Now we have a very very new one here and it has quite the potential – and it is quite interesting if i do say so, myself now lets get right into pet pals guys now this is pet. Pals dot, io ill leave their website down below. So you guys can check it out, join the telegram and all that stuff, but were going to give you uh – or i guess, im going to give you a quick overview about what is actually going on with this coin. Or this token or this game, even uh were going to get right into it guys. So we can see. This is the first play to earn nft multiplayer web based game on the blockchain okay. So this is a play to earn a multiplayer. Sorry lets say: multiplayer nft, a game developed on the binance smart chain; okay, so buy or earn your first pal watch as it evolves into a teen and an adult okay play mini games to earn pals tokens as well. So im gon na show you guys uh. The mini games as well cause – it is quite funny, uh theres something. I need to tell you guys about that. So we can see here, uh buy essential items for your pal, keep it healthy and even point your pal with the rarest brush. Okay uh. So there are going to be customization options that you can do as well, which is quite cool. I also do have uh some notes on my phone im going to be reading off of so very soon to get my phone uh thats.

Why? So when youre happy with it mint it and uh start trading pals, okay, the possibility are endless, so they have their pal docs over here guys, which is uh a lot of stuff going on here. Im not gon na go through everything but uh. I dont wan na show you guys the product features over here uh and there is going to be a staking and evolution as well, so uh well get into that in a bit. But if we continue, we can see about pet pals. Okay, so we can see. I actually havent opened this site yet im tripping, but this is a uh on the binance smart chain. Okay, and we can see uh b and b. Is the main cryptocurrency thats going to be used for transactions in the pet pals ecosystem holders will be able to acquire pet pals paint brushes and unique pet boxes using bnb. Now a nominal gas fee is needed to process the transactions on the binance smart chain. So a wallet such as trust, wallet or metamask is needed. Okay, and this is actually the app where you can connect your wallet uh. This is actually coming soon. Okay, this is where the game is gon na be another thing: is we have over 11 000 unique website visits, which is pretty cool, and here are some of the characters guys, which is quite interesting as well uh. We can see that you know they do have a variety.

This is a shark. This is a reindeer, a monkey, a pig, a cat, a dog, an owl uh, a lizard, and is that is that a whale? Oh wait! This is a shark and this is a world. I think i call that a whale i dont know but yeah. We can see it over here and we can involve it. Okay, so look at this, so this is like a puppy. You know and we have like a teen and then we have the adult. This one looks dope. It looks pretty cool uh, i think kind of the dog is yeah. This is pretty cool, so you can evolve your pile by feeding it taking it to play. Mini games and earn pals, and eventually your little pal may not be so little anymore. Uh. We can see, they have a play to earn model. Okay, so um you can breed to earn. So you can breed two different types of pets and they may reproduce a rare and you can earn pals tokens as you unlock new characters. You can also stake to earn so put your pal in hibernation to stake it, and your little pal may not be so little anymore. You can also battle to earn so take your pal to the battle arena and see if your pal can become the mightiest of them all and you can raid to earn as well. So you can help the community with raids now guys.

This is giving me heavy, like pokemon vibes, right uh. We can see here like theres, an evolution going on theres like battling going on uh, so it is quite interesting and honestly guys this actually kind of has to be interested because this, if obviously, if everything goes to plan, i think this can be something that has A lot of potential uh and if they actually make it a fun game as well, i think it could really blow up and really be something huge, because it is quite interesting to see and especially since its played earn. We all know how quickly those games can start up and just completely go off to the moon, so very, very interesting project here as well. Another thing is, you can paint your palette. I think this is one of the coolest things ever. This literally looks insane like its like a dragon like demon dog, and it just looks so cool uh. I really oh, it says: derrigan formation, if thats, what the highlight says so thats super cool as well, and we can see theres a mini games and im actually going to show you guys this mini game uh, because this is what i want to talk to you. Guys about okay, if you are an og, this is extremely familiar to you, and this is because club penguin had a game very, very similar to this. If you guys remember club penguin, there was literally a game that was pretty much identical to this, where you literally make pizza so im, not gon na play this game the whole time, but yeah pretty cool as well.

Now another thing guys over here we can see about the staking. We can see you can lock in the sticking for seven days or 90 days. We can see the locks taking apy as well. So it says seven days, five percent eleven days, eleven point. Fifty percent and ninety days at ninety percent, which is absolutely nuts uh and obviously guys this isnt set in stone uh. This is something to talk about now. We can see you guys, you guys can go through here check out their docs check out the introduction. So you guys can check out the story. The game mechanics, the paint, precious evolutions. Actually i wan na take a look at the evolutions. Are they gon na show me any other pets or no? Oh wow, look okay. So this is like the the lizard that final form, which is pretty cool. I think i like the dog better to be honest, but are they going to show us anything else? Oh look so they have like evs and ivs as well, so like different sorts of uh like hp, defense, speed all that type of stuff, so thats, actually very, very interesting. Uh lets see if we can see pet boxes uh, okay! No! This is all one thing and types and tears, so we can see the pet boxes over here uh. We can see exactly normal, real, unique, legendary, okay, so heres the type of the pet pals okay. So there is uh kong, doge, miyami, hooter, rango pumba.

Why is the pig pumba because i guess like lion, king uh jaw is a rudolph and a willy uh and are they gon na show all the evolutions? No, i think theyre kind of i think theyre uh not leaking all the information for that which is totally fine but yeah its also very cool. We also have the different paint brushes as well, so guys on their twitter. We can see that they did actually do their uh. What is it their early bird sale uh? They do also have a bunch of other partnerships. They have some videos going on uh theyre doing some beta testing some press releases. I believe they also have billboards in new york city, which is super cool, so they have a lot going on in their twitter as well uh guys, i strongly recommend joining their telegram if you guys want to get more information. Another thing guys i do want to quickly talk about quickly. Plug is uh. If you guys want to know exactly what cryptos and stocks im actually buying, you guys can actually get. My crypto and stock market buy sell alerts linked down below first thing in the description, its literally just nine bucks cheaper than checkplace. You guys can go and grab that as well uh, but guys. Let me know what you guys think about pat pals in the comments down below. I think, like i said its a very interesting project. Im gon na be very interested to see how it continues and how it progresses.

Im gon na keep my eyes on it as well, because again, these type of projects really have a lot of potential and this new play to earn. I guess like what is it like, like a trend is really emerging, especially with nft, so uh thats. What i think guys it is quite interesting to see this project.