We are here again with another crypto life update im just chilling in the office right now, but i just wanted to say that um earlier today, i was able to link up with a family family member. One of my brothers – and i was able to you, know, send him some cakes and get him into the bakery and get him to start staking some of a ship cake swap – and you know its pretty awesome, because i did this for another brother and, like you Know he went from a hundred cakes to 130 cakes in a week, and you know its just continuing to earn interest. This uh just continues to multiply im always buying it on ship cake, ship cake swap um. Definitely one of the major projects that ive seen in crypto right now, but i just thought that was awesome, just it its great how in crypto, especially you know our group of investors, we have kind of looked at the market and figured out a way to make Money in crypto no matter, i mean, first and foremost, while youre sleeping like youre just making money, no matter what, while youre sleeping, then, secondarily on top of that youre making money in uh farming, which means that youre making money off of every transaction that goes in And out of a coin and youre making money from staking, which means youre earning interest off of an asset that you have staked and literally every single day and im.

And i talk to our investors. You know theres days in crypto, where people lose a lot of money, a lot of money. Okay, i just saw an article someone lost like 500 000 in a fraud scheme or something like that – and i will say crypto is like, if you, if you think of scams in crypto, think literally world war ii level scams in crypto land mines everywhere you are On your own, the cavalry is not coming. You must win okay, like literally theres, that many scams in crypto. I was talking to a friend and i likened it to the movie pitch black, where literally its like its pitch black and all those monsters are scams. So good luck out there. If you dont know what pitch black is go, look it up its with vin diesel is decent movie, but the point being, is you know, being able to offer or give up give some assets um, in this case ship cake swap to a my brother, and you Know now hes staking on ship cake, swap he has his own wallet hes all set up, hes learning about crypto hes, just learning more about the market and im just telling him like dude, like theres, so much money to be made. If you go full time in crypto like this just hands down like do something, you know, obviously be an investor if you can be, but if you cant man start a channel figure out a way to um, just generate your perspective and your understanding in crypto, because I you know its the reason why i opened up the patreon, because in a community of investors you can do far more than just being an individual.

Like i said in the in just like in the movie pitch black, like theres, a bunch of monsters around you and its pitch black, is it gon na be easier to do something about this, with one person or with a hundred or two hundred or a thousand People, so you know we have hundreds of people in the patreon if you havent joined yet please go ahead and join because um its ten dollars a month and literally like people are learning about crypto and these coins and scams, and just just non stop were just Always understanding the market better, so yeah, i just thought that was awesome. Uh i just visited my brother got him set up with uh some ship cake swap and now hes in the bakery, hes, basically uh. You know it was his first day in the bakery. So you know we got to make sure hes all right in the kitchen and uh, but outside of that i do. Thank you all for joining me up on the channel.