This is tony with journey. Crypto theres, not too much going on in the crypto markets today, but im going to go over the markets. Uh discuss some important news as well as some updates in the nft space and stuff going on there. I am going to be doing an nft giveaway. I will announce the end of this video also so before we get started. I do appreciate, if you guys, like the video subscribe to the channel, if you havent already and hit the bell to be notified for regular Music, all right guys, so the crypto markets are looking pretty good. Today we do have bitcoin holding above 50 000, which is a great sign. We do have ethereum around 3 dollars right now, getting close to its previous all time. High ada uh did break three dollars and ten cents now having a small dip here. There was some fun i do want to talk about with cardano uh, some skepticism about uh, smart contracts and how that launch is gon na go. So i will talk about that uh, but that only dipped a few percent uh did dip to around two dollars and eighty cents already recovering, though finance bnb at 500 xrp at a dollar 25 solana. I do believe that broke a hundred fifty dollars pretty crazy. How much solana has gone up uh in the last couple weeks, so we also had axe infinity axs token, a surge once again this morning, uh nearly hitting a hundred dollars.

So if we look at the one day here, this did peak out uh just around 95. Now, having a small pullback to 82, so this has just been surging: it crazy in the last couple months here, if you guys check uh this chart out july first, it was only five dollars and fifty cents. Now this is closing in on a hundred dollars. Massive uh gains in a short period of time. I do believe this is because of the scholarship program that was launched and allowing a lot of people to make a good side income with the axe, infinity game, so lots of uh gaming, cryptocurrencies uh that also use nfts are really surging lately, especially as we see Axionfinity axs token doing good a lot of people see the potential here and theyre looking for alternatives similar to axe infinity. So we did have some fear and misinformation about cardano spreading today, uh, but really not causing much of a price dip for ada uh. So it did drop from around two dollars and ninety five cents to two dollars and eighty cents, but as you guys can see, this has already started recovering and were closing back in on three dollars again. So when you zoom out here the seven day, uh or the one month, you guys can see, uh were pretty much on a steady incline here, but we do have small pullbacks every time we do have a new leg up and we do have about a week And a half left before uh cardona smart contracts launch, so i definitely think uh we could be testing three dollars and fifty cents by then, especially if bitcoin is breaking fifty two thousand dollars.

We do a bitcoin holding above fifty thousand dollars, which is a great sign. Uh, the entire crypto space uh starting to recover im, noticing a lot of small cap. All coins going up 50 to a couple hundred percent in a short period of time, catching back up to their uh real market value. So as bitcoin and ethereum continue in an uptrend, then a lot of these smaller cap. All coins are really gon na start blasting off, especially the ones with main nets coming up and major partnerships and stuff. Anything that brings a lot of attention and demand to the project is going to help the price rise very quickly, because, with such a small market cap, it really doesnt take nearly as much money coming in to really make the market move, unlike top cryptocurrencies that have Billion dollar market caps, it takes a lot more money, uh to move top ten cryptocurrencies than it does cryptocurrencies below the top 200.. So if you guys want to check out that video, charles hoskinson did on smart contracts and beyond, i will put a link to that in the video description below this is an hour long, video uh going pretty in depth on whats to come after smart contracts. So definitely a good listen, especially if youre worried about the fun today so uh sunday swap labs did an article on this as well. In light of the recent controversy regarding cardanos eu txo model and concurrency, we wrote an article clarifying a misconception and proposed a few solutions.

So if you guys do want to check out that article by sunday swap concurrency state and cardano going more in depth on the flood today and misconceptions, i will link this article in the video description alongside the video of charles hoskinson, so with cardona smart contracts coming Up cardano has been in the spotlight. Demand for ada has been rising a lot of people buying up aided, taking out a circulation and staking this uh. So we did have the price of ada break three dollars, which was a new all time, high, pretty huge uh. Having a small pullback now, but i do think we will have at least one more leg up in price before smart contracts actually launches. Hopefully they dont have any delays with this, and everything is good to go uh. But even if we do have a delay uh, there may be a small pullback, but i do think the price of ada will be rising towards end of year still, especially with bitcoin and ethereum, on a steady incline. Also, if we see bitcoin breaking previous all time highs, i definitely think were gon na be uh passing a five dollar ada by end of year, and i still think a ten dollar ada is possible by end of year, also, depending of course, how the rest of The crypto market does and uh how well cardano does, after the launch of smart contracts, how many partnerships roll out from this and how much success uh the blockchain sees in a short period of time.

So i do want to give you guys a quick reminder about having a good entry and exit strategy and how important this is to your long term. Success in the fear and greed index were currently at a 73 in greed and uh. This could uh continue rising. The crypto space could uh continue breaking upwards. We could see a hundred thousand dollar bitcoin new. All time highs for many cryptocurrencies by end of year, but at the same time it is good to have a good entry and exit strategy, and it may be a good idea to take small profits as we climb the green index, so uh the more greedy. This gets the less people want to sell and the higher the prices are going and the quicker uh theyre going – and this is usually when mass retail is getting involved as well. So i did a post about this on twitter. I do recommend you guys follow me at jrnycrypto on twitter, if you guys do want uh time, sensitive information and more tips on crypto, so greed prevents you from taking profits when you should and fear causes you to sell when you shouldnt. If you guys think about this, i will make a lot of sense, and if you do learn to flip this psychology, then you generally will do a lot better in the crypto space as well, because you will be selling on the way up and then you will Be buying on the way down, instead of the opposite, where youre selling uh, when uh things are already down and theres a lot of fear in the space and uh youre, not taking profits when things are actually doing good and everythings at new all time highs.

So having a good entry and exit strategy and follow through uh when the time comes, remove emotion from the equation and you will be a much better trader. So just a couple tips here and a quick reminder, especially as uh. We do uh close in on previous bitcoin, all time highs and as the crypto space continues, uh climbing in general, so um. Personally, i only take small profits im, a very long term investor, but your entry and exit strategy may be different. You may be in the crypto space because you want to buy something like a house or an expensive car or something so your exit strategy may be geared a little differently and you may be wanting to take more profits along the way than i am im. Uh. Personally, staking and lending a lot of my cryptocurrency and earning passive income on that, adding uh more to that uh, every bi, weekly paycheck, i get, i do add, a percent of everything i get paid into the crypto space also, and i will continue doing that very Long term – because i do see the very long term um opportunity here so we have bloomberg senior strategist – calls bitcoin a global reserve asset on the path to a hundred thousand dollars. So it is good to be seeing uh more big names like this uh, making bold predictions like this bitcoin going to 100 000, even a million dollars ive seen ethereum going to ten thousand dollars.

A lot of people are getting very bullish on the crypto space, because so many companies are getting involved, uh, theres, just so much money being printed by governments around the world. Uh inflation kicking in all kinds of different factors that are bringing mass adoption to cryptocurrency. I do think the gaming space and nft space is bringing a ton of new people to the crypto space, also so its south africas financial regulator, issues warning against finance. South african authorities are the latest to warn against using finance saying the exchange is not authorized to operate in the country were seeing this a lot happen to binance specifically, and i do think binance is uh way too big of a behemoth in the crypto space. Right now and i do think, a lot of new exchanges will be emerging for various uh countries and i do think thats a good thing that binance doesnt hold such a large market share in the crypt of space, because it makes it way too centralized. And if binance does get hacked or something or something goes wrong with this, it could cause a massive market crash in the entire crypto space. Already binance alone owns such a huge share of many different cryptocurrencies because they earn uh parts of these cryptocurrencies. Every time someone transacts in them because of the trading fees, so we do have binance pushing back against warning from south africa regulators stating that they are uh either compliant or working to become compliant.

Binance claim the countrys financial intelligence center was the major regulator with which it had been working it to become compliant with local laws. So we do have to keep in mind headlines like this arent always official. This uh doesnt mean that finance is getting banned in south africa. This is just one regulator making this claim uh. So we do have to keep that in mind. Uh, sometimes fear will be spread in the markets. Thats really unnecessary and we do have to wait until uh theres official sources on things all right guys. So before i end the video i do want to jump into nfts and discuss uh some updates on that. So i did pick the winner for the dosh pound. Nft, if you guys want to check that out uh the winner was selected, is posted on my twitter account im also going to be posting a new giveaway here that i did a vote for space. Punks club won this, so i will be giving away one of those next uh current value, around 0.5 aetherium a couple grand, and i do believe that value will be going up in the next couple weeks, leading up to the airdrop coming up of dinosaur nfts. Basically, every space punk club nft you hold you get uh will get one of those nfts for free, so um. I do think the value of that will be going up. I will be giving one of those away on my twitter if you guys want to enter that just uh go over to my twitter jr, ny crypto theres also links to everything in the video description.

So if you guys missed out on the board apr club, i do think the mutant api club is at a good entry point right now. Uh some of these actually look really cool. This is the m2 variation of my noise for og ape so uh the m2s. Obviously, go for more, but the m1 variations uh theres, actually some cool ones and theyre a little bit cheaper. As you guys can see. The mutant api club price floor is at 4.27 aetherium right now, and i do think this will be going up in the long term uh. We have to keep in mind. They raised 100 million dollars for that pre sale and theyre earning 2.5 percent on um. All the volume traded on open c as well, so that means for every hundred thousand ethereum uh volume traded. Here they are making 2500 ethereum and theyve only been live for a week so far and they almost have a hundred thousand volume traded. So they have massive amount of funding and uh, not only that, but the community uh is really helping uh this brand branch out as well, so imagine having a hundred million dollars all the different things theyre going to develop for the board ape brand, and i do Think uh, this is basically one of the main name brands in the nft space and will continue growing in value in the long term. We have to keep in mind these sets just got launched and i do think a few years down the line here.

Uh, when there is oldest crypto, punks theyre going to be a couple hundred ethereum or more for the og apes, and i definitely think these mutant apes will be um at least over 20 ethereum price for uh in the upcoming year to two years. So personally, i do have a collector mindset when it comes to nfts im buying these nfts to hold for years out and im, not looking to make quick flips uh with these the people that are uh in the nft space, just to make quick flips a lot Of these people are getting burned because they buy an nft during the peak of the hype and then, as the hype is dying out, they just take the loss. I see that a lot on here, if you guys uh browse through nft sets, as you guys can see this one right here. Last paid was 5.5 ethereum, theyre selling it for 4.5 ethereum. Now, because the price floor dropped theyre, not willing to wait a couple weeks. Even until uh demand picks up again as ive been saying, uh waves of demand come to nft sets every two to five weeks as ive been noticing. I do think that will change as we begin going forward and a lot more people start getting into the nft space and we do have uh other blockchains starting to get uh pickup traction with nfts, also like solana and cardano nfts. So well, uh really see how things develop, but for now i do think ethereum is going to hold the majority share of nft volume and i do think uh.

This board ape mutant. A yacht club is one to stay that will be like crypto punks in the long term, so um, if you guys do want to find more nft sets that im invested in. I did mention some in this uh poll that i did on twitter uh. The dogepound nfts just launched their new puppies uh, which are currently under half an ethereum bluff world is around one ethereum uh space punks club is around half aetherium. Rickstro bulls are around point. One ethereum and less uh, so the uh problem with these really cheap sets is the current gas fees. If youre paying a hundred dollar more gas fee for an nft thats, only a hundred and two hundred dollars, it really doesnt seem worth it especially uh, because the sets are going to be smaller, the cheaper they are and the less demand there is. So the more higher risk it is at the same time if gas fees do drop, though i will be looking to pick up a lot of uh, uh, nfts and small sets like rickstroe bull. So we do have a board ape auction going on right now and this isnt any ordinary auction, its a total of a hundred and one board apes, uh estimated value uh up to 20 million dollars. I do think this will sell for much more currently. At 4.8 million dollar bid and we got four days and ten hours to go, and i do think the majority of bids will be in the last couple hours.

I do think this will pass 20 million dollars uh. There is three gold apes in this lot. As you guys can see, these gold apes can sell for up to two million dollars alone now, especially this ones, uh really good one here uh both of these are actually and theres a total of three of them theres a couple other rare ones, uh the beam Ones this one could probably sell for 150 ethereum um the psychedelic ones could sell for over 100 ethereum. The diamond grills can sell for over 100 ethereum, so lots of crazy value in here, and i definitely think this is going to go for a lot um and then we do have chrissys auction doing a board ape auction as well mid september. So i definitely think the value of board apes a lot of attention demand coming to them. They will be uh, the full price will be rising still and i do think those mutant apes are actually at a decent price and they do have another set of dog nfts called the bordeaux kennel club. Those are actually a pretty good floor price. Also so uh thats it for todays video um, like i said i will be launching a space, punks club nft giveaway that you can find on my twitter after this video and i will be doing more giveaways ill, be doing a fluff world giveaway coming up and Another dosh pound, uh puppy, giveaway and i will be uh doing a 3 000 s, fun token giveaway, which is around 10 000 value and some other giveaways.

I am working on also im trying to get a big giveaway going once a week and partnering with uh different sets and stuff to make this possible so be sure to follow me on twitter to participate in those and get breaking news be sure to subscribe. Here. On youtube for regular uh, crypto videos, i do appreciate you guys watching and i do appreciate if you guys, like the video comment below and share this video anywhere on social media or the princess family again. Thank you guys so much for watching and ill see.