In my eyes, and today i am gon na talk about this project. Hope you guys see my project review video and hopefully you guys dont, skip this video and see first or last, and if you have any question about this project, then comment in the comment section. I will answer every question in the second part about the project video. I will come with so dont. Wait lets start the video digital decentralized, thera crypto you already smart banking and trading mode easier, as you guys can see. The presale ends in just 19 days. One hour 90 minutes and from there you guys can see the their official page and i am going to their pc page and you guys can see the digital pixel page and buy on android how to buy digital token from android by android, as the system from Metamax here is the system and from trash toilet. There is another system also here you can buy from ios devices. Here is the system, and here you guys, can see the bonuses now im talking about the android and mechanics when youre already ready, youll be in a system chain, go to metamax and press on browser, go to the top right down and url and press buy And choose on from the list, press contribute and write. The amount you wish to spend and press confirm here is the demo video. How can you get digital token how to buy digital using metamask step? One connect to the bnb smart chain network step, two go to menu, and here you guys can see how to buy from test wallet by android device.

So my eeg to buy this token. If you need lib support, then dont hesitate to contact with us by clicking on the bottom right side. Button on our team member will help you here. You guys can see the digital team member support online support where you guys can easily get support. If you need any support from them, just press your uh, put your email address and start chat. Okay, and here you guys, can see the how to buy from ios device as a system of metamax and trust wallet is the support on ios. So you need to use metabox if you are an ios users, and here you guys can see the bonus invent someone to contribute and get five percent of their contribution as a bonus is all on us. If you refer someone and or invite someone, then if the guys buy hundred token, then you will get 5 token. This is so much great in order to claim your referral bonus, you also have to contribute to the pre sales test. Also, you need to buy some token if you want to get the bonus to get your referral link, you must connect your wallet for getting the referral link. You must be connect your wallet with digital resale, so now im talking about their our website in the upside. You guys can see object product how to buy token details roadmap, the people behind contra custom, t cell page already im talking about the pixel page and im talking about their digital applications, the mobile applications – and you guys can see so many currencies accepted and called digital Objectives using the latest blockchain technology, where building a digital cryptocurrency for everyone, the currency that is designed to serve as a payment token for all transactions in the ecosystem, regular easy to use security stored and it is tailored to everyones need.

It is a goal to enter through digital that anyone in the world has access to an affordable globally currency all because we still strongly believe in the future development of the crypto markets as a vehicle alternative to the traditional financial system. Regarding of economical or political factors, that is also the link up. My digital, and here you guys, can see the main features product description. I will talk about uh others, details in the my next video, because i do not want to uh make this video longer.