Why? Because powerful tech monopolies have found a way to unleash its value at our expense, becoming the oligarchs of what some have called the oil of the digital economy? You might have heard this famous quote: if youre not paying for it, youre, not the customer youre the product being sold and thats, because our so called digital footprint has become something even bigger: a digital representation of ourselves to be sold off to the highest bidder and Thats, the trade off we all make on a daily basis, using our favorite online platforms, means handing over our personal information for zero gain big data, its a trillion dollar industry, while our online activity lines the pockets of the elites in silicon valley. What do we actually get from it? Targeted ads for rogaine and six minute abs, but heres? The good news. Blockchain technology has a disruptive potential to tip the power balance in our favor. In this sponsored, video well be looking at an innovative new project with the potential to change the game for good lets, get it welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad, the largest and greatest crypto community and all the interwebs. My name is ben every day. On this channel, i show you how to make money in crypto, if you like money and crypto, make sure to hit that subscribe. Button data is the number one asset – digital commodity, and yet the actual creators of this new asset, you and me have zero stake.

So while we talk about our data being sold off, lets face it, it was never ours to start with. We create it without owning it. We certainly dont reap any financial benefit from it, but that could all change thanks to blockchain leading the way is the cirrus foundation, their flagship product, a first of its kind piece of hardware designed to unlock data ownership, connect to the blockchain and create real value for The user, while anyone can access the cirrus ecosystem and leverage the benefits of the platform, the cirrus device, a wi fi router that collects user authorized data can be connected to the system to supercharge earning potential, and this sleek black box is just the tip of the Iceberg: the on ramp to a network designed to empower and transform the ownership economy, its a multi layered solution that combines hardware, software and a tokenized ecosystem that hands the value created back to its rightful owner. Us i get it. It sounds too good to be true, but this really could be a game. Changer build is the highway to the digital economy. Cirrus addresses the accessibility challenge by becoming an easy to use replacement for your standard router plugging it in gives the user immediate access to a crypto wallet, as well as the ability to leverage the cirrus network for greater privacy control and monetization of their data. The hardware approach is totally unique because, while weve already seen, projects like helium and bat protect and monetize data cirrus are all about benefiting the user without asking them to change their learned, behaviors and its central to their thesis teams.

Ambition is huge and by no means limited to blockchain nerds instead by working within the boundaries of whats, already familiar to your average joe, a super cool looking plug in box theyre, actually offering a seamless on ramp to crypto thats a big deal its. Why the hardware approach makes so much sense? I mean how many times you try to explain crypto to someone who cant get over the fact. Doesnt exist in the physical space like teaching your boomer parents, how to set up their ledger wallet total nightmare. No events to any boomers watching this channel, you guys, are at the cutting edge but a router. Well, i already got one of those. Meanwhile, the device is just one part of a robust three prong solution that includes the core platform and confluence network, all working in synergy to connect you and your data in totally new ways, and, of course, that means across all devices you might use day to day Computers tablets, smartphones watches, tvs, game consoles more with one simple and easy to install setup. Anyone can participate in the free flow of the worlds, most valuable digital asset. Think about it. If data is the new oil, then were all sitting on endless stream of reserves. Its about time we earned our share so who is the cirrus foundation? Well, theyve got a crack team of developers, engineers and business leaders, which now includes former apple ceo in silicon valley, titan gil emilio is a senior advisor theyve, been working towards a working product for over two and a half years now, but only recently, if they come Out of a period of what you call strategic, hiding applying for as many as 47 patents, they fine tune their unique and innovative technology.

The updated white paper drop just a couple of months ago and i highly recommend you check it out because it manages to simply explain a pretty complex set of features and protocols. I mean its one thing to own our data. Creating revenue from it is the next hurdle, however, thats all back in stuff, the master stroke here is that cirrus has made it easy and accessible for your average household, its as simple as installing the box, through a partner to isp scanning a qr code. To begin the onboarding process on a straightforward interface and then youre ready to start earning revenue from day one legit passive, crypto income plus theres a whole host of defy applications being built on the network as an entry point for users that could be staking or deploying Serious tokens back into the ecosystem, which can increase the amount youre ultimately earning from your collected data. This is a product and ecosystem, getting ready to roll in a serious way and while its not fully available just yet theyve already deployed over 4 000 units into households. For sandbox testing, according to a recent blog post, the results have been brilliant system is working as expected, and the quality of the data assets being produced is incredibly high. Cirrus has also begun announcing an impressive list of partnerships. Kucoin led the way and bitmart are expected to list the cirrus utility token imminently, with other major exchanges expected to follow very soon.

Matic fans will be happy to hear theyll be taking advantage of polygons full scaling solution, as well as launching as a pilot partner for defense, pre launch, taking pool program with serious business rewards or liquidity providers. All around cirrus tech vision and road map looks set for some major industry disruption. In only a week. Token prize has seen some impressive gains. Youll be sure, well be getting our hands on a serious device here at bitboy crypto as soon as possible. I mean this product gives a whole new meaning to the three ps property rights privacy, passive income, getting excited just saying it thats.