Watchers today is september. 5Th 2021 eos man whats, going on with eos. Have anybody even been tracking eos? Has anyone ever been giving you all price predictions for this particular cryptocurrency? Who knows this? Currency has kind of fell back in the background. Nobodys really talking about it, but i want to give you all a price ridiculous today, trying to give you all the understand as to what im, seeing on the chart without being confused, so welcome, join our team join our community hit the like button share and also Subscribe to the channel, because you will be getting information that you can actually utilize were not going to pump you up just to get you excited about a protocol about a blockchain about a cryptocurrency. No were just worried about the price price is the only thing that matters? So if you guys are interested in joining our team were here, the doors are open. What you waiting for check this out eos now, yes, the price in eos has been an upward trend. It has participated right alongside with every other altcoin cryptocurrency in the market. Right there from july to 21st, 2021 eos has participated, weve seen the price in eos also go up, so the first thing that were going to do is were going to follow the trend. That is always the first thing we need to do into the market in eos, so yeah, the price of eos recently has exploded. Uh, i wont say, exploded, but it went up right.

The price went up about 10. Now the question is: can we see the price explode higher and if so, how high dont worry about it? Those questions were going to answer today on the video so check this out. We already identified the trend were going up simple as long as price stays above that ascended line, we know were going to go up period. Now we got that established. Okay. How high do you think the price is going to go before we see some selling occur? Weve already seen on this price chart, if you can visually tell where did a market get rejected last at what price do you see it? Can you tell where that is its right here right there around seven dollars is where the last price in eos, as is trekking higher, was rejected right here back in june may and even april of 2021. We are now approaching that next level. Now the question is: can the market explode higher yeah, but probably to the seven dollar price before we see more selling occur? Sorry about that, but it is what it is check it out. Can you see it the market strength? Any eos is still there right there. So, im looking around 6.65 to 7 as that area that we can see some selling occur in the market of eos period. Right i mean you might see something totally different. It all depends on your time preference if youre going to be in the market in eos for an extremely long time, then yeah seven dollars is not gon na, be a problem for you, because youre looking for the market value of eos to increase substantially throughout time Right so this video may not even be applicable to you, because we dont hold our predictions for the next 100 years.

If youre trying to hold eos for the next 100 years, you need to go and watch another video because price literally doesnt matter right now. You got 100 years to let the market work, but if youre in the market on a shorter time frame, then yes, this video is applicable to you now check it out. Lets see how the market so far is looking on a weekly time frame in eos right. This price right here on the weekly time frame so far looks decent, but i cannot be reliant upon what i see right now, because we have eight hours and 16 minutes left. So obviously, the way this price bar looks right now is not going to look the same in the next eight hours. We might even close all the way down here on the bottom of the bar, which will make my price prediction irrelevant. It will go against us. So keep that in mind as im creating this video as im doing this price prediction in eos, but so far it looks pretty good. It looks decent. I like it now. This is the price in eos on a two weeks. Time frame again, the market looks healthy. Oh, did you see that look at this? This seven dollar price restriction goes all the way back to 2018, 2018 and even right here. The market in eos is finding rejection right now, so we can still see the market get rejected and come back down right now, but i dont see that yet so im not going to look towards six dollars to being the rejection point in eos price lets.

Look how we ended the month of august right, so here we are the month of august weve, even seen more selling come in and that rejection come in around six dollars. So the only thing that will go against this price protection im about to show you would be six dollars, thats it. If you see price and eos break above six dollars on string, we already know what the next level is going to be its going to be seven dollars right there around that proximity. Okay, im telling you im giving you the heads up right now. This is the play im, letting you know right before the market gets there as to what to expect. So you dont be surprised, so you dont be caught off guard right, so check this out two day time frame into the market in eos market still looks decent still looks healthy right golden so now lets run the play. Okay were going to run the play now. This play will stay on while the market in eots is able to hold five dollars and fifty cents no lower than five dollars. All right so were going to watch the price as eos continues to trade were going to watch. It were going to watch to see if its going to break 5.50 to the downside. If so, we got this ascending line and ultimately, five dollars to hold price in order to allow this prediction to go on ultimate area of tp is right there around seven.

Now i would be prepared to take some profits off the table around six dollars and fifty cents. What is that yeah, six dollars and fifty seven and three quarters of percent ill eat off that ill? Take the bag from the trap and say welcome about time. You got here now cough it up, give us the bag. Let me get that bread and ultimately ill. Take it around seven, though right thats about 16 right there. So everything is on course to see eos explode higher now. Do you consider 16 exploding is is up to you thats your perception, but for some people yeah, some people might see that as an explosion, its open to interpretation, you cannot define how someone would term the word explode. You cant its your to yourself right, but this is it im done. This is our latest price prediction into the marketing eos. So far, so good were still playing the strength into the market for this currency and, as you guys can remember, i mean ive been doing this video for what the last seven and a half almost eight minutes, and there was nothing confusing about what i said.