Today, guys were going to be covering a number of different topics were going to, of course, be looking at cardano on a more short term time frame and telling you where were at today were gon na look at it on a bigger timeframe and really highlight what We pointed out in yesterdays video, and that is that golden entry point that i am looking for to accumulate more card. I know in the anticipation of continuation in this bull market. We are in a bull market guys. Let me make that very apparent and were going to make it apparent in this. Video were also going to take. A look at bitcoin were going to look at a number of articles, and this is one that i really want to start on, because i have a very good opening statement to make, and this is that paypal launches its cryptocurrency services in the uk. Now, why is it that im bringing this up well right? Now, guys you have a number of very, very large companies, very large institutions, trying to facilitate the transacting, the buying the selling and the acceptance of crypto. They are doing this because they believe that this is the way the future is moving towards much the same as many companies back in the 1990s. The later part to the early 2000s had to get on board with the digital revolution and understood that, if they didnt adapt to the way the world was moving, the way technology was moving that they were going to miss out.

You now have a similar thing taking place, and this is why – and this is all going to link around to what im going to talk about in this video. This is why you should be a hodler in this space, because you are going to do just fine as a huddle. I had many people in yesterdays video asking me if they should sell to accumulate at a lower price. How many of you guys think you were going to do that accurately, and i can tell you right now that the vast majority of people will get that wrong. Not only that um, you may get it right, but there will come a time when you get it wrong when you get it seriously wrong. Ive been here for four years and ive made that mistake many many times. I actually have a lot of friends in this space that have made serious mistakes doing that you will do just fine as a harder. Ladies and gentlemen, people are talking to me about selling. We know what the price is doing, its just going sideways im going to show you. This is a very, very common trait of cardano. Before we see a break were going to talk about things like volume, how are people bearish in a bull market? It just doesnt make sense youre going against the trend and, if youre gon na leave a comment in my comment, section saying that were gon na sell off thats fine im, i actually encourage um adverse views.

Um. I want people if we all thought the same thing. The world would be a very, very boring place, so im encouraging people to have an alternative view to mine, but if youre gon na say that were gon na sell off leave me a reason, because maybe you know something that we dont and we can all share. As a community, because at the end of the day, guys im not married to my beliefs and what i mean by that is, i believe that cardona was going to get to 7.50 to 10 within this ballroom. Weve looked at elliott. Wave theory made a very long video around about 20 minutes uh around about 30 minutes. Sorry talking about it and mapping it out and why i believe in this price prediction. Unlike many other people in the space that just throw out a big round number and say were going there, um im not married to it. If some information came to light that was um of significant merit, then of course i would change my views accordingly, but right now the views that i held and the views that i talked to you guys about on this channel are the views that i believe in And i want to make that very, very clear: we live in a world full of um scams. Essentially, we live in a world full of people trying to take money off you and extort you in weird and wonderful ways.

This is not what this channel is doing. Ive never once asked anybody go and check my description, theres, not even a referral link in there and itd be very easy for me to do that. The reason ive left it out and im not saying that its a bad thing to have those in there. If you like a product sure why not um its just because i really want to show people, i dont want anything out of you guys other than your attention and that perhaps you learn something from these videos and i would have loved somebody like myself to help Me along it back in 2017, when i made all the mistakes that you could have possibly done and thats what im here sharing with you on this channel, so now that weve got all that spiel out the way guys. I hope that was a interesting. I hope you can kind of see that this is the way the space is going and at 2.3 uh 2.30 trillion market cap um 2.3 – i should say we are still very small. This is gon na get to the tens of trillions and perhaps one day into the hundreds im, not saying thats, going to happen in the next. You know year, maybe perhaps 10 15 years down the line in an inflationary environment. People are going to look for a a hedge against that, and this is exactly what crypto certainly bitcoin provides and is why it has been such an interesting investments today.

So lets talk about the price, ladies and gentlemen. Well, yesterday, uh, if youre not following me at twitter, guys head over to at real all in crypto, we updated you and we said, look cardona is just coiling up right now. You know we got a touch of deja vu. We keep setting up these kind of falling wedges popping to the upside of them before kind of consolidating and coiling up thats. What were doing were tightening the springs, and we we made this call at uh 2.90. I think today youre at 2.85, so its sold off by about 5p and people are worried about this, even though we essentially just went for a 70 sell off um im going to make a long video about how markets actually work, because i think many people out There dont quite understand that the price selling off by 70 doesnt mean that people have dumped 70 of their cardano. What it means is the liquid supply, which is a very small amount of the overall supply um, was sold so if 70 staked maybe 20, is liquid. Uh, maybe 10 is liquid and on exchanges, and that was sold so 10, so 10 of the overall supply was sold, which caused itself by 70 price. In actual fact, uh. In terms of you know, what were looking at right now is a very poor representation of true value, um, and – and this is why looping back into to my opening statement about this is the way the world is moving towards.

You need to look at the fundamentals and the bigger picture here: thats always an important thing to remember, and the majority of you guys out there. Although this isnt financial advice, you guys, you guys do whatever you believe is right and you own your outcomes. The majority of people out there should huddle this market and you will do just fine. You know, go and ask the people who got in early on bitcoin or ethereum how they made their money, and they said its as simple as this. They bought and sold. As somebody whos in these markets, who does swing, trade swing trades with five percent of his portfolio by the way, let me make that absolutely apparent 95 of my portfolio, which i add to weekly monthly. Whenever i get, the opportunity is sat there, and i do not, even during this 60 or 66 sell off for cardano 55 selloff for bitcoin v chain sold off unbelievably 80, or so i held all of it and took it as an opportunity to accumulate, because i Believe that timing, these markets is not the right thing to do. You will lose out way more times than you um. Then you win so thats where we are today guys um, essentially, you know youre doing much and such are the same thing, and this is a very common trait of card. Cardone im going to show you that very quickly you can see. We just went sideways here before we had a break very, very common trait for cardano.

Can you see this sideways action before you get your break sideways action before you get a break sideways action before you get a break? This is how this is how it goes guys. You have this sideways action and you get a break typically to the upside in an up trending elliott wave, which we believe were in, we dont believe, were in a downtrend. We believe we are now in an uptrend that was signaled by the falling wedge that we popped out of, and this is really setting up for more continuation youre, just essentially calling up right now before we get that break to the upside, and those of you who Think youre going to be able to sell in order to buy a lower price. You might be that unlucky person who sold only for us to have that break and you to be left uh having to accumulate at a higher price, and this is really whats going on and ive overlaid this for you on a number of occasions, people think uh, Because were going sideways that it means were going down. We overlay this schematic for bitcoin uh. This was taken from over here guys. We overlaid it and applied it to today, and you can see that these literally match up perfectly. Ladies and gentlemen, and we do believe, youve got a lot more upside to come for not only bitcoin, but the crypto space as a whole and all coins are going to outperform significantly.

You know. We still believe that cardano is going to get to that 7.50 to 10 price range and im very, very um, im, confident in that um. Until i get information to suggest otherwise – and you guys will be the first that i will let know so. Youve got nothing to fear in regards to this golden entry point on the daily timeframe. This is what we were looking for were looking for this reconnection with this ema here, because you get it every single time in an uptrend. Doesnt have to happen now could happen when were at a higher price but thats. What im waiting for much the same as you can you see in these in these upward moves you always come back and touch area. May i keep going on about this to you guys in every single one after you have an impulsive move, you come back. Important move come back, and this is that sideways action that i just showed you on the charts and you had your bullish cross on the daily that you have at the start of every single um elliott wave move to the upside. So you had it on your first wave. Your third wave and youve now got it on your fifth. This will come back and youll kind of get. Can you see they kind of touch off each other before you get continuation, and this is what im really looking for for an entry point right now for cardona im, happy to sit and wait.

Im very happy and dont need to accumulate in a rush. Ive been accumulating really very heavily in 2020 and and really late, 2019 and im happy with my position so far, and if i get the opportunity im not saying its going to happen. But i would say there is a quite a high likelihood of things playing out. You know this could come up. You could go sideways a little bit. You know you come down here, guys you come back to this ema. You can go like this. The cma creeps up. You get that kind of touch. You get this kind of forming here before you then get continuation to the upside and thats the golden entry point that im kind of looking for and the reason im looking for, that is simple. Its really simple and ive already explained it on a number of different occasions, just because this is kind of how the markets move. You know, and these up trending kind of elliot waves this this this. These would have in hindsight, looking back on previous data being perfect entry points and im here to suggest that i think this is going to continue um so were very bullish and the main message, the main takeaway from todays video guys is just hang tight. Um. You know this market for people that dont know what theyre doing isnt for being traded. Yes, you will get lucky on a number of occasions, but you will get just as unlucky on others and thats.

Really. The main takeaway is to huddle stay strong. If youve done your due diligence and youve invested accordingly to that, you will do just fine guys and im ultimately very, very heavily in card. I know because i believe it is a superior uh blockchain to many out there im not caught on a maximalist. There are plenty of other blockchains out there that are better in certain fields than card. I know, but cardona was a nice overall, rounded smart contract, uh building block for the crypto space um for me is is certainly one of my favorites. That is all i really have for in this video. Ladies and gentlemen, uh remember, you know the the kind of direction the cryptocurrency space is moving in um and, and you know where we are today mondays a bit of a sell off day. My prediction is that this is not going to last long guys and we are going to see continuation and remember what cardano does it kind of crabs before you get these breakouts and you dont want to be that unlucky person that sold here thinking we were going To go lower only to miss out on a pretty pretty epic move to the upside thats. All i have for you this video, ladies and gentlemen. Remember the fundamentals. Remember the long term. Gold and the rest will fall into place and remember: hodlers are the ones that make money in this market very few and far between traders um actually outperform hodlers thats.

All i have for you guys, im gon na love and leave you on that note, enjoy the rest of your monday and ill see you in tomorrows video. If you enjoyed the content like its always appreciated. So is a comment and ill catch you in the next one.