affected by it because im comfortable holding those for the next few years, thats what i recommend for you guys um yeah, but im not too concerned about that as Well, like i dont think we might see like a small bounce here, but i think um, i think, im pretty bearish on bitcoin dominance.

I think were going to see altcoins go higher from here versus bitcoin and then bitcoin bears are in this belief. Right now. Someone check on the bears, they are getting absolutely wrecked and then we got dale saying that theyre continuing to import partners from many industries, so they actually got ronaldinho the famous soccer player, the famous football player uh, putting his trust in tales. So he actually tweeted about this to his 20 million followers. The dude actually tweeted about tales like this, actually absolutely crazy. Its 20.1 million followers talking about tails fantastic. I was like wow im, really impressed with the level of people we have on tales here. So, congratulations for them. Exciting developments are coming and also they got liquidity. Mining officially live on tails. You can actually go to their landing page at taos, dot, fi and start getting rewards for providing liquidity. Api is currently apy is currently over 270 percent. So very exciting. Keep all the great work tails just had a very successful launch: d5 paradise for nfts uh, instant liquidity protocol for nfts. We are a decentralized creator based financial ecosystem and then also we got in a commodore game saying their idea will happen on moon starter this month. Onward and upward their lunch will be sensational so excited about this. Congratulations for both projects for working together play to earn blockchain games really revolutionizing having an ecosystem of games where people can actually develop their own play to earn games kind of like how you think about the app store everybody developing apps mobile apps using them.

I think theres a lot of potential nakamoto games if they can become that they also change the website a little bit, which actually looks pretty nice um. Some really nice artwork coming up as well and uh yeah im impressed with that and then also moonstar is the first decentralized multi chain. Ideal launch pad um just allowing projects to launch in all the chains at the same time, so good to see them continue to work with good project. Well cover them on this challenge a lot, and then we continue to work hard behind the scenes so thats it for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed that much love. Thank you. So much for watching liking, subscribing turn notifications, sharing this video friend and until next time go.