We win, you wont want to miss this watch. This video to the varian guys well lets get started so were currently seeing an overall global crypto market have about 2.27 trillion a 0.08 percent increase over the last days. So we arent up much today, but we are still in the green, so that is definitely good, but we do have bitcoin down. You know on point three percent and ethereum down as well, two percent as well as cardano down four percent. So the main three cryptos are all down. Well, you know some others are in the greens, some other altcoins, but now for shiba news, so on the most vital to have on coin mark cap were currently at the number 15 spot and we are green for today. Guys so this is very good, were up about 5.5 percent for the last 24 hours and were currently at 7.4 approaching 7.5 satoshis were getting close to eating a zero. You know that 10 satoshi mark. Hopefully that can happen. You know, maybe by the end of the month, but now price action, so our market cap is getting even closer to surpassing three billion dollars again its up four percent 24 hour volume, looking very nice, too, 381 million up 45, nearly 46 percent. If we take a look at this, you know um one day chart um were sort of consolidating here for a bit trading sideways, seeing some red and green and then bam.

We hit this huge spike. You know where we jump from about um 7.1. All the way up to at the peak about 7.6, nearly 7.7 satoshi units, then the price sort of corrected a bit, but you know it looks like were going to be going on another upward trend here soon, current holder, update chiba. You knew nearly 650 000 holders. Leashed nearly 19 000 and bone nearly 30 000. new internal structure introduced to mirror the future shibunu current admins and mods will pick one of the four breeds. These breeds. Think of them as departments, are as follows: currency is technologies, growth, defense, shipbecks future. So lets check this out guys so today, on national dog day were excited to announce an official internal um restructuring that will help us streamline, organize and optimize or decentralize operations. This was a challenge but keeps in line with ryoshis vision of a decentralized sovereign entity that has no leader but the structured to outlast most cryptos on the block. The structure is internal, but in the interest of transparency, well explain the big picture and how you and the shiv army can get involved soon, because we need all hands on deck. Our admins and mods will pick one of the four breeds. These breeds, as i mentioned earlier, think of them as departments or as follows: currencies technologies, growth and defense. Each breed is headed by a top dog, and an alpha alpha is responsible for making sure each breed is on track with internally said okrs and reports weekly kpis to the top dog of their breed.

Each breed is then broken down further into packs, headed by the leader of the pack or lotp. The lotp ensures the pack collectively works towards granular goals that further our collect, a vision of being a decentralized totality. I personally believe this structure allows us to better serve. You and furthers our commitment to the ship army next week as we implement and shift resources to the right areas set okrs and kpis. We will continue our conquest of the crypto space. This will start with intake of our incubator participants and a further explanation of the hierarchy, so that we can bring, i mean so that we can begin to introduce new players to our breeds. Thank you for the for the time to do this necessary reorganization and alignment of our most valued members. Ill, be honest. This doesnt feel too good right now, but im in this for a couple of years, so im not sweating it too much. If youre feeling stretched uh stressed out by all the instability, remember to take a break and zoom out to the bigger picture, everything will be okay, guys. So, honestly, um, obviously you know hes saying he doesnt feel too good, because ethereum was up here and all the shiba new coins were down. This is the best news. All week, sheba is now trading on weeble, so weeble, a major cryptocurrency sort of investment platform is now listed, chiba new, so very nice bitcoin price turns to test lower support levels as 50k stays out of reach as a frustratingly sideways market for bitcoin bulls as august Ends and september, which is typically a boring month for btc price, looms despite highly encouraging on chain metrics and fundamentals.

Btc price action disappointed the market throughout the weekend and beyond, as a lack of momentum, kept 50k at bay. Major resistance now solidified on exchanges at 51, 000 above remains firmly in place, and analysts say the outlook remains muted until this level is turned to support. According according to coindelgrave contributor, michael vandy pop, we clearly stated that 51k is the level that bitcoin has to break through according to van day pop. If that happens, we most likely are going into a new impulse wave um back to the 58 000 range at first and then probably a new all time high. So this is very exciting here, former us president calls crypto a disaster waiting to happen. He seemingly dismissed the crypto markets potential in favor of strengthening the us dollar. In a recent interview in an interview with fox business released on tuesday former us, president donald trump was questioned about his views on the health of the wall, street markets, the current administration, progress and the potential of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market. In response to the latter question, the foreign president stated i like the currency of the united states. I think the others are potentially disaster waiting to happen. He continued by saying they or cryptocurrencies may be fake. Who knows what they are? They are certainly something that people dont know very much about. He also spoke on protecting the sovereignty of the us dollar as first priority, rather than advancing the stagnant financial system and grasping the overwhelming benefits that crypto and blockchain technologies have to offer so um donald trump is obviously worried about um the us dollar losing value or Losing strength due to the abiding administration, you know printing, so much money and causing you know: um inflation to run uh, rampant, major job postings from the crypto space in 2021.

Some institutional players, online retailers and media organizations have called for recruits with experience in crypto or blockchain as crypto and blockchain firms grow and need to navigate regulatory and economic challenges for the industry. Many have to hire outside to find the best workers. This year many companies, financial institutions and even government agencies announced they were searching for fresh blood to help them adapt to the ever changing crypto space and february major online retailer amazon posting was seeking software, develop um development manager in mexico to help launch a new payment Product, the digital and emerging payments project was aimed at allowing residents of mexico to buy cryptocurrencies with cash, so they could spend digital currency while shopping on amazon anthony saramucci 100k by um i mean 100k per btc by year and is still within reach. So you heard it here: first k potential for bitcoin by the end of the year, exponential monthly growth and demand should propel bitcoin to 100 000 by the end of the year 2021. According to ceo of sky bridge capital, anthony scarmucci, the bottom line, is you have the limited and fixed by bitcoin, and you have every month exponentially, more demand. Um scaramucci told cointelegraph an exclusive interview. As long as i see that i see those prices rising so were going to stick with the 100 000 um price target, he explains. Crypto does not qualify as currency says. South africas central bank, governor south africas top banker, said that cryptocurrencies are more akin to assets than actual currencies.

According to a report by moneyweb, the central bank chief likened crypto to assets rather than current than than currency. During an interactive session at the woods business school leadership dialogues, according to south africas central bank, governor cryptocurrencies only meet two of the three currency criteria. Stating a cryptocurrency is a store of value. It is a medium of exchange but is not generally accepted. Its only accepted by those who are participating in it remarkable on chain metrics could spell bitcoin ethereum bull market return. New report on chain data is showing more and more similarities to mid and late 2020, the springboard period for the ether and bitcoin bull market bitcoin price sinks to 46.7 k, despite record accumulation and supply shock events, everything is bullish, but the price when it comes to Bitcoin on tuesday, the market is still waiting for. Cues institutions remain bullish on cardano and ether, while btc outflows persist, ether and cardano continue to dominate inflows to institutional crypto investment products. While demand for btc weakens chinese banks explore eu on for selling investment funds and insurance bank of communications and china, construction bank are working with fund managers and insurers to facilitate eu on payments for chinese citizens. The south china morning, post reported on tuesday that the leading chinese banks, such as the bank of communications or both com and chinese construction, bank or cecb, are working with fund managers and insurers to enable eu on payments for sectors beyond the retail landscape.

The report states that ccb has collaborated with investment funds platform, shanghai, titan, um, titan fund distribution for allowing citizens to make online fun investments with the digital yawn jd.com. A china based e commerce company will also be part of this collaboration. Ccb executive by president zhang min said we have since 2017, been participating in the research and development of the central bank, digital currency or cbdc, which view as significant for a payment system due to the ability to enhance payment efficiency. But now for price analysis, price prediction, shebanu, so of course you know we hit this massive spike earlier, where we jump to, as i mentioned earlier from about 7.1, all the way up to 7 point nearly 7.7 associates. We then dip back down, but it looks like were gon na start going back up soon, so i think we can hit 7.6 satoshi units, maybe even higher, but then again guys, remember, im, not a financial advisor. Nor is this video for financial advice.