Looking at the discord right now, my stelton, he pulled up the icp im, pretty sure i made a video about it this morning. I dont know why my chart, oh its, not the right chart, thats. Why yeah wow 100 made a video about it this morning i tagged right to the fib right to the t. 79 bucks dude. I am pretty confident that i made a video this morning on icp, but if i didnt well, i guess it doesnt matter. If i didnt, but it does look like it, had some yeah right dude, the 618 im telling you guys its the 618 is king. I mean everybody knows that, but its crazy, like yeah, not for nothing but youre, already back testing the one six one eight. As support so icp might not be done yet. You know im gon na clear this out. I dont, i dont even remember im pretty sure i made a video about it this morning, but obviously, whenever the i made the video you know i i definitely pointed out 79 because i circled it um, which i circled everything but and like i said i i Never said it was going to 79 dollars. I just said: look for 79, but you know in the event i dont remember, drawing or i dont remember if i made a video this morning, but you know you can see it is back testing the 16180s support. So if you lose this, its probably going to come all the way back to 73 thats, the lowest, it can go and still be considered bullish for a move like this.

Obviously, if you break below 73 dollars, then uh, you know its still bullish, but its not like eyes on me. Im going to the moon bullish its just like youre, going to get some consolidation like this and then probably move later on uh at some point in time, but yeah. If you stay over 76 dollars, which is the one six one eight and its the 382 theres. No reason why this thing wouldnt be bullish but, like i said the lowest, they can go and still be. Bullish is 73 dollars any lower than that and its its probably gon na. Come back to this trend line right here that im about to pull out of my ass and then obviously, if that holds, you know at some point in time it should it should rally assuming btc doesnt, go to same exact thing. I do remember drawing this fib. Actually um and you actually got something like this and same thing. You tagged a one six one eight up here, so im not gon na do the same cons. I mean i ill draw a little one, but its the same concept on the btc pair. You actually add the six one eight right now, so if icp doesnt have a bounce, then its probably gon na come all the way back to one four, which is a pretty decent drop, uh, five percent. So what would a five percent drop on icp? Look like yeah right to the six one, eight so keep an eye on seventy three dollars if it stays over that its still considered extremely bullish.

Obviously, if you lose that, like i said its its, not bearish, but you know youre not going to the moon on icp. So as long as it stays over 73 dollars, its still extremely bullish. Even here at the 1618, which i said for 50th time and then obviously, if it breaks out your breakout line 71 or 79 rather next, stop would be 82 and then 83.. Once you get over 83. The last i mean theres theres, three micro fib. Well, no theres, two micro fibs and a macro fib theres, a micro fib at 83 micro uh micro fib at 79, all right geez. I dont know what the im saying: theres theres a microfiber 79 theres, a microfiber 83 and theres a microfiber 85. But the macro fib is at 82, so i would say if you break over 82 youre, probably gon na spike, you might not go all the way to 95, but i obviously dont have access to that price information. So, like lets say you bought them out here. Youd be able to draw another fib there. You can see theres double confluence on a lot of these fibs and then theres other resistance levels up here at 86, 89, 92 and then, obviously, if it goes lower back to the 618. You know the fibs are more spread out 90 and both of them are up here at 96.. So it looks like 96 is probably gon na be the top, if in fact it does break out um and thats pretty much it so best of luck, as always.