I havent looked at requests in ages all right. What the is this yeah thats uh. I honestly dont know why, but i dont even know why i bounced there i dont even see i dont, see anything honestly. I mean this. This 786 got invalidated. Why did it even bottom? There uh, i guess, theres your answer, theres always a answer but im like yeah thats, thats odd though it went through it went through to 786, but i guess theres a microfib down here. Well, there is a microfib down here, but im surprised that was actually uh. The bottom yeah and sure enough, so you bottomed that to two six one, eight down or the once whatever this is. This is the two six one, eight right yeah you bought it at the two six one eight and you guys saw from the fit i just drew bottom to top or top to bottom, rather ill get rid of this. So you guys can see you already spiked. All the way up here so clearly, this was a scam, wick um its unfortunate that people get sucked in like this 20 30 percent uh. What to look for now is this is on a smaller time frame, which it does look like already um. You actually broke through to six one, eight already um, so i i would say the move is most likely done. You know if it moves back to 25 cents and spikes back up.

You know you can even go as high as 29 cents and still be considered. You know, actually, you know what i wouldnt rule this out, because that would be a double that would be another that would be setting you up for another six one eight, so something like this is is definitely on the table, but i would say if it, if This plays out and you get rejected at 30 cents, its its not going to do anything its going to consolidate so yeah. I i really would not rule this out and then, like i said earlier or like i said like two seconds ago, if this does break over 30 cents, your breakout is 31.4, then you, you actually might spike up to 36 and obviously, if it breaks higher than That your next stop is 42 and after that, its going to the moon. So i i dont see that happening, though, like it doesnt. Look that bullish anymore, like it looks like this was some kind of i mean. Clearly, it was a breakout, so wreck bottom, but it doesnt. Look that good right now! Well, you know what well see if this. If this plays out – and you actually do break back over 30 cents, then it doesnt matter what i think thats whats thats whats at play, so thats pretty much it best of luck and then i, if it f, i dont expect it to fall below 25 cents. Uh, but if it doesnt get back above even 28, then youre just gon na get consolidation which, like i just said, i dont think it goes lower than this um.

If it does yeah, i dont think it goes lower than that honestly, but if it does then thats extremely bearish, because this is just another one of those coins that are already up what the hell. This is another one of these. This is another one of those coins that are already up. Well, this ones really not up that much its only up 3x but so yeah. I guess if you do break below 23 cents or uh 25 cents, it is extremely bearish, but i i dont see without unless btc is about to go to zero. I dont see how it would break back below 24 cents. You know 25 on coinbase 24 on here, but you know: if it does, your next stop would be 19, so dont rule it out, but i dont, i honestly dont see that happening. I would say worst case scenario is 25, you know, and then you get some one of these moves. You know either consolidation or a breakout, like i said earlier, breakouts confirmed over uh 30 cents and then the moonlight is 32 or 31.5.