I have a confession to make. I do not think i am bullish enough on cryptocurrency now let me explain that i feel like i have invested a lot of money right ive about half my liquid net worth is in cryptocurrency. Actually, more than that now its actually outweighed my stock portfolio recently and ill be honest. I think i need to be more bullish and you might feel the same way after this video. So let me explain this and first of all, i want to show a clip from michael saylor talking about how to get a hundred x return and i think what he says is very valuable, so i will roll the clip. If you guys want, though, there is a link underneath the video to check out block five to get an interest rate on your crypto currencies, definitely check that out. If you are interested in gaining wealth over time, its going to be really important. If we get that 100 x that you actually have got an interest along the way so lets roll the clip of michael saylor here, the only assets that will appreciate by a factor of 100 or a thousand are by definition, assets that 99 of the population. Doesnt appreciate or understand you go down the street and you ask a hundred people. Do you think apple is a valuable company youre going to find that 50 of them agree with you? If you would ask the question 20 years ago, do you think apple will become a trillion dollar company? The answer is no.

I mean at one point in time: michael dell said to steve jobs this night back in 1997, or so you should give the money back to the shareholders and shut the company down. If you went back to 19, you know to 2007 when they roll out the iphone everybody didnt agree with them: okay, well, maybe it wasnt going to work by 2009. You could see it was going to work by 2010 or 11. It was pretty hot by 2012. Four year old kids wanted an iphone for christmas. So in 2012, nine years ago, four year, old kids wanted an iphone and if you gave the girl, the you know an obsolete ebay, two generation back iphone for her birthday. She throws a temper tantrum because nobody wanted the old iphone. They wanted the new pink iphone whatever. So you had that observation, and yet still 98 in the world, didnt quite get it. You could have made some money if, if you want to get rich, youre gon na have to actually buy something that the majority of the uneducated public doesnt agree with you on and doesnt understand, when you do that, youre going to have to have studied enough so That you have conviction that youre right and not their right if youve studied something for a thousand hours and theyve studied something for one hour and they think its garbage and you think its good, then you can reasonably assume thats a chance for you to make a Wise investment thatll make you money if youve studied it for one hour and theyve studied it for one hour.

You know now youre just gon na be in a coin flip, you dont know youre gon na be easily swayed. So i i think in general bitcoin meets the criteria, its something that is a big tech network that is under appreciated. That has massive upside potential, so what i think he said was fascinating and that is that to get 100x or to really outperform the market, you have to invest in areas that people dont believe in yet, and that makes a lot of sense right on the surface. Right, if you invest in something that everyone says to invest in sure it might go up, but youre not getting any kind of a deal right. I mean if they over, perform thats great, like if youre buying a great company at a pretty lofty valuation and they outperform sure thats great. They might outperform the general market, but youre not going to get dumpster level prices. And that is where i think cryptocurrencies are. So interesting were at a 2.2 trillion dollar market cap and i just did a video a couple days ago, which ill link to up here at the top of the video and on the end screen about raul, paul talking about the innovation looking at metcalfes law and Where we will be a couple years down the line, hes someone that said that ethereum is going to hit 20 000 this year. Its really interesting because were at this pivotal time, where uh you know, we are printing, so much money.

People need to put money somewhere and were starting to see massive banks file to allow their clients to start investing in cryptocurrency. So recently we had this, which is that a u.s bank and fdic insured bank are, they are allowing clients to actually buy cryptos from their checking account. So they can just log in onto their online banking move over the their money from their checking account over to ethereum bitcoin cardano. Now, weve seen that in some of the bigger banks weve seen actually at the top ten weve seen every single one, the top five. I only looked at the top five offering to uh give cryptocurrency services to their higher net worth clients and what i think were seeing here, and this is why i think that maybe im not bullish enough, i think, were seeing massive adoption and were still seeing fear. So were seeing all this stuff happening behind the scenes and sure were seeing prices go up in cryptocurrencies. I mean weve seen a huge spike since last year. This time, where cardano is three dollars and last year was what 50 cents five cents at the beginning of the year. So you have to pay attention because there has been a big movement. There are always going to be people that say thats going to come back down and thats, probably true. We will see a dip some point, but im sure that five ten years from now theres going to be a lot of adoption for cryptocurrencies.

So what were seeing is this massive adoption, and i think some of us are still not bullish enough. I feel like i am not bullish enough because think about what it would take to get a 10x return in the stock market. If you get 15 returns, it would still take you about five years to double your money and then another five years to double it again. So youll get a 4x if you could outperform the market by about a 50 increase from the normal market return because indexes are about 10. So if you outperform the market by 50, you will still only get a 4x in 10 years compared to a 10x. I think a 10x in 10 years for cryptocurrency is not out the question by any means. I think well probably outperform that i think we could definitely see higher numbers in that now. Something i found fascinating too is this. Is this? Is the start of a new asset class? Now you might not realize how important that is, but that has not happened in a very long time. Theres been nothing in anyones lifetime. Anyone thats watching this that has been considered a new asset class before crypto now thats, where i find it fascinating because i mean if we look back the dow jones started in the late 1800s and there were stocks before that, but the dow jones started back then The average started at 41 points. You know what were at now, 35 000, and i realized that this is over 130 140 years and in that time, weve seen an 800x which is crazy right.

If, if your parent or your great great grandparent, i should say, bought some dow jones or something like that, and they put forty dollars into it, you would have now thirty five thousand dollars now theres been a lot of inflation. Keep that in your mind there too theres been a lot of inflation, but in 800, xs and 800 x, so thats kind of interesting right, because while it took 130 years we are printing a ton of money right now, theres a ton of innovation theres a ton Of adoption, people back then werent able to just you know, step in their homes and then have five different devices to buy the dow jones industrial average right. We can do that in crypto. Right now we can grab our phone ipad computer. You know whatever we have uh you know, maybe teslas will allow you to start buying cryptocurrencies at some point in the future. They have their own exchange. I dont know, but there are so many places that we can buy and its so easy that its really easy to funnel money into it now and what were seeing is were going to see a massive pass down of wealth too from the older generations. That generally dont, like cryptocurrencies as much right, i mean sure there are some billionaires and millionaires that are buying cryptocurrencies. But i think its pretty safe to say that older generations, on average dont, buy cryptocurrencies as much as some of the younger generations and that wealth is going to be passed down and its going to be passed down to people that are already investing in crypto and See the upside so theres going to be a lot of money that is funneled into cryptocurrencies and all this happening at the same time, i think, will lead to a lot of innovation, a lot of money flowing into cryptocurrencies and skyrocketing in the price over the next 10 years now i could always be wrong.

So do your own research, but personally, i feel like we need to realize how big, how big the opportunity is and not get bogged down by the fact that, oh, maybe six months from now theres gon na be another. Bear market, or something like that now of course, thats good to know right, if you do think thats gon na happen, thats something to keep in your mind.