We have an updated bitcoin stock to flow model chart from plan b and he had some very interesting commentary to go with this chart. What is the price of bitcoin going to be around christmas? Is it going to emulate what we did in december 2017, where we saw new all time highs, i think so. So i want to break that down and, of course, what it means for all coins which will follow bitcoins move. Now today we had in the new york times a huge article uh on crypto currencies, some of it with some fud and lack of education. You can tell from the commentary but its important um why this is getting exposure and what are the next steps and caitlyn long? She responds to it um outlining and addressing some of the things that are mentioned in there. We also have elizabeth warren whos, majorly, uneducated, about cryptocurrency continuing her uh nonsense, spiel about regulation regulating cryptocurrencies. Now i believe we do need to stop scams, but we know her and gary genser. The sec are two peas in the pod looking to grab as much control. Here to to have the traditional banking cartel take control of crypto. That is what theyre trying to do: um and stuart alderati ripples. General counsel actually weighs in on the uh sec going after unit swap right. Weve been talking about this that uh. This is much bigger than ripple and xrp the lawsuit. This is about the sec versus uh crypto, so were gon na break it all down guys before we do.

Please go ahead and hit the thumbs up. Button, leave a comment below and hit the subscribe button. If youre new here it helps support the channel and it doesnt cost you anything guys. This video is brought to you by ok coin crypto exchange where you can buy, sell and trade. Your favorite cryptocurrencies and you dont have to pay high fees. Okay coin has low fees. You can also stake your crypto and keep 100 of the rewards you dont have to pay any fees sign up. Link in the description also be sure to sign up for my free weekly newsletter. It will include uh recaps on interviews, crypto tips and advice, as well as upcoming interviews and a lot more details. So lets take a look at the market here, bitcoin looking very strong, it is at fifty one thousand eight hundred and seventy one dollars might hit. Fifty two thousand dollars tonight, ethereum at over thirty nine hundred, might hit four thousand tonight well see cardano at two dollars and ninety cents, xrp to dollar three solana at a dollar: forty uh, a dollar, forty, a hundred and forty dollars. So looking good here guys but um as ive been saying on that weekly chart, i needed to see more red candles, so maybe bitcoin pumps a bit due to the el salvador news this week and then we see our pullback building support levels before we run up And hit new all time highs, pulling back and then continuing that run into the end of the year.

Now, speaking of the end of the year and christmas plan b, the creator of the bitcoin stock, the flow model released an updated charge showing were still on track. We had our pullback and just like in 2013, were making a run for a new all time high, so double peaking and heres what he had to say. Bitcoin, currently at fifty thousand four hundred dollars baseline stock to flow model forecast over 100k by christmas, still stands or more precise 100k average. For this halving period 2020 into 2024. on chain, non stop to flow indicator shows no sign of a top. Yet no red dots. This is in line with the stock to flow model, uh forecast, so the on chain data which weve been seeing, also shows that there is more to this bull market and i absolutely believe that now is that a hundred percent certainty or guarantee, of course not. If i were to put percentages on it i would say: 90 we are heading upwards, seeing another uh peak and new all time highs and theres a 10 chance. It doesnt happen thats from my research and analysis. Now you may feel different from your research and analysis, but let it be based on data, not your emotions, right. We dont want to invest with our emotions. Now check this out guys. Someone replied to this tweet saying 100k, average bitcoin price from 2020 to through 2024 means the price must stay above 150 000 for the same amount of time and in proportionality that it has been below 50k thats very bullish plan b.

Reply saying correct: i think we go much higher than 100k. I personally think so as well, and i think we may see a bitcoin etf approve. We saw gary genser talk about not a uh physically backed bitcoin etf, but rather bitcoin futures, so uh or physically settled uh, bitcoin etf, but rather bitcoin futures. So, regardless, i think more money is gon na come into the market and i think youre gon na see mass fomo. I think youre gon na see mass marketing, which will drive a lot of people into the market and thats gon na be the dumb money crowd. Unfortunately, so have a cash out plan, guys um and ill talk about that plan. But, of course, if bitcoin goes above a hundred thousand dollars im expecting a ten thousand dollar ethereum cardano could go up to between eight to ten dollars. Xrp, i believe, with the lawsuit potentially settling in q4 of 20 of this year um we could see a 10 to 15 xrp, potentially higher, because you have that bottled up pressure of xrp being delisted. It gets relisted, they win. The narrative gets put out there plus the important part they get adoption their clients like bank of america, and these major banks start using xrp and then youre gon na have just all these factors driving the price really high. It could go back to number three. It could even go higher than ethereum. I dont know if it can surpass bitcoin in this respective cycle, but um.

You know those are the possibilities, guys so uh. You know, i hope bitcoin ethereum cardano xrp, i dont honest own, any solano, dogecoin or polka dot. Im. Looking for chain link to go to the moon as well um – and you know we – you cant, have every coin thats not possible, but as long as youre making money and thats whats important right when it comes to investing, not in general, in life, theres, more things. Greater than money, but uh, if youre making money when it comes to investing thats im happy for you and you know, if youre holding like solana, i dont hold solana, but if youre making money more power to you im happy for you, so guys some tips. I tweeted today, if you dont, follow me on twitter. Please follow me link in the description, um heres, a couple things you need to really pay attention to and its important because you dont want to get caught flat, footed or unprepared heres. What i tweeted crypto bull, run tips, one have a plan, cash out price points, amount, locked for staking and lending and long term holds map it out on a spreadsheet know. What your plan is guys, how much crypto? Are you cashing out at what price points? What are you holding for staking, locking up and staking and lending like, i put some money in block fi or money crypto and block, buy and earn interest right, um, and then what are you holding long term? Maybe youre not cashing on everything? Maybe you are, but just have a plan know what your action plan is right.

Number two set up accounts with multiple exchanges, so you have more than one liquidity off ramp option, guys what if one exchange goes down? What? If, for some reason they they mess up and theyre like oh somethings, wrong with your account and you cant cash out or even remove the funds from your account you dont want to get caught in that position. I have accounts set up with every major u.s exchange and im ready that if anyone has a problem, i just move my my crypto to that exchange to the other exchange and cash out right. You need to make sure you have this set up because ive lived through it guys, im speaking from experience when, in 2017 a lot of exchanges went down. I couldnt cash out some some crypto that i wanted to, especially when the market started to correct in 2018. I was trying to cash out and all of a sudden overloaded can cash out this problem. That problem and its good to have multiple accounts now, with multiple accounts on different exchanges, make sure you are verified to the max levels so kyc3 whatever. It is right because you dont want to have any roadblocks in cashing out large sums of money and when youre cashing out large sums of money like hundreds of thousands of dollars, they, you know theres some red flags that might go up. They might do due diligence. Um, you know you dont, want any hold up so make sure youre verified everythings there to have your id everything.

Is there its theres, no ambiguity or question as to who you are in your identity, and this is important, because i i learned this the hard way too number four notify your bank ahead of time when youre going to send large sums of money to your account. Now this is not 2017 or 2017, obviously or 2018. We are in um 2021, and a lot of banks are familiar now that people may move money from exchanges, but i have ran into some issues and i know a lot of people had it as well. Back in the day where banks were like whoa, where does money come from what the hell is coinbase? What the hell is, this exchange blindness right you dont want to be in that problem. Call them up, it helps and just tell them hey im going to be depositing x amount of money from these respective exchanges. Heads up note it in my account guys that will protect you from a lot of headache, because you dont want them to freeze your funds or run into any problems right. Finally – and this is important because the tax man will come – have a tax reporting solution set up, such as tax bid thats, what i use guys to calculate my taxes uh for last year, my different trades and selling and buying whatever i use tax bit its api Connected to the different exchanges, so, for example, if youre using okay coin, you just connect the api.

If youre using coinbase same thing, it will pull the data, generate tax forms for you guys its so easy, and i gave it to my accountant so theres a link in the description you can sign up. It is a referral link um, but i i use the service, so no, no bs here, you guys know i keep it real with you and ive interviewed the people of from tax bid on my channel, so its a legit service. It makes it so easy. It helps calculate your capital gains tax guys, so i cant uh, you know over emphasize these things, even guys. Its so important. Have a plan ill put these tips in the description of the video, so you can, if youre new, to crypto youre new to you know the concept of capital gains tax and whatever it is, but you got ta follow these steps, its so important, itll protect you! It will help you get situated when the prices go up and youre ready to take profits. All right guys check this out lead story on the sunday new york times here. Heres, the uh headline officials worry as crypto boom invades banking subheader scramble to regulate another subheader startups, promise huge returns as customers shoulder the risk now um the the person who called us out um whos, a exec editor at coindesk, highlighted some of the things in here. He said pretty one sided and patronizing so far, looking at the article and reading it so im not going to read the entire thing here, you can probably see it on my screen, but its the tldr here guys is that they clearly dont these people.

Who are writing crypt from the traditional financial media and so forth? Many of them dont understand crypto, and they spread a lot of fun. I think some look, some of it. I i am not uh. I wouldnt be surprised by this that theyre spreading fud because of people who are anti crypto and people who want to take more control of crypto. For example, the article uh highlights that elizabeth warren said crypto is the new shadow bank uh elizabeth warren um. I tweeted at you before, if youre watching this uh disclose your respective campaign donations go, learn about crypto, then come back and give us your thoughts. I dont trust you and i think, a lot of people dont trust you either because we know politicians get paid by campaign donations. We know youre working against there and and uh youre trying to get the traditional financial banking world um to control crypto as much as possible. We know about the agenda guys so caitlyn long who ill be interviewing actually um in about a few weeks or so she weighed in saying the new york times story on crypto banking deserves a thoughtful reply: issue isnt black or black and white anti crypto forces. Try to paint us all with a broad brush. Yep bad actors deserve to be called out. Absolutely. We agree. We need to stop scams, but the article ignores fact that regulatory compliant firms exist see. This is why i dont trust elizabeth warren and her statement.

She paints a broad brush if she was um being honest and she was uh. You know really looking to help the market. She wouldnt be pain, painting, broad, brush, brushes right, strokes. I should say with the same brush and remember she was like. Oh these. These super coders hide in the dark and theyre doing this, its just sensationalism, its nonsense, um so uh it looks like oh. She called out the the writer of the new york times. She said first um and she tagged those guys eric and and whats. The other guys name lets see oh efrot. If im saying that right uh, you got a fact wrong and it deserves a correction. Wyomings special bank charter doesnt allow cryptocurrency deposits. Deposit has a very specific meaning in banking. Banks can only take deposits in fiat money u.s dollars, not in crypto. Please fix so im glad shes calling them out third thats a key distinction. Regulated banks can provide custody services for crypto like for securities, but cant. Take deposits in anything except money. Article misses that critical point, its a firewall protecting the feds payment system from exposure to anything other than dollars. She said the same rules apply equally to wyoming sbdi. Im not sure what that is, banks and to traditional banks. All regulated banks, via trust powers, have always been able to provide custody services for assets under the us dollar, but again, are expressively uh prohibited from taking deposits in anything other than money, uh five, she says moving on heres the key point.

Many crypto intermediaries are bringing that some the same bad act: bad behaviors from traditional finance into crypto, rehypothecation, crazy leverage, information, asymmetry plus doing so without a capital buffer required in traditional finance. Since such criticisms are fair, so theres guys before crypto exists. How do you think people laundered money? How do you think these big banks and all the nonsense, criminal activity that went on for i dont, know hundreds of years? It happened without crypto. Now is some of that coming to crypto, of course, but that doesnt mean crypto. Is this genesis or the source of that activity? In fact, in cash people are still doing more illegal activity in cash because its more uh anonymity more easier to manipulate versus crypto, where everythings on an open ledger unless youre using monero right. So you know the criticisms. You can see its clearly uh a one sided. There is an agenda theyre trying to fool the people who dont know much about crypto, but you and i who are savvy know this is bs right and heres. She mentioned something about senator warren uh. The information asymmetry both the article and senator elizabeth warren are correct. Almost no crypto intermediaries disclose info about their solvency, i.e their reserves plus capital buffers, even if youre disclosed cryptographic proof of reserves, as many of us have urged them to do voluntarily its true its also true that if crypto intermediaries were actually banks plus complied with bank Capital requirements, theyd, hold equity capital, buffers of at least eight to fifteen percent of their customer assets.

How many actually hold 108 to 115 percent of their uh customer assets? Only. They know yep if info, asymmetry so and im not going to read everything, because this goes on on but shes. She clearly knows what shes talking about and im glad shes, calling him out and im going to talk to her about it. In the interview coming up in a few weeks, guys so uh, we clearly see once again elizabeth warren gensler, traditional banking theyre, trying to throw some foot out here, throwing a piece in the new york times and washington post whatever. It is expect more of this because they feel threatened. They know crypto is coming to eat their lunch. Now, speaking of the sec, ripples, stewart alderati, whos general counsel, there he tweeted the following about what we talked about yesterday with the sec going after uniswap. Some have suggested that you shouldnt be worried too much about an investigation because its just how the sec gathers information thats like this city of troy, saying dont worry too much its just a wooden horse. So we know about the the trojan horse right, um hes, absolutely right guys and we know about the corruption there and we know gensler is looking for more power and, like i said, im talking to former cftc uh official uh brian contends uh this week. So you dont want to miss that interview were going to talk about what the sec is trying to do here, because we saw him and chris giancarlo come out and say: hey, hey sec! No, no! No! No! No! No! Youre! Not going to overreach here! Uh! A lot of this falls under the cftc um, so guys we we got.

We got a battle here, but they cant stop crypto theyre gon na try to throw fud theyre gon na try to do a power grab uh, but they cant stop krypto and, i think, were beyond the the point of theyre gon na try to kill krypto right. I think were beyond that: they wanted to kill it. They would have killed it a long time ago going back to bitcoins early days of 2013 2014, even when the price prices started, moving right um. So this is the new asset class its here to stay, but we need to make sure we stop guys like genster and elizabeth warren with their overreach, because we all agree. We need to stop this, the scammers and the people who are doing bad things. Obviously, but watch how theyre doing it theyre not calling it out like that, theyre just painting the entire industry with it with a broad stroke here right, and that is um – that that is not nice, that that is not good. And we have to be careful because theyre gon na make it seem like you know the boogie man krypto is the boogie man. We need to stop it and blah blah blah and theyre going to try to grab as much uh the power as possible to control it. So guys.