We want to update you on the latest goings on around the crypto space this weekend, so were going to take a look at a couple different articles. Of course, we have el salvador soon making bitcoin its legal tender, but this is interesting because theres, a survey out that shows some very controversial uh results that salvadorians dont want bitcoin. Perhaps – and maybe this is a generational thing, but when asked what bitcoin is, 44 percent of respondents said that it is a digital currency. 20.6 percent said they dont know. Other participants said that btc is a cryptocurrency which is a new currency money and more so maybe its just an educational thing. At this point, maybe once uh salvadorians learn more about bitcoin, their opinions will change. Nonetheless, this is set to go into effect september 7th, as the country moves into fully embracing btc as a legal tender. The usd is also a legal tender in el salvador oppose opposition from critics, though international financial entities and others have rose in coming days as we get closer and closer to the launch of bitcoin in el salvador. That is coming up on the 7th of september. So, in addition, the study concluded that nine out of ten salvadoreans have an inaccurate notion or dont know what bitcoin is very interesting were going to see how this plays out. Will we get a crypto rally from this news all together, too thatll be something to watch early next week.

Weve got a couple really key dates that were watching obviously september 7th, coming up for el salvador as well as september 12th. That is a big date for cardano. So all the ada holders know that that is a big date that is coming up soon and if we go back here, we can see theres a couple other big stories. If you havent heard of the board ape yacht club, this is interesting. So what to expect from the board ape yacht club tron? This is a new nft. This project is booming right now, board api club tron is the third tron based project launch on the nft market. The first project of its kind was sold out in under four months and the second in just 36 hours. This is just insane what these uh board ape yacht club nfts are selling for right now, and this is just a trend that is continuing to get bigger and bigger. When we talk about nft, so its interesting uh, i was actually talking about board api club with austin uh hilton. Another youtuber here who talks about cryptocurrency were actually thinking about, perhaps starting an nft uh, maybe creating a couple. Let me know your thoughts down below in the comment section. I know that sounds crazy, but a lot of youtubers are doing it and were looking into it were gon na see. You know what it takes uh. We need to learn a little bit more of the ins and outs.

So if you have any insight for me, love to hear from you too, in the comments section all right, so how much btc would get uh, would you get if every single person got an equal share of bitcoin? This is interesting. So how about this article here bitcoin of course, is the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world by market cap. Yet over 18 million of the 21 million bitcoins created have been mined and owned by various investors, leaving only a little over 2.2 bitcoins left for the rest of the world to catch up with. Since the data puts the number of people who know about bitcoin at less than 10 percent, wow thats shocking to me, this still means that 7 billion people are. You have to find out about bitcoin. That is insane uh its just. You know you kind of have a blurred vision when youre in this every single day, and you realize how early we all are to the space anybody watching this channel and other channels covering cryptocurrency. You are still new youre one of the um. You know initial people to know about btc and other cryptocurrencies, so distributing bitcoin. Equally, though, check this out, so we do some math here taking the current world population of 7.8 billion. This would put the number at .0027 bitcoins going to each person. If we, you know distributed everything, ease, uh fairly uh and gave every person the same amount, this does not take into account the amount of btc that has already been lost due to forgotten keys, passwords or even owners of the coins dying.

So this is something that i actually ran into. I have some lost bitcoin somewhere out in the ether and its probably worth a few thousand dollars was only a hundred bucks not too long ago, but uh yeah uh. I tried to actually cash it out as bitcoin cash when i didnt know what i was doing and uh yeah dont do that because its lost somewhere in ether and you will not get it back. So all right lets go back a couple. Other interesting stories here to kind of hit on hopefully youre having a great weekend out there too so lets see here. Uh loot creator drops 1.3 million additional loot nfts for free. That is another crazy story related to nfts. How about the top one here, an introduction to stellar and xlm, so xlm kind of a spin off of xrp their mission, control and consensus. Here i do like stellar lumens. There was an article that came out several months ago that i found interesting and uh. It was somebody whos really against cryptocurrency, but he said if he had to invest in one or a few. Stellar would be one of them, given that its fat has that fast transaction speed, so heres stellars mission, if you dont, know what stellar lumens is at one time. This was the number three most popular coin, on a uh popular exchange that you might know of coinbase. But on its website, stellar justifies its existence by telling us the way the global financial estimate or excuse me, establishment is structured.

Today, people are born into an economy just like theyre, born into a political system. Stellar is a way out it lets people participate in the worldwide stable financial network, regardless of where they live. And when i read this mission statement, i cant help to think about cardano, and this is really what charles hoskinson is trying to do too, with the various partnerships all over the world, especially in countries where a lot of their people. You know countries in africa, for example, they dont have access to an atm. They dont have access to banks like we do here in the west uh. We take that for granted in a lot of ways right uh. So this is something that i think another project that could really help out: uh third world countries right and countries that are still seeking uh these opportunities. The controversial aspect in stellars is stellars approach, though, so its completely opposed to the cryptocurrency ethos. The company wants a bridge between the traditional banking system and the cryptocurrency space. Well, the problem is the banking system. I dont think is ready for that. However, they are transitioning and theyre getting ready to uh. You know get into cryptocurrencies. We talk about that data. All the time ill have my friend todd finn back on the channel and were going to talk more about that. How institutions not only are dipping their toes in the water theyre jumping in head first now, and i think 2022 is really going to be the year where we see institutions going.

You know all in if you will, but by the following uh. Here you go the traditional banking systems, rusty rules, the software has always been intended to enhance, rather than undermine or replace the existing financial system. In other words, stellar aims to provide a platform with which all financial actors can interact without any friction all financial actors that are properly identified and approved by the legacy system that is so interesting stuff. So before we get out of here, hopefully come over to the channel, see some of the latest live streams that i did this morning and yesterday we talked about ethereum getting to 4k. That was awesome to see the launch of shiba inu on weeble. It is uh set to go and it is a full launch, theres, no more beta testing. We talked about that quite a bit. Yesterday go check out the latest on that and then today we did uh three different live streams. The crypto news today kind of talking about the goings on in the crypto world from this morning and then we did a crypto live q, a where i answered a lot of peoples questions. Maybe you had the same question. You can go back and view that and then the shiba inu live this morning had ship pumping up about eight percent. It has sold off a little bit here in the after hours if you will, but still looking nice. Its still up today in the green.

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