My name is vosk and today were going to be looking at another way to earn passive income, specifically with cryptocurrency and its going to be with a master node, which is basically like an alternative form of staking or really just earning interest and yield. With your crypto coins, the key difference here is that this masternode can be set up with one click: thats, not some kind of marketing ad or whatever. I think technically its two clicks, but – and you could do it from your phone, which is also really freaking cool and, if youre new to cryptocurrency. You dont understand like how difficult these things used to be and can still be, and to have something be so simple and easy. Its so refreshing and exciting. Ive got a math note and it earns about 100 bucks a month. Those are crazy, metrics, but theyre, not unsustainable and theyre, not that crazy. As far as like all the d5 degen yield, farming liquidity mining stuff has been over the last year with crypto currencies. So today were going to be looking at the divi masternode im going to show you what im doing im going to show you how i set one up by the way they have given us a masternode to give away, which is pretty exciting, because the cost of Divi masternodes vary based on the current coin price, because theyre based off how many coins are required for each tier of masternode.

So i recommend just punching the number into coin gecko the day you want to do it see what the price is and as far as returns, you know the calculators will say one thing what your real world results may be different. I found that the calculators were about 10 off from what i was earning in this very short test with masternode earnings. All youve got to do to enter theres gon na be multiple ways to enter. This is going to be running for a couple months, because its a pretty big giveaway so to enter in this section. All you have to do is drop a comment below and share this video somewhere and in their comment, you drop below drop. Your divi address from the mobile wallet as well as whered. You share the video and it could even just be like i texted my friend honor system. Dont lie to me dont, let me down so we can hopefully give away even more master notes in the future. Currently, only the divi mobile wallet is available in the united states, but if you want to get a divy wallet, you can go to downloads and download their desktop wallet and, if youre looking for another favorite part, how about 10 seconds of tails, our residence, sheep Enemy dogecoin its something we do here. Every freaking video on the vosscoin youtube channel so make sure to slap that subscribe. Button join me on this crazy crypto journey and lets jump into this fun, exciting passive income review and tutorial on the divi masternode thanks to dibby.

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I mean you saw it right there in the background, so lets check out divi real, quick, a brief recap. We recently talked about them, but what is divi, what do they do and like? Why do we care at all and those things are important, because, if youre going to buy into coins, potentially which obviously nothing on this video is financial advice, but if youre going to buy into coins potentially here right, you want to know what project youre getting into What youre supporting – and you know, if youre at risk right, because any kind of yield can sound awesome, but if the you know bottom falls out on it, youre going to get obliterated, trust me and that wasnt. The only thing that happened but divis aiming to be your complete financial ecosystem here and they want to lead in a user experience. So i want to touch on that part. You know real briefly here before we get deeper into the video. So lets talk about the user experience you download the app from the app store, its a very easy. I mean watch you just you go in and you search its available on ios and android. You download it key thing. Is you always want to back up your private key? This is a non custodial wallet. That means that this generates a private key in the app for you and youre responsible for your coins. You are truly your own bank. In this regard, if you break you lose your phone or whatever you know, one or the other really uh, hopefully all right now, hopefully, but if you i dont, if you break and lose it, i mean thats just a really bad day, but the good news is, If that happens, you can just restore your wallet with your seat phrase, your key that you write down when you set it up so thats, very critical to keep store, maintain safeguard because, as with all cryptocurrencies, you are in control of your own coins.

If you hold the private keys or the seed phrase to your wallets and basically thats how you get full custody of your crypto currencies and, like you know, you cant, be hacked the project, cant exit, scam, you coinbase, cant, run away with your money or anything like That because youre holding your coins, they live on the blockchain and your private key or wallet seed acts as the true key to unlock that and utilize. Your coins on the chain and well talk about here more on the. Why? Maybe you should consider it, and even more so just simply the returns and if its something thats appealing to you, but they recently were listed on cue coin, which is incredible not because i think cue coin is that great of an exchange i actually dont really like Them that much, but i use them all the time and youre like dude. What is wrong with you? You just said you dont like them, but you use them all the time great question my friend take a seat as a us citizen. I get kicked out of a lot of different cryptocurrency exchanges and q coin allows me to trade a lot of different cryptocurrencies, that i have trouble trading, otherwise, so thats, why i use q coin and divi was recently listed on there, which i think is an excellent Avenue to go ahead and buy divi coins. If youd like to do so, especially as a us citizen, so lets say you do that you send them to the app, and this look i mean here i go.

This is how easy it is to set up the masternode, its literally, like click, click yeah, yeah, im down with that boom done off to the races. If youre tech savvy, maybe you wont, get it right or if youre proficient with linux, maybe it wont make sense to you potentially, but the fact that this will get people staking their coins running masternodes earning interest with them right, locking them up. This reduces the coins in circulation not permanently, but temporarily. This gets a lot more people playing that game and what i thought was really quite astonishing when um. So i used to frequent this site all the time when masternodes are like crazy hot. A lot of mastery projects, havent survived, but the ones that have theyre working hard, and i think that some of them will have a bright future unless its horizon zencash. I think that they dont have a bright future and they backstab me – and i i really dont like that project at all, but no its fine, its fine, everythings, fine, okay, heres, a critical note. I want to make about these online calculators and its the same thing for crypto mining calculators. So many people want to live and die by the mining, profitability calculators and the masternode profitability calculators. They are just estimators, they are. They dont use real world data, for example, im earning quite literally double what this estimates right, so maybe its not that interesting at 700 bucks a year.

Well how about fourteen hundred bucks a year? How about two grand, because those are more akin to the numbers? You would be earning from a usd valuation with a masternode right now. Dont believe me heres my real world data again of my masternode earnings, with a divi masternode, specifically notice, the giant, copper coin at the top, a copper masternode, because divi has multiple tiers here and, as you go up, you have to stake more divi, its a bigger Investment to basically get a bigger node, for example, for the silver one it gets pretty hefty fast um. That was the wrong one. Um, a silver masternode will cost you 14 grand right now and its estimated to earn two thousand seven hundred dollars a year. Thats, probably double too based off my experience with the divi copper note that cost one hundred thousand divvy to run so at the time of this video 4 631, which also means that we are giving away 4 631 and by the way, fine print on that giveaway Is that its going to be running for about a month or two um? Just you know the winner will be picked when were ready. Please dont bombard me with you know, win winner. It really takes the absolutely all of the fun out of giveaways to just be bombarded like hey wheres, my potentially free stuff, bro be glad that were doing giveaways, okay, gosh, but anyway. My point is that 100 000 debbie will um do that and earning 700 bucks.

A year off a 4 600 investment again, you know maybe its not as interesting to you but earning double that. Well, naturally, my ears perk up some jumping into masternodes. You can look at them, as short term plays potentially with you know the the yield, but you could also look at them in long term plays and realize, like, if youre going to hold these coins right and thats a critical thing i want to cover here. If youre going to hold any cryptocurrency that you can stake, that you can run a masternode or that you can just get your coins working for you in any sort of way, then you need to do that just do it youre throwing money away. Otherwise, oh i dont want to learn how to do that. I dont feel like it. No wake up man, okay, its not even all about the usds right dirty fiat money, get more coins right, its all that marketing they did was stack. Your sat stack your satoshis. The goal is just to be increasing how many coins you have and if the prices go crazy and thats, what you care about, and you focus on. Well guess what you got more coins, so you just went a little bit more crazy. Im just astonished some of the stuff – i see you know its like people, either dont know or theyre lazy or whatever, and they just they just miss so much potential opportunity right.

So all in all my my experience with this divi masternode has been absolute blast right. So got the coins sent to my wallet, click click set up the node takes about a week. Then you start, you know with your earnings and with their earnings. They were double what i expected, which i was kind of astonished by and naturally very happy so im stacking up these coins and you know just earning passive income with my cryptocurrencies again. You know theres a lot that goes into this and its not as simple as oh just do this and youll be rich tomorrow and again, nothing in this videos, financial advice, whatever you choose to do, is your decision and your decision alone, but i do have to Say from a user experience in the whole, making crypto easy thing right. This has been a great experience and very easy theyre looking to build on ramps for fiat dirty money right things like usd and creating crypto to crypto exchanges and a bunch of other stuff that app that i keep referencing its, not just a masternode setup, app its Just a mobile wallet with earn support via their masternodes, the divi mobile wallet app is not just for setting up and controlling your masternode, but it also is a multi coin wallet. So if you want to put your bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin in there and they plan to add other coins in the future, you can do that theres.

Some other features theyre working on, like you, can pay users with their usernames as opposed to a full wallet address. Staking vaults and a dashboard to monitor your performance, so very simple, very sleek, very, very effective. Every time ive opened it, it works and all that stuff. So its uh again, you know, but nothing but a good experience which im really happy to just be able to report on that. So ill. Have another update on this, maybe like a month or so, and talk about some other stuff. I dont know if i want to do a whole other video here just on the masternode aspect, but if youd like to see that please let me know if theres anything i missed. Please let me know im curious to see where it all goes. The markets cooled off a little bit, but the interest is still generally on average higher than its ever been before so right now, just we can go ahead and time stamp it. You know at the time of uh recording this video one thousand dollars would get you about twenty one thousand five hundred and ninety divi coins, its ranked 259 by coin market cap and trading at about four and a half cents per coin. So if you want to join me on this crazy crypto journey, please smash the subscribe button hit. The notification bell, click it for always on hit the thumbs up, leave a comment. Let me know and also enter the giveaway and shout out to all of you guys that are crazy and always go for the first second.

Third. Fourth, fifth, you know all that crazy stuff comments. So, as always, i appreciate you all ill see you on the next video please be advised. There are scammers impersonating us on multiple platforms. I dont want your money. I just want you to smash that subscribe button. Everything in this video is for entertainment purposes. Only.